frozen in time

I ain't getting anything done for the weather, I have not yet been in to work this week but will chance it tomorrow if we dont get more snow in the night. I have to drive the kids to school as the buses are not running so I might as well keep on going into the city and see whats on my desk.

Candy draw goes to Melly, Congratulations Mel email Mark with your address

I fail with my usual Tuesday post, tools or technique's, sorry but once I get to my computer at work tomorrow I
will get a few post scheduled just in case I don't get back in this week.

For all you that are trapped at home, start writing those Christmas cards out! LOL My tree is up but that's as far as it goes, done a little online shopping but got plenty of house work to keep me going if I get board!

take care and stay warm


Fiona said...

the weather is bad here in West Lothian...schools have been closed since Monday and will be closed tomorrow too. We are to get another 20cm of snow my back garden the snow is nearly up to my bum and I'm not that wee. I walked to work on Monday which took me almost 2 hours, I managed to get a lift today but we'll see what happens overnight.


Jane said...

We still only have a little sprinkling here in Fort William! Freezing cold tho!!!

Gina L said...

I hear you about having plenty of housework to keep you busy. I finally finished making my Christmas cards and hope to get them addressed and in the mail this week, so that I can dedicate the weekend to cleaning my pigsty!

Juls said...

keep warm and safe!!!! I work from its not possible to have a snow day!!!! LOL!!! Take care hugs Juls

Paula said...

Take care travelling & stay safe. We need you more than we need admin etc....
Paula (PEP)

Julye said...

Congrats to Melly and stay safe and warm everyone.

Melly said...

Oh my!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!
what a great prize to win on this fab snowy day hee!
Hugs Melly xxx
Ps Thanks again xxx