Time for tea


When your day seems topsy turvey
And as stormy as can be
There's nothing quite as tranquil
As a nice hot cup of tea

While you savor this ambrosia
Your problems fade away
Its warmth will bring you comfort
And brighten up your day

So take a private moment
There's a calmness as you'll see
All because you briefly stopped
To sip a cup of tea.
Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting,
Favorite chairs anticipating,
No matter what I have to do,
My friend there's always time for you.

I wish we could sit down together
And have a cup of tea
But since we can’t
When you have this one
I hope you’ll think of me.

Sunday afternoon tea, yummy brownies sent to me this week, delish. Now its not possible to sit down and have a cup of tea and demolish this box of Brownies with the sender, but she knows given the chance we would and I would have to fight her for the last one, these are seriously yummy and I don't usually do chocolate cake! Thank you "sender" but really save your pennies
 and my waste line and don't do that again, :P
Our girls did a fantastic job on the blog hop yesterday, I was up to my eyes but today I should get a few hours to answer emails and do the hop over again and read all your sweet comment left for our girls.
Your were all amazing and very generous to share your time and creations with everyone.
To celebrate I am taking you all out for a virtual afternoon tea, as we are scattered all over the world its the nearest thing to a get together we can have.
So how many sugars? Milk with that?
 I have to give a slap to one girl who doubts herself and I can only say that you should never feel stressed out about this, you were chosen  for a reason, enjoy and have faith that you are a talented crafter.
Yesterday was full to bursting as was I after so much coffee and cupcakes!
The store was busy, many sell outs and a lot of happy ladies away home to try out some seasonal crafts.
Thank you to Erika from Personal Impressions for a festive demo.
For those who cant remember her blog it is here
Cup of tea, such an English tradition, do you like my antique china tea set, I have at least 5 and I do believe they might be back in fashion amongst the Cath Kidston lovers. The cabinet which holds my china tea sets has not be opened in years, its locked to keep little finger out, but the key was lost. So today in shear determination to get to these cup, I found a key that may not be the original but it worked.
Improvise , yes as a crafter we have to do a lot of that but in the end the result was the same, success!
I obviously had a thing to tea sets so its understandable that we have this stamps at Sugar Nellie.
Ideal for a little project that includes a poem and a tea bag.
Tiets makes great project with pockets and things, go see what on her blog, its well worth a visit.
I also picked up some starbucks coffee packets in Tesco and planned to use Manga to do something
similar for coffee lovers. Maybe one day when I retire I will find the time to try out all these ideas, or maybe a stamp camp would be a good place to go and have nothing but crafting to do for a few days, I am sure I could get plenty done then if inspired by fellow crafters and lots of cake!
If you  know of a great craft camp let me know, I am happy to travel to USA if that's where the action is, we did have a great time at Scrap a Ganza in Holland a few years ago and I do miss it, so where else is a girl to go for a craft weekend that is not attached to one stamp brand?
Today I have a very inpatient 11 year old waiting for his 5 new brown hens he collected yesterday to lay some eggs!
I have to have a giggle at him,the expectant father LOL let hope they lay before school on Monday or I don't think I will be able to get him down the road onto the school bus.
The lonely guinea pig has been joined by two girls, there were no boys at the pet shop, so until its time to worry about what comes next, they are happy and hopefully safe now that the dog has the hens to stalk.
Enjoy your day of rest and remember that this is the last day to enter the candy draw.
take care


Janette said...

Loved reading this so much Karen, and your Tea set is a beauty,I'm down to just one now,locked away obviously...lol...thanks for sharing.xx

weewiccababe said...

just milk in mine thanks Karen, I'm sweet enough lol
consider myself slapped and thankyou so much for boosting my confidence

~ Ali ~ said...

I NEVER say no to a cuppa. Just milk for me I'm "SWEET" enough with all my Nellies :D :D He He Thank you so much for inviting me to join in with the Blog Hop. It was an honour to be amung such talent. Thank Karen. Enjoy your day. Hugs Ali x

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

Lots of sweetener in mine thanks! ♥ thanks for a nice read, and I loved the poems! Have fun with the new additions to the family :)

Pam said...

If I'd known you'd the china out we'd have come and had a brew with our pinkies out and met the latest additions too! Tell James I'll have 1/2 dozen eggs please!!

fionalawlor said...

Mmmmmm those brownies look devine! And your tea set is gorgeous! I actually hae some papers that look very very like the design on your tea set lol
Lots of milk in my cup please :o)
Fiona x

craftyb said...

Funny enough I just sat down with a cuppa myself...not in one of those fancy shamcy cups...no just a nice china mug...and the tea is delish!

I'm interested to see if anyone comes up with some FAB camp idea's...i travelled to holland last year for a Magnolia day...and there is a splinter group from scrapaganza (I believe) who run Fairytale in a castle (or something similar)...but i haven't attended or heard any feedback about it!

But why don't we just arrange one OURSELVES Karen?!!!!!!!! Plenty of FABULOUS talent out there..itching to be shared!! bx

Erika said...

Thanks for a lovely day Karen and super cakes.

Elaine said...

Sorry Karen, can I have coffee instead, milk no sugar? I'm not a tea fan at all but I adore your teaset. I can guess where the brownies came from,a certain someone sent a pack of them to my hubby for his birthday, and he wasn't too keen on sharing them either. I'm not a chocolate lover or cakes but I did rather enjoy what little I was allowed.
Thank you very much for inviting me on yesterdays hop, I had a blast! I was up at 7am as I've never scheduled a post before and I was frightened it wouldn't work!
I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the lovely creations from the rest of the DT and guests.
Many thanks.
Love Elaine xx

Lorraine said...

fab post Karen and omg that tea set is so beautiful and i loved the hop yesterday it was great fun xx

scrappyjan said...

Hello Karen, Loved your stories today. You tea set is BEAUTIFUL!! I would love to have sit down with you today and had a cuppa and brownies. I guess I will just have to have some homemade bananna bread and a cuppa when it comes out of the oven.

Karen thank you for the wonderful year you have given me with Sugar Nellie it was truly an honor to be on the DT. I had a great time and all of the girl;'s and yourself are all so thoughtful and kinda. I will miss you all.
THANK YOU again for having faith in me..
hugs, Janiel

Julye said...

Am I too late for tea or can I put the kettle on for more please, mine with milk and weak and wishy washy, so no need for more tea in the pot. Thanks for a fab blog hop ladies and loads of fab inspiration too.

Carole said...

Nothing like a nice cup of tea - I like mine weak and milky...hehe!
Let me know if you find any stamp camps - I'm sure it would be great fun!
Carole x

Gayle said...

Last one? You'd have to fight me for the whole ruddy box!!!

Glad you liked them..Erika thought I had lost my mind...asking if you liked nuts???

We shall do tea & cake soon...perhaps SECC in Oct???

Miss ya

G x

Paula said...

Thank you so much for the hop karen - afraid I'm late with my daily visits to you - just got the hop in first. Glad your little guinea pig is no longer lonely & hopefully the hens will have obliged by now (Wed).
Paula (PEP)