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It's craft fair season and I am sure the discovery of pinterst will mean a wider choice of vendors and ideas. I have one Christmas fair to attend as a vendor this year, the first weekend in November I will be helping Katie out at the Christmas Craft @ gift fair at Thainstone Inverurie.

But having a browse around pinterst I found these cute projects...

Or how about using your big shot and dies to cut felt.

Or recycle those jars that can't be thrown away.

Sweeties always a hit at craft shows.

 These images from google.

There are so many ideas, most very achievable if you set you mind to it,
 but sadly the two fairs I went shopping at this weekend were not all inspiring, amazing shopping events.

I may have to travel further afield to find what I like. 

I follow so many beautiful craft workers and show organisers that I see great things all the time. But these people
 are few and far between, brought together on FB or Etsy. It makes craft shopping so much easy.

I would love nothing better than a day out at an amazing collective of quality, original and exciting craft show. 
I love meeting the makers, seeing their pretty displays, nothing is better than buying in person.

Let me know about your local show, where in the world is it and what golden gems have you found. 
Or if you are attending, share a link to your etsy shop or FB page, I would love to see what you make. 100%
Of my pocket money goes on pretty thing, many are hand made, from all over the world.
( it's handy having a postal address in the USA).

This week see the last week of the pop up shop in Forres- FB 44highst

Looking out for new artwork which once agin is very very late,
 I thought working with agents would make my job easier, not!

And a wee trip down to the central belt next weekend :)

Have a crafty weekend

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Denise said...

My daughter and I sell at a lot of "craft fairs" and like you we are constantly disappointed at the lack of craft vendors. These fairs tend to consist mainly of factory made goods with just one or two true craft tables. Such a shame when you consider the amount of crafters out there.
Our FB page can be found here: