Please welcome ...Krista

Would all sugar addicts out there give a huge welcome to Krista Smith our newest illustrator to join the family at the House of Sugar. I discovered the characters which Krista is going to be know for on ETSY and fell in love with them. I love the sassy ones, the nerdy one and the boys too! I love too many on these and have a had time picking which ones to make into stamps. As always I need your help, pop over to Krista's etsy store and see all her super designs,( I will not smack you is some should fall into your shopping basket!), pick your favourite three and come back and tel me.

I know that Krista will go far in the art world and I will watch with delight and excitement as to which doors open for her in the next few year. It is very exciting if not frightening for us to launch an artist into the world of rubber, you would think by now I would be used to it, but it still is nerve racking, this market is so up and down I am never 100% sure of my own choices, in my heart I know that Krista's characters are artistically beautiful, original and a little more grown up than the usual cute children's stamps which are our signature line.

But Sugar Nellie is growing up and we would like you to grow with us, join us from the start and your loyalty will be rewarded, we will be launching 5 new stamps on pre order with the 6th being a limited edition which will be sent FREE to all who pre order the set of 5.

As always I know how you love to get to know the artist behind the designs, after visiting Etsy its clear that Krista is talented, her picture tells us she is young, but also she is a Mother, so lets have a look at the two cuties who inspire some one Krista's work.

Krista is shy by nature she tells me, and did not have a blog, but she has started one now and is giving away an art print so pop on over and leave her some sugar here.

Enjoy your day sugar addicts and remember in a years time when everyone is crazy for Krista, you "met" her here. Good people deserve good things and all good things come to those who wait. Good times ahead, hold on tight its going to be an exciting time :)


I was Skyped last night by Debbie who some of you will remember went to work in NY this summer and now that the job is finished has taken off to Florida with some of her new friends she has met while working there. Debbie is off to Harry Potter world in Orlando today and a trip to the Florida Mall to A & F of course! A fun few days with friends then off to see her Superman for the final time this summer before coming home later in the month, she has had a blast and would recommend that if anyone gets the opportunity to travel and work overseas, go for it. I am sure she will have plenty of stories to tell me and some she would not dare but this week she is enjoying some time in the sun, lucky thing!


Anne said...

Wowser there all gorgeous love them
Anne xx

Kate said...

I love the one with the girl under a tree and a heart hanging from it. What a great new designer!!

** Kate **

Kate said...

Me again! Is the pre-order available yet?

** Kate **

D K Crafts said...

Hi Karen. Had a look at Krista's Etsy shop and love these three images. Skater Chic, Flower Child Hippie and To Call or Not to Call. Look forward to seeing what you are going to release. Donna

Gayle said...

You know mine already...but I need Flower Child IMMEDIATELY..and all of the NERDS...perhaps one for the GLEEKS amongst us x

angelique (anlou) said...

welcome krista
oh my what an awesome images
just love them all hun
my favorite one's are
teen goth angel
loving you art
the butterfly tamer
thanks for sharing this
hugs angelique

weewiccababe said...

oh where to start Karen...
it's been really quite difficult to pick just 3, but here goes...
High School Nerd Girl
The Butterfly Tamer (although I've no idea what I would use her for, but she appeals to me)
and Letting Go - how fab would she look on Kraft card??

Big welcome to Krista, am so looking forward to seeing which characters you choose Karen, am sure they're going to be BIG sellers.

Debbie's advice is fab, wish I'd done the same at that age - getting a bit old for taking a year out now lol

KanataNewf said...

I can see why you asked Krista to be an illlustrator - fabulous works. With just the right amount of cheekiness.

Anita said...

Wow great artwork.
I love the Flower Child Hippie, Tight Rope walking and autumn wishes very much.

xx Anita

Junie said...

WOW how talented is Krista !!! LOVE the mirrors !! Visited Harry Potter World back in June early July .. nobody will be disappointed visiting there apart from the queues !!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT can hardly wait until the art work is made into stamps

Jacki Randolph said...

Congratulations to Krista!!! I would love to see some of her work in rubber!! OMG gorgeous art, and very hard to pick just three.
I love Pissed off Princess, Skater Chic and To call or not to call.

