Kiss Me Quick

"Kiss me quick" said the elf, puckering up his lips.
"I am not sure if that's a good idea, my Mummy says not to speak to strangers" she answered
"I am not asking you to have a deep and meaningful conversation with me, just give me a kiss" said the Elf getting himself in a tizz.
"But you are strange, your rather on the small size are you not? And whats wrong with your ears?"

"There is nothing wrong with my ears and size is not everything! I am strange because I am a
Christmas Elf and we only get let out at this time of the year, so hurry up and kiss me already!"

"I am not sure if I want to............why should I?"

"I told you I am a Christmas Elf and if you kiss me all your dreams and wishes will come true"

"Yeah right, I've hear that one before!"


So reading all that fan fiction is having an effect on me.
It all began when Stephenie Meyers wrote a love story about vampires and Twilight was born, the rest they say is history.
Today is Stephenie Meyer's Day, it's official
and its today the 13th of September because that was Bellas birthday.
So for all you twilight fans out there enjoy a slice of cake and think all things Twilight.


one of four new Christmas Country Cousins coming to a store near you soon.
Would you kiss this elf? If you would just like to win him you know what to do.
Good luck.


Paula said...

The image is delightful BUT - would that elf really want to kiss me with my propensity for disaster with computers etc....... perhaps that's a more pertinent question. (WINK, WINK)
Paula (PEP)
Thanks for brightening my day.

kathr said...

I Think this stamp is gorgeous and I really am going to have to spend some pennies now, can't wait untill they come into the shop...hugs kath...

Sharon Keanly said...

Another ADORABLE stamp, just love these sweeties. Thanks for the opportunity to win! hugs Sharon

angelique (anlou) said...

oh my what a cute stamp
it's so adorable
thanks for the chance hun
hugs angelique

weewiccababe said...

yeh, I'd kiss him - I'm nae shy lol

Pam said...

He he he, I think you've missed a trick - you should be a children's writer! I know - you can entertain the kids tomorrow night!!!

Vicki ♥ said...

I really love seeing all your fabulous designs :) Another gorgeous one :)

MKP Stamps said...

I sure hope that elf sends some money (or better yet new stamps) down my chimney when I see the full line!