Thursdays thoughts...

All is set for the weekend and as always I am working ahead of my self , most of my Sugar Nellie time is spent on thinking about our new artist, I will tell you that her name is Krista and after seeing a picture of her recently she surprised my by being so young, she is a beautiful young woman with two lovely children , she will go far with her talent for art. keep watching this space all will be revealed soon.

We are keep tight lipped about her for the time being as we have another couple of stamp release to do before we release Simply Sassy on the world of stampers. These are not seasonal and we do not have a  date for release but the test plate has gone to the factory and the DT will get the first stamps within the next 2 weeks I hope, time to play and they we will show you what's been going on behind the doors at the House of Sugar.

Everyone who has had a peek loves them and I am defiantly sure you will too.:)

For a long time now you have been asking for more Country Cousins, ask and you will received, if its within our power of course LOL, so September, OMG can you believe its the end of the summer? Will bring 8 new Country Cousins, 4 will be Christmas and 4 non seasonal stamps, all girls.

September, WOW where did the summer go, its nice out today and maybe, fingers crossed that harvest will finish this week. Katie has returned to College and Debbie is still working in NY, taking a trip to Florida with friends before returning to Scotland in the next couple of weeks. Oh to be young again! No travel for me this year so far, I have only been as far as Glasgow! OOpps I forgot NY but that was in January, so long ago its been forgotten and did I tell you how cold it was burrrrrr last winter was wicked here in Scotland but it did also play nasty elsewhere. Never mind that, the sun is shining today and hopefully winter is a few months away.

How are you all doing with your Sugar Bowl challenges, now that the summer holidays are over and we get back into crafting I would love to see you take part in our very own challenge blog. Gayle is keeping her eyes open for new sweeties and I expect loyalty will play a big part in her choice. It's just a shame everyone can't be "promoted" but things constantly change and you have to be persistent to get anywhere you want to be. So just as a treat I have loaded up a new tag, you can tell someone is having fun making up tags for us, these are just great and we are grateful for these as I cant make them!

Just save this picture and put it on your blog is you do play in the Sugar Bowl. Yes that is a new stamp, she is so cute I know she's going to be popular, one of the Christmas range but because we took the holly away you can use her all year round. Yes I do think of little things like that when offered art work, I too am a thrifty crafter and you need to pick and choose your stamps carefully these days, you as the customer have so much choice out there that we at Sugar Nellie have taken the road less traveled, quality over quantity.

Friday tomorrow and as we did not do a candy give away this week we will give it all away tomorrow, look back for a chance to win the 5 new Christmas stamps featured in this weekend hop.
take care


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that duck/goose with the girl, adorable!

Can't wait!

Carol said...

Ooooo, too many exciting things happening in the house of sugar lol!! Can't wait for all the new releases and please don't forget if you're ever needing to expand your dt, I'm keeping my hand up. Lotsa luv xxxx

weewiccababe said...

oh am all excited about Saturday - and can't wait to see all the new things that will be coming out soon. I make a card for just about every sugar bowl challenge, the only problem is it's nearly always too late to enter - note to self, get butt in gear!!

Elaine said...

From the little taster on the new Sugar Bowl tag I can see I'm going to love the new Country Cousins stamps. Looking forward to seeing all the new releases you have planned!
Beautiful weather here today, the sun is shining and all's right in the world, hope the weather stays good for you and the harvesting gets finished.
Love Elaine xx

Dena said...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Country Cousins????? ha ha! This one is super cute and I can't wait to color her up!
I'm glad you took off the holly so it can be used year round! Great thinking!
Hugs, Dena

Paula said...

You have got me very excited & thoroughly looking forward to the new stamps & the hop over the weekend. Thanks for all you are doing - as well as harvesting - conventionally & artistically. Love the Sugar Bowl & PCP Challenges - haven't missed a forum one yet & you continue to give me much delight. Take care of yourself in the busyness.
Paula (PEP)

D K Crafts said...

What a lovely image. Thanks for letting me display it on my blog. Looking forward to the new releases. Donna

craftyb said...

i LOVE the new tag!! bx

Lorraine said...

oh wow i am so excited for the hop and all of the new releases and of course the chance to win a prize
thankyou huni xx

Mary said...

encantada de entrar a tu blog!
¿Podrías poner un traductor dentro del blog? así cuando venimos de otro blog al tuyo, podemos leer tus explicaciones. Te lo agradezco mucho, cariños!

craft-princess said...

This stamp is adorable!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

can't wait to see the new stamps, if this is anything to go by they will be gorgeous. I love country cousins , well most of your stamps actually, I have 130 last

angelique (anlou) said...

i can't wait until tomorrow
see you then
hugs angelique

Paula said...

Karen - I hope it's OK what I've done, I'll remove it if you prefer. I've put the new tag at the top of my blog & above it I've put a little scripted gadget mentioning the forum over on Paper Craft Planet. Fiona has probably told you that the numbers have been dwindling rather.
Paula (PEP)

Marion said...

Wow. Such a lot going on. Love your new tag and that image is fabulous. Can't wait for Saturday.

craftyb said...

i just remembered...i put a card on my blog this am with one of your "golden oldies" might want to take a peek...then again you might NOT!! lol bx

Janette said...

Hi Karen Oh I love the tag, have taken it and will go put on my blog with pride...big thanks..xxxx

Vicki ♥ said...

Your art is fantastic and very clever :) I look forward to seeing your new reveal :)

Tanya R said...

WOW, so many changes for you this year. Way to go. Love the new stamp image. Adorable!