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

What a fantastic artist you have found for The House Of Sugar...
Well to pick my top three images was a lot harder than i thought so...
1.Pissed Off Princess Series
2.Sisterhood Of Witches Series
Hope this helps out????
Really hard to choose as i love everything over there.
Hugs Alison

Erika said...

Welcome Krista can't wait to see what you come up with, good luck in the House of Sugar. x

Alex said...

WOW! She IS a find! She is gorgeous herself :)
Ok- I could not pick ONE, there are so many fabulous ones. Didn't see the boys, but LOVE the Geek ones especially sweet 4 eyes with the pig tails!
I also love a lot of her creepy series like Witch are spells & spiders, Not a dog person (ROFLOL!), not the frilly dress girls, teen goth angel.
Really love Rainbow Artist, Flower child hippie and Frog Princess! I know, you said one, but I just couldn't do it!!!
I am really anxious to see what YOU selected!:)

Milla said...

Wowwee, great prints! Way to go, Krista! And way to go, Karen, for choosing her!

My fave 3... This is difficult but... Autumn Wishes, Plenty of Fish in the Sea, and Winking Nerd (please, choose one with glasses, you gotta love a woman in glasses, don't ya.. *ahem* ;) ). There were some nice more adult/risqué ones as well but I'm not sure I'd like to have a stamp character who smokes (not a lot of use for cards made with smokers...).

Can you tell us which stamps are in the pre-order batch? I'd love to get some new rubbah but don't know if I'm brave enough to order without knowing what I'm getting.

Antonia said...

Hi Karen, just visited Krista's etsy site, some really quirky images. I particularly liked the P...ed off Princess girls I like their attitude but don't like the title.
Toni :)

Claire said...

a big welcome to Krista, those designs are so original and quirky! my favourites have to be the p****d off princess series and the not a frilly dress kind of girl,very funny, my friends would love these on a card! c x

Kimberly S said...

Such fabulous artwork, how exciting for both Krista and SN! Congrats to you all in this fun new line of stamps. I'll be watching for the pre-order! :)

craftyb said...

Awww...BEEZER choice Karen! She IS so young and beautiful and VERY talented! I LOVE letting go, Flower child and Look at my new friend...also love Halloween and Giving you my heart....this will be a smash for sure! bx

Cheribella said...

OMG....I just visited her Etsy shop and I am so in love with her work. I think many in my family will be getting artwork for Christmas this year (because I love it...hope they do too).
I am sooo glad you discovered her first and are going to promote her into the wonderful world of stamps. I can't wait to pre-order the first set of stamps!!!!!

Jane said...

OMG I want them to pick just 3!!! I love the Pissed off Princesses and the nerds and the hippie child, Letting Go, Autumn Wishes ......I could go on and on!lol
Can't wait for the stamps!!!

debra said...

Wow what amazing work i am truly smitten with Kristens work. I love it all and it is hard to choose three but i adore the witches, love the cute bunnies ones and no frills or lace i think it was called. Anyways think this lady will go very far and can't wait to purchase summer of her gorgeous work in rubber.
hugs Debbie

Julie said...

Krista's images are fab. It's so hard to pick just 3, but I like the P***** Off Princess set, The Butterfly Tamer and the Sweet Little Creepies set. The Loving You print with the back of the girl by the tree is very effective too, I think it's my favourite.
No doubt I'll be buying some when they're turned into rubber.

Julie W x

Paula said...

Very different. have picked 3. My absolute favourite is Owl & Worm Girly Heart, Skater Chic & then Halloween Special is rather apt.
Paula (PEP)

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Love Krista's artwork - it's quirky and edgy but beautifully drawn. I love Letting Go, and the Nerds and Geeks, but 'Things that go bump in the night' also caught my eye - it's got a little ted in it!!

Nicki, xx

Debs M x said...

gorgeous stuff!

1. hand delivered love
2. butterfly tamer
3. teen goth angel x

Elaine said...

Hi Karen,
I remember saying to you I liked some of the p***ed off princess ones but I thought they wouldn't appeal to the majority of stampers, looks like I was wrong huh? Lots of people like them. Krista's art is fab and you obviously have a great talent of your own in picking new designers.
Looking forward to seeing them translated in rubber.
Love Elaine xx

Linda said...

