Saturday Shenanigans!

I  had an exciting email this morning….

Sender – The National Lottery
Subject – You’re A Winner!

It was still very exciting when I opened it and it read
‘You’re a Euromillions winner, you’re numbers came up on last nights draw.
Please sign in to your online account as we have sent you mail detailing your win.’
So, I duly logged on, full of excitement and it was announced that I had won the massive, life changing sum, of………….£5.10!

There was I thinking £5.1 million….but, alas, it was not to be.

Still, I’m ‘up’ right?

Anyhoo…..back to business….

Happy Saturday everyone, from a rather snowy Scotland!

Yes, we are under a white blanket here, as is most of the UK from what I can tell…when will it ever end?

The topic for my post this week, as I have become a little obsessed with umberella’s lately, was originally going to be ‘April Showers’ and we’ll stick with that theme for the rest of the post however, I think that the first card I show today is a little more apt!

Sweetie Kiki has used Winter Wonderland.
Now, for some less ‘snowy’ samples…to start with, a beautiful Spring card,
DT member Jane has used April Showers

Sugar Addict Debbie has used Heather


Sugar Addict Anne  has used  Splashing Maggie


Sugar Addict Amanda has used  Ellas’s Umberella

Former DT member Donalda  has used Splish Splash.

Now, let’s hope that next Saturday I have some sunny samples to show you all….

If you’re having a weekend tucked away crafting, please don’t forget to enter our challenges over on Facebook, and at The Sugar Bowl, at least there, you’ll be assured of a warm welcome!

Enjoy your weekend!
Gayle x


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love the umbrella cards too especially The tope one. Great selection of diverse cards. Careful how you spend that win x

Kat said...

Loving the inspiration here.

You think you won a lot? Checking a recent email I found I had won £2.90!!!

Kat xx

Ann Marie Governale said...

Beautiful cards! Hope your email an d identity were not "hacked" into... Those lottery winning emails aredesigned to get you to email back and your identity is stolen when you do... Be careful and watch over the next few days to see if anything is amiss... I would change my password, they can read even your keystrokes when you signed in... Sad world, I have been a victim three times so I never open those Ann marie