ToU updated

Just a quick note for all our Sugar Addicts out there, we have updated our terms of use due to continual issue being brought to our attention.

 As we are about to launch more digital images we need you to know that if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money out of someone else's artwork, don't choose Sugar Nellie.

Our job is to bring new and exciting art, we pay for the art we use and we also have terms to abide by. I personally spend a lot of time searching for the right artist, quality and originality. It is a delight to please you with my finds.

We are not alone in fighting issues and if you see anything that warrants attention, please help all stamp companies by reporting it to STAMP OUT where they now have a legal representative to deal with matters properly.



cockney blonde said...

Good Luck with this. I do so hate seeing images being sold on online auction sites (no names mentioned). Talk about making a quick buck out of someone else's hard work, x

Cindy2 said...

I agree - if we don't police ourselves, soon digi artists will stop sharing their wonderful creations with us. Stealing is stealing... Can't wait for the new digis, I'm so running out of rubber room.

THERESA said...

I support you there 200%!!!!
Love your images.......:))
lotsa luv

weewiccababe said...

off for a nosey - because I wouldn't want the digi images to stop because of the minority abusing them

Cor* said...

well said! I'm excited to see what you bring to the table in the future....digi theft is a crime! Not tolerated! I'm a huge fan and support you 100% !!

Paula (PEP) said...

I found this such a confusing & grey area at first that I'm hugely relieved to have the ToU spelt out so clearly. I must admit that I agree wholeheartedly with the policy & had a good long read of the info. I want to be clear in my own mind.
Paula (PEP)