Hi! Karen jus tbeen drooling over Krista`s fab artwork. My three favs are giving you my heart. love illustration; Sunshine on a rainy day; Loving you. art print.
Can`t wait to find out when the pre orders for the new rubber will be. A great new choice of artist.

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Love Krista's Etsy shop, can't wait to see the new stamps when they come out!

Hilde said...

Welcome Krista! Your drawings are
My 3 wishes are "Skater Chic", "Letting go and Artist at the" and "Gallery Waiting to take flight

Pat said...

Are you kidding me, Karen?? Choose only three??? I love them ALL!!! The one with the little girl bringing home a stray animal is adorable! And the painter with the "granny g;asses" is adorable too!! Too many to choose! GREAT FIND!! Krista is wicked talented!! Ooh...I can't wait to rush over and place my pre-order!! Pat Frank

~ Ali ~ said...

I'm putting my hands up to being a GLEEK too lol... I Lurvs the Nerds and the Sweet Little Vampire Girl reminds me of Bree Tanner :D Thanks for sharing Karen and welcome Krista me thinks these are gonna be BIG!!! Hugs Ali x

Suzi said...

Fandabbydozey!! love them all, but especially Pi$$.d off Princess, Nerds & Geeks, Autumn Wishes. How fantastic for you to discover and launch her. When are they going on pre-order. Can't wait.
Suzi x

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

OMG! she's very talented and I love her style! especially fell in love with the 'Things That Go Bump in the Night' image - just something I would love to have as a stamp! :) lookin forward to seeing all the amazing new stamps that are to come :)

Christine said...

Oh, I love them!!! My fave is the hippi flower child!!! Adorable!

Elaine M said...

OMGoodness - we need them all made into stamps!!!! She is incredible and I think we are all ready for a little "older" cutie too. Can hardly wait to place an order - please hurry !!!!!

Thistleblue said...

Morning, oh my it is hard to choose only 3... Sweet Little Witch girl, Plenty of Fish in the Sea and the Butterfly Tamer are my fav's... i think.. Can't wait to see which ones will be released.
Thanks for letting us meet Krista, hope you have a great day!

Whimsey said...

Oh my, Krista is beautiful!!!

I love the pissed off princess - now THAT is funny!

Super Cute Four Eyes
Skater Chic
LOVE the Alice in Wonderland images

She's has some amazing images....I need them!!


Juls said...

great art work...cant wait for it to turn into rubber!!!

How are you supposed to just pick 3?
I Love:

Not Frilly Dress Kind
To Call or No to call
Autumn Wishes

and can I sneek in Frog princess!!!

Hugs Juls

Julye said...

What a horrid thing to ask just 3, can't we just have them all and now, they are cute , different fun and certainly sassy, cards are going to have a whole new look. I love the geeks but some boy geeks would be great in rubber, and love the halloween series my fav would have to be Kat with or Pearl witch can't decide. I also like a couple of the pissed off princess seiries the art prints are gorgeous and would find it so hard to choose favourites but I can see me making cards with autumn , plenty of fish in the see and not the frilly dress type so me plain and simple but perhaps with sparkles definitely not frills,loving you, butterfly tamer,always the bridesmaid,letting go,look ay my new friend, skater chick most if not all of them and the nerd and geeks(saw a t shirt in asda with i'm a gleek on it today thought about buying it for me but thought hubby and son wouldn't be too impressed and they already think I'm mad so no point adding to it) and the witches and the princesses

Julye said...

Sorry me again forgot to ask which and when can we preordr pretty pretty please.

Alicia said...

these are the cutest.. i have admired her work on etsy.. and she is from south jersey just like me.. i cant wait for the stamps to be available.. as any you choose will be remarkable... thanks for offering another great artist.

xx Alicia

candycarrot said...

Hi Krista! Can't wait for your stamps! I am so proud of you! You look like an amazing artist and mom! Your family is beautiful also, I know your hubby is a cutie too! Can't wait to see where your drawing takes you. Top three- bump in the night girl, alice girl/mad hatter girl, and bridesmaid. I am Edward!