Wow, things really are moving fast. Sugar Nellie is not even born yet and we have decided that this baby is going to be more that we can handle! So she has been adopted buy a lovely new Mama who we know can nurture and guide her into being the shining star we both dreamed of.

Eva is still going to design for Sugar Nellie, but as she started as a dream of two SAHM who really did not think about the business side too much, just the fun idea , we are both delighted to set our baby free to be everything she can be.

Designs are ready to go

Sugar Nellie has decided to get the new range of rubber stamps made in the UK rather than USA. Provided this works then all stamps will be made in the UK.
The choice of EZ mount or bare naked rubber is still undecided, but if its naked the price is better and the buyer has the option to add ez mount if they want.

The papers to add to the guest DT sample pack are here and these beautiful papers will be included in the pack along with stamped images and embellishments.

Currently we are looking for advanced, dedicated crafters who are not connected to any other DT. And especially those who have a blog. We have been asked a few different thing and will try to answer them if we can.

Q: Will they be wood mounted?
A: No they will be bare rubber or ez mounted.

Q: When will I get to see them?
A: Within the next week you will get a sneak peek of whats coming.

Q: Where can I buy these new stamps?
A: Local stamp stores or online.

Q: What other range or stamps are they like?
A; The illustrator is Swedish and they have been likened to another Swedish stamp company.

Q: How do I get on the DT?
A: You have to be chosen there will be no application process at this time.

great news

There are some new stamps about to be born into the craft world that is going to rock your world!.........just like any other new baby!

Its all top secret at the moment but what we can tell you is that these are just darling.

As SugarNellies Mama works on these darlings, the frenzy is about to begin.

Secret Design teams are been picked as we chat