Sorry to all the Leanne Ellis fans out there, I only got around to showing you 4 of the arty stamps available later this year. Here is number 5 and she is looking rather regal in her attire, maybe a Royal from a romance novel set many centuries ago, she might even be for Europe. She does look rather French, I doubt shes Scottish.


The imagination is an amazing thing, sometimes it opens up ideas, dreams and fantasies that have a very small chance of coming true.
 It also works the other way when you over worry, over think and prepare for all the worst outcome. I am most of the time a glass half full type of person, but as the mother of teenagers sometimes I look into that glass and just don't know what to think anymore.
This week I have one flying the nest, it would be correct to say that I am pushing her out of said nest as its time she found her own wings and what ever choices she makes in the forth coming months I just hope that there are more right choices than wrong. Its a wake up call that she needs in order to grow up, as beautiful as she is, looks alone will not get you by in this world. I am devastated at how quickly relations ships can change and that the once daddy's girl is now the source of so much friction in the house.
 I reminds me of a quote
" mothers of teenager's can understand why wild animals eat their young"

If you have young sweet but tiring children, cherish them before that grow up, everyone tells you that but I don't think I understood it until I could look back and regret not enjoying those years as much as I could. It's hard work raising a young family, but every day they do something to make you laugh or smile.
Take up scapbooking, there is a new hobby for you, and remember now before it changes to them.

Now where is that glass again, I think it needs topped up, with something strong preferably. LOL
thanks for listening


Fiona said...

she is beautiful!!

weewiccababe said...

Hope things improve soon Karen, I'm dreading my girls being teenagers and believe me I do cherish all the kisses and cuddles I get from them now (even from my 11 yr old son) because I know those days are numbered.
I'm not a particularly slushy person but I'm sending you bosies anyway

Juls said...

fantabulous image!!! cant wait for all these sweeties to be released!!! Hugs Juls

Elaine said...

I hope things will settle down soon for you Karen. We had a similar situation 10 years ago with my step daughter. I met Phil was Emma was 5 (her mother walked out and left Phil with 3 children) and Emma was the sweetest child you could imagine and a real Daddys girl. But by age 16 was a nightmare. It felt like we were living in a war zone, everyday was a battle and it grinds you down. I would dread coming home from work because I knew another argument was waiting at home. After one particular argument Emma left home to move in with her Mum. An amazing feat in itself as her mother wouldn't let her stay overnight and suddenly she could move in? Then the letter came from the CSA, as although Emma was 16 she was still at school. We fought that battle with the CSA and won! It was only when Emma left that we fully understood the effect she'd had an all the family. No more fighting/arguments, it was peace all the way. She may only be my stepdaughter but I was devastated when she left. I'd brought her up for 10 years and she walked out because we wouldn't let her go out on a Friday after school and come home on Sunday at bedtime. Her mother would let her.
Years later Emma said to me that she knew she'd made a mistake and should never have left, but her mum promised her the freedom she wanted and at 16 it was too tempting. Living with her mum she left school and got a job working in a shop. Now she's 26 and after much nagging from her Dad and me she's gone to Uni and is in her final year for her BA, which we are helping to fund. Sorry Karen this is so long! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Relationships between us are now fine and dandy but sometimes they have to leave home to appreciate what they do have.

Take care
Love Elaine xx

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Karen i can totally understand what you mean,it,s hard being a Mother sometimes.
Another Gorgeous new stamp.
Trish (-:

Julie M said...

She is beautiful - I love the little hearts and flourishes in the frame, and I agree, she's definitely French - such glamour!!


Sian said...

Another stylish arty stamp.

I don't have any young ones, but I'm really soft when my babies (cows) move on to pastures new.

JLJ Designs said...

Ooh! I love this image. She's beautiful.


Donalda said...

Oh Karen dear I sooooo love these new images. I can't wait to get my hands on them. Always such beautiful images from the House of Sugar.

I hear you oh to well dear on the children. Both my girls are grown and gone but boy the oldest one sure done a number. Hugs dear

Lorraine said...

another stunning image from Leanne and oh dear i don't have any children but it does sound like you should cherish the early years as i know what my mum went through when we became teenagers i hope the friction ends for you soon xxx

Pat said...

Hang in there, girlfriend!! I raised 3 kids...and now they have children of their own...and I'm so proud of them. But, believe me, they almost were the death of me when they were in their teens!! :-)
Pat Frank

Paula said...

Love the detail in this with those borders - French influence certainly. I was one of those reluctant to leave the nest.......but it is viatl to do s.
Paula (PEP)

xxxtglxxx said...

Gorgeous Karen, how could you have missed this one! LOL :)

These are certainly the kind of stamps you want in a set, beautiful, inspirational and stunning!


Arianne said...

Another adorable image! Can't wait for the release!


My dear Karen, my heart goes out to you right now! I have only just got to the tail end of the worst 3 years of my life, and your words touched me a lot! for me I am still finding it hard to accept you can give birth, raise and love someone and find out you barely know them! and worst still when your said love one says they maybe didn't feel loved, it makes you think you failed completely as a mother, as that said child in my life always demanded and received more attention than my younger sibling (only had one more at that time!) Over the last year I have learnt it has little to do with my parenting skills but more his personality and the life paths he chose to take! I am passing this onto you as you must not blame yourself in any shape or form. If ever I can be an ear foryou to bend please feel free. Sending you lots of good wishes and hugs, Linda xx

K said...

She could be Scottish with a flair of red hair, no? (Sorry to hear you have troubles in the house. I have one in early teens and I cringe at the thought of what awaits us.)

Thistleblue said...

