SOS Saturday goings on

Hello stampers, hope you week has been enjoyable. The weather is absolutely fantastic here in Scotland and we are all taking full advantage of it.
Saturday seen me thankfull that the shop in Oldmeldrum is on the cool side down stairs. It was once a brewery and very much like a stone cave inside. It made teaching far more plesent than the up stair class room which was like a sauna. I had a lovely calm class with our favourite customers, good day!

These two are such a hoot, Margaret and Connie, lovely ladies who are so very loyal and supportive to Katie. I believe they are to be her bridesmaids one day! 

While I was teaching in Aberdeenshire, the rest of my family were attending an agricultural show in the other direction. Nairn Show was the first even that my 15 year old son James competed in the catle section. He's has been traing, washing, booming and spending every night for such a long time with Dutchess his calf. Stress levels were up, long hours, an early start and just the all round buzz ment both James and Dutchess where exhausted by the time the came home with 4th place.

It's a great learning experience for our young farmer, who has decided not to stay on at school next year. With a life time of farming in front of him, he's off to a good start. He is more interested in the animal side of the farm but is coming around more to machinery and crops. 

It will be a few years before he can take over from his father, we would like for him to go else where for a couple of years and see farming from another prospective , be employed and learn more before coming home. By then, maybe those grandchildren of ours will have made an appearance and we can retire leaving the farm to James. That's the plan.

Hope all your plans work out this coming week.
Take care and see you for the blog hop and new release of Furry Friends next weekend.


Janette said...

I think it's wonderful that your son will take the farm on, so many farms are just a memory,this is heart warming to

Gail said...

I agree with you that he needs to go and work elsewhere, get a taste of what farming is like and then come home to take over the family business with more experience under his belt. Our children can benefit from experience away from us, which then USUALLY makes them appreciate what they have all the more. :) Yes, I speak from experience with my own. Hehehhe!