Meet Freddie……a real funghi!


Half of the fun of having babies is all the time you spend picking names for them….
My eldest daughter was called Charlotte for about ten seconds in the delivery room until the midwife, my husband and I all said at once “She’s just not a Charlotte” and it had taken us nine months to arrive at that name!
So she remained nameless for a few days until we settled on Ava because she was just a little bird (From the Latin ‘avis’)
So naming rubber babies is no different…there have been a fair few names put forth for all of this range….some even Gillian McKeith would squirm at!
Toadstools quickly became stools and well, you can probably imagine the rest!
Enough of my blethering, shall we show you todays little slice of heaven?
I think everyone knows by now that I don’t have favourite rubber babies…..I try to love them all equally, just as you would do with any of your own children HOWEVER, I may make an exception for this little lady….
Jenn has used Faye & Freddie for this card and I’ll let you into a little secret, the unofficial name for this stamp was ‘Funghi to be With’.
(Karen’s sense of humour….that’s why we loves her sooooo much!!!!)
As always you can find more in depth details about this creation from Jenn’s blog.
All eleven of these gorgeous little fairies and their friends will be available to buy from Funky Kits on Saturday October 8th!
But, we have more sneaky peeks and treats in store for you before then so, please join us tomorrow when you’ll be able to hear from the organ grinder not, the monkey!


Marianne's Craftroom said...

What a cutie and love the vivid colours of this card. Marianne x

Carol said...

Awww isn't she absolutely gorgeous?! I soooo can't wait for Saturday to be able to get my mitts on these beauties. Thanks for the tease lol. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

Cathy said...

Too cute for words ... Jenn has done an amazing job with her. One I will definitely be getting ;)

Have to say LOVE Karen's name for the stamp.
Cathy xx

Padster said...

She is absolutely gorgeous - the frog is a real cutie too :c) xx

Jane said...

Lol That happened to us too.....I love Mia all the way through my second pregnancy and then when she was born she just looked like a Jude!

I love this stamp....I can tell by these first two peeks that I am gonna want them all!!

mixamatoasties said...

What a lovely card and such a sweet image!

Susan xx

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous ♥♥♥

Pat said...

Whoa!! crack me up!! And Karen...are ya kidding me? Funghi to be with? BRILLIANT!! And speaking of brilliant...I'm lovin' Jenn's card!! Pure deliciousness! And...oh...I need THIS stamp too! Oh my oh my...which one of ou is going to explain to my sweet hubby why my credit card balance keeps increasing each time there's new Sugar?! hahaha!! Big hugs, ladies!! You ROCK!! Pat Frank

Karen said...

Hahaha! Gayle I feel so much less guilty now hun. Our poor James was nameless for (I'm not really admitting this next bit) 9whole days.. ahem!! He was going to be David the whole way through. Until he was born.. and well he just wasn't a David when he finally saw the world. Bless his dear little heart. :0)

Now - as for the card? What can I say? Perfect. Lovely. Sweet. The papers are wonderful. The colouring is gorgeous. The stamp itself? LOVE IT!! Smiles. The unofficial name? Very funny too.

Jenn give yourself a HUGE pat on the back sweetie. It's great. Loving all of these newbies from the Glen. :0) Just WOW!!xx

Autumn said...

Oh' my goodness, she is darling, a must have!!

Shirley N said...

Ohhhh, how precious is this!!!

Fiona said...

ha ha Gayle...we were the same Michael when he was born...he was Ben for 9 months and as soon as was born i thought oh no he doesn't look like a Ben!!

Gorgeous card and such a little cutie!!


Paula (PEP) said...

This is looking like it will be a thoroughly interesting release. I have to say that I love both frogs & mushrooms so this might just have to be a purchase. I love the character in the colouring of the face & the different colours of the mushrooms.
Paula (PEP)

Paper, Ink, Color! said...

I LOVE this one, must have!

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Simply adorable card and beautifully coloured, love it

Ali x

Shazza said...

ooooh I just love this x