More Adorable's

Hello Sugar Addict I am back with a few words again.
I had a great trip down to Glasgow to the SECC show *big waves to all the girlies* and I am back home to catch up on some work. Best of all I am planning our birthday celebrations.
OH MY Sugar Nellie is 4 years old!
and every years I say the same.....THANK YOU
because without you there would be no need for me to bring out new stamps.

We have one of the best and most loyal following of any rubber stamp company of our comparable size.
The crafters who follow the blog and more importantly comment so that I knew I was not sitting here talking to myself most of the time, and the girls on the Face Book group all keep me in tune with what you want.
If I can find it and bring it to you, I will.
We are diverse in the artwork we have at our disposal because I am not the artist in this business, variety is the spice of life as they say, and I work with a good few different sources, {all top secret,} to bring you the images that you all love so much.

Come back on Saturday where I will get this party started with some new ADORABLE's for you!
These are digital down loads for a quick sugar fix.
That's only the start of it, so don't miss a thing.



Cathy said...

I can't believe its been 4 years since I bought my first SNs ... Maggie with flowers, and Hamish and his tractor ... I lvw LOVED all the ranges, and its amazing to see how much the ranges have grown and developed over time. The latest fairyeditions are fabulous, and I can't wait to see the Adorables. Will definitely be getting another Sugar fix over the weekend.

Cathy xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You are definitely not on your own and I try to comment as often as I have time. Happy 4th Birthday. SN stamps were some of the first I ever bought and I have been buying them ever since. I love my new stamps and still love my older ones too. Keep up the good work. Marianne x

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

*Waving right back at you sweetie :)

I'm so CITED about Saturday

Ali x

kathr said...

Can't wait for the weekend,as the others have said SNs were among the first um stamps I bought, they being Hamish(in kilt)maggie with dottie scarf and Luca with pompom hat,am just getting into the digi stamps so can't wait for the new adorables, oh! and Happy 4th Birthday...
hugz Kath...xx...
Glad you had a great time in Glasgow..

Casper said...

Oh yiiippppeeee!

Congrats and a very very HAPPY 4th Birthday!

SN stamps rock and if not for your great stamps I would never have found stamping, well sorry it was the quality of the stamps that convinced me I could stamp at the begining!

The few stamps that I had tried before SUGAR NELLIE were a nightmare for me and I could never get a good print of the image no matter how hard I tried and I just gave up!

Then when I discovered Sugar Nellie in a Magazine I gave the stamps a GO!

I am so so HAPPY I did and I can stamp thanks to your amazing high quality stamps!

Many many happy years to come fore you and wishing you sucess now and in the future in everything that you do!


Take care
Big Hugs

Jennifer said...

It's hard to believe it's almost 4 years ago since I bought my first SN' time flies! I think I'll dig out some of those older ones and have a play. Can't wait to see the new Adorables. Happy Birthday!! xx Jenny xx

Janette said...

The very thought of more Adorables is enough to get my all jittery and excited....oh I can't wait....and no, your never alone.....oh thats sounds sinister, you know what I mean...I

Karen said...

Ahh it almost makes me wish I wasn't travelling up to Birmingham for my Sunday at the NEC this Saturday.. lol.. Well almost..
Happy happy birthday!! smiles!
Four wonderful, fabby, amazing, happy years with the best stamps around. Smiles.xx

Dotty Jo said...

Well many happy returns to lovely Sugar Nellie! Jo x

Shazza said...


weewiccababe said...

sounds intriguing Karen, and I want to say thankyou to you too - without Sugar Nellie I don't think I would've had half the opportunities I've had.

Fiona said...

waving back Karen...oh I can't wait to see what adorable images there will be on Saturday!!


Paula (PEP) said...

This sounds rather exciting. Congratulations on what you are doing - I love coming here for my daily dose & know that I can always leave a note to say hello. Take care with all you are doing - you certainly have an eye for things Karen.
Paula (PEP)

Pat said...

Hey Karen...FOUR YEARS!!! Whoohoooo!!! Congratulations, m'dear!! I can't wait to see the new Adorables...YAYYYYYYYY!! Hugs, sugah!! Pat Frank

Julye said...

How fab many congrats to all at the HOS and when you are 4 it's expected that you will be all giddy as birthdays are magical so it's sure to be a fab party, looking forward to it.