SOS- To believe

As a girl Sunday was a day off for adults, shops were closed, relatives visited and some people went to church. If I was staying over at said relatives, sisters of my Granny who died when I was very young. I would sometimes be taken along to church. It's what that generation did.

Move forward 20 years and my mother in law was very much part of our small local church, once again I found myself "encouraged" to join in. As the years have rolled on, our church opens once a month and very few attend. Times are very much changing, the attendance at church is dwindling older generation, it faces the same hurdles as retail in a way, changing time a new technical generation. That is another story for another day.

But there are places in the world where Sunday is still the day for church, be it in a mud hut or a grand building, the bottom line is the same.

Having found this today on my FB feed, I would like to share it with you. not because I am particularity religious but because its pure and beautiful .

This should be our Christmas song, not some rock pop commercially promoted money making tune. I am sure if you take the time to follow this link, it might be the first time you see this girl but it will not be the last. The Internet has the power to do good too.

Enjoy and watch all the way to the end.


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Ann Marie Governale said...

Wow! This made my day. Thank you for sharing. I have already passed this Ann Marie