Another beautiful image, she does look Regal and i do like these frames, really pretty.
I hope everything works out well for your daughter!
My daughter is 18 months and I wish there was a switch you could press to freeze time as she's growing up so quickly.
Funny you should talk about scrapping, when I take photo's of her (and her cousin) I'm always looking for piccies you can scrap with, I have a few albums and with all my stash of crafty goods could easily get stuck right into creating beautiful scrapbook pages, now if i could only find that stop time button....
Hope you've had a good weekend and found something tasty to add to your glass.

kaos said...

Another great stamp coming along!

And as for the other - I wish for you that all this friction will be over soon, sometimes some time apart is just what is needed to appreciate something the way it should be - and I think with teenagers (or rather young adults) and their parents that quite often is true...
All the best

Julye said...

What you say is so true, my son asked if I would make him scrapbooks for past years when I was showing him photos a few years ago and asking him where my sweet little son had gone, he loves looking at them and calls them his legacy, there are even a couple of photos I often threaten to enlarge and stick to his windows for the world to see , they are quite embarrassing and I doubt that I would do it, but he thinks I would and that is all that matters, and talk about friction between teens and Dads, I hate it when they get going, it doesn't help that hubby and son are so alike so when together on something they stick together like glue, when against each other they are so alike in being stubborn I hate it. Thank the heavens I only have one , still a few years to go though as he's only 16 and there are still more things that make happy memories to enjoy. You are so not alone.

Kate said...

This ones beautiful too. Fingers crossed that there is till some sugar left to win - I want to play!

I'm dreading the teenagers, at 10 my eldest is already mentally draining me with the whole secondary school thing.

** Kate **

Maria Therese said...

Beautiful stamp! And I do try to enjoy having two sweeties scrapbooking is a lovely gift for them later on and I am so lucky that I have both the card making and scrapbooking hobby.

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh Karen it sounds like you need a hug! I am sure you are doing the right thing and 'tough love' will be the right thing in the end. I am sure when she has flourished into a beautiful and mature young woman she will thank you and her Dad for all you did for her. I am sure many of us regret how we behaved and treated people whe we were selfish and immature young adults.

On another note the leanne Ellis' look fantastic!

Hugs Judy xx

P.s. A great reminder to cherish my little 'darlings' today!

Milla said...

Lovely image, love the regal air around her!

angelique (anlou) said...

this is such a gorgeous image hun
just adore this release
i don't have children, so that's no problem for me, LOL
hugs angelique

Paper, Ink, Color! said...

Awww Karen. Yeah I remember those days with my mother at that age. Just remember that she loves you, even if at times she doesn't show it. And if you need to send her to me I'll take care of her in the states for ya. hehe. ;)

Stampersue said...

Hi Karen I read your post and realised you have done what I should have done 15 years ago when my eldest son went through the rebelleous years - I couln't summon up the strengh or 'tough love' to send him on his way and so he stayed at home - he is still with us - the oldest teenager in town who seems to think the world owes him! We are having to move to get him out of the house - it's a nightmare.
PS I love the stamp and can't wait till they are available.

gila said...

wow, klasse, sehr sehr schön
lg gila

coops said...

wow this one is stunning.i think she would look great in icy blue colours and lots of sparkle so she is like a snow it :D

xx coops xx

Shirley N said...

Sounds like you need a hug today. Wishing you the best and that in time your glass will be full again. Sending you a big cyber hug!

Another beautiful image by Leanne, love it!

Julie said...

She's beautiful, definately very regal looking.
Julie W x

Gayle said...

swap ya x

Jenni said...

Gorgeous - I agree she looks quite french -ooh lala!
Hope things improve with your daughter soon.
Jenni x

Erika said...

Great stamp Karen. You know where I am.....must be bad if you're having a drink! Big hugs. x

Max said...

Oh dear Karen - what dilemmas we are faced with as parents and this is one I can more than sympathise with. As you rightly say, people tell you to cherish them when they are small because they grow up all too quickly and with the best will in the world we don't really believe it. Likewise people will tell you that this awful time between you and your daughter will pass and your relationship will become much stronger, she will be more appreciative and there will be no need to tread on eggshells when she is within 500 feet of the family - you won't believe it but it's true! So fill your glass (with whatever tickles your tastebuds LOL) and look forward to a future where family unity and happiness are waiting. Take care xxx

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

xGemmax said...

Its sounds like you are need of some (((((((cuddles))))))) and i know its a hard thing what you have done but believe me the relationship between you both will get better....i know this first hand as i was that teenager and put my mum & dad through hell growing up but i moved out and things got so much better and now we have a very close relationship!!
I have this all to come with my 4 boys which is quite scarey, their ages are 13yrs, 10yrs, 8 yrs and a 6 month old and growing up so fast so i treasure every moment i possibly can :o)

Love the image by the way...sorry for waffling on :o)
hugs and xxx

Emma said...

There is just one word for this and that is...WOW!

Another stunning stamp and I have completely fallen in love with it! Thank you for showing us these new releases, can't wait until they are available to buy...

Kimberly S said...

Another lovely image! :)

I can understand the friction with your daughter. I went out on my own as a teen and it completely changed the difficult relationship between my mom and I. I hope that the two of you will find that in time as well. Hang in there, and have faith in the things you've taught her through the years. :)

Cazzy said...

What a good idea to push teenagers out, mine stayed until recently when he turned 31!

His elder brother went to Uni and that is when he left home really, and that was years ago.

Cazzy x

Janelle said...

This image looks like so much fun to color. I already know the first person I will be sending a card to with this image as the star.

sammiej said...

she is just wonderfull!
so sweet and lovely!