red bull gives you wings


Astrid has used Hazel

Oh isn't she lovely, all autumn colours and sparkle.

All eleven of these gorgeous little fairies and their friends will be available to buy from Funky Kits TOMORROW
Also tomorrow….
Be there or, I’ll turn you into a toadstool!!!!!


 Friday already, who would believe the week could fly past so fast.
 And its me again Karen, twice in one week, and it's not even Halloween!

The House of Sugar is full of fairies, there is so much glitter and stickles around at the moment you would be forgiven if you thought that its more than red bull that gives you wings!?

Now there may be a gag order put on me for using too many words last time, so best get the message across in as few words as possible

blog hop

one more question for you, what the difference between a mushroom and a toadstool?

catch you again when I fly back this way on my broom, well you didn't think I'd be the fairy did you!?



Aj* said...

Mushroom v toadstool.... No difference at all, Mushroom is a subjective term adopted and tagged to edible species leading most folk to assume Mushrooms are safer in degrees of toxicology than toadstools.

Love the new faeries ! roll on tomorrow !


Jane said...

Oh I can't wait to give these fairies a home in my cupboard!!

Carol said...

Yipeee only one more sleep for the release! So far every peek has been absolutely gorgeous. Looks like I'm gonna have to be very kind to my bank manager again ROFL!! Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous ♥♥♥

Erika said...

Oh I think I NEED this one too.
Erika. x

Rose said...

No difference between toadstools and mushrooms but some people like to say that toadstools are poisonous while mushrooms are edible. The red capped toadstool, with white dots, can make one hallucinate, much like "red bull gives you wings" - LOL!!! ~ Rose

Suzi said...

Oh my Goodness, this image is fantastic, has to be my fav so far and the card with the beautiful colours is amazing. One more sleep!!!! lol
Suzi x

Beth S said...

What a sweetheart. Love this card and stamp. Beautiful job.

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Fab creation...such a beautiful card.

Love it

Ali x

Pat said...

Whooooooo! I can't wait!! Astrid this card is gorgeous!! She's on the top of my MUST PURCHASE! hehehe! Hugs. Pat Frank

Gina L said...

Love the sparkle and fall colors! Beautiful card.

Kate said...


Joey said...

Beautiful card Astrid, have just brought some of the Christmas fairies but cannot wait to see these cuties :) Joey x

Paula (PEP) said...

As far as I know there is no difference between mushrooms & toadstools. Some people apply the term mushroom to a fungus that is edible & toadstool to one that is not. Love the look of this little fairy. Now you've shattered all my illusions about the way you manage to get around everywhere - hanging on to a dandelion clock!
Paula (PEP)

Patty Sue 2 said...

I thought a Mushroom you could eat and a toadstool would kill you! your cards and the new fairies!

June Nelson said...

Thi is gorgeous I ant it all of the images are so beautiful xxxxx

Larisa said...

Very nice card!