SOS- My felt fettish

Hello Sugar Addicts, I hope this post finds you all well. I have no idea where the week goes to but now that it Mothers Day {happy Mothers day to everyone} that means Easter is just around the corner.

I have more and more customers in our store's, working on handmade gifts.
Some have even started on Christmas, sssshhh we wont say it too loud.
 I, personally, love had made gifts rather than shop bought. I don't kneed anything {yes I am very lucky, not high maintenance at all as far as wife's go} and it is most defiantly the thought that counts in my world.

So today I will share with you my love of felt, AGAIN!
I will share with you a blog that I follow even if it is unreadable without a very slow translator. But these pretty pictures say it all.

What an amazing gift for a nursery don't you think?

And these animals are made BIG and SMALL

This Monkey just tickles my heart it is so cute!
And the stitching is so tiny, I can't thread an needle with my eyesight.

Look at this work desk!
How tidy is that,
OH and did you spot those teeny weeny red noses in jars.

I just love this site.
And for EASTER check out the chickens. So much cuter than chocolate.

So I would love you to pop over and see the very talented

and these very pretty owls are a free pattern for personal use,
 that Erica shares with you. Remember to leave her some sugar when you  visit.

With such inspiring work, its time to get the tools out.
So it was easy for me to call in by my
and pick up these bits for DO crafts

Bundle of soft pastel felt

little bows because my fingers are too fat to make them this small

and my favourite teeny weeny dotty buttons.

Now I have to find a needle and thread it, oh what fun!

Hope you find time for a little fun this Sunday.
Take care and keep crafting.



Elaine said...

Loving felt too!!
I'm not much good when it comes to sewing but I do love to stroke the felt!
The pastel felt shades are gorgeous..there's no shop anywhere close to me that I can go into and look at the shades before I buy :(

Enjoy playing!
Hugs Elaine xxx

Janette said...

Oh these are so gorgeous, will pop on over and have a look, gorgeous colours too...thanks for sharing ..xx

Fiona said...

I love making little felt flowers...when I was at the SECC there was a feltmakers association stand and omg....they were amazing!!


Sarah said...

Oh my word these are just tooo cute! I think you may have just started a new hobby - I wonder how long it takes to get to that level of expertise!!! I'll check back in 10 years and let you know how I got on.

Thanks for the link - and best of luck with your makes.


Shazza said...

wow these are all so cute, love them. Off to pay Erica a visit x