24 hours from Tulsa

Well I am not heading to Tulsa but it I will be there within 24hrs. All of Sunday I will be flying across the sky's, and when I return on Tuesday I hope that I can share the Sugar Nellie news with you all. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well ;)

Fab Cards



Be sure to check out their blogs for more details.


It all started with Swedish illustrator,Eva and she was due a baby before the stamps were even made, she designed Nellie and Luca, this is our founder range and we still have new designs coming, some great Halloween stamps. Eva has three boys and she is also great at doing images for boys, these are among our most popular stamps, its always difficult to find things for boys and these stamps often sell out.
Cards by Erika.

Linda Andreu

Linda has a fantastic range we named them "Maggie & Hamish", these are so cute and have a great following, one of our biggest and most popular ranges, these Scottish bairns are her to stay and more due for Halloween, Winter and Christmas.

Linda also drew LITTLE COTTON RABBITS this year, based on Julies fabulous knitted creations, I love these, they are so warm and cuddly. Watch out soon for these in a UK craft mag.

Rachelle Anne Miller

We have so many new readers it was suggested that I give you a run down of what we have done since we started in November. All these lovely cards were made by Funkykits DT member Erika Gunter.

Rachelle joined the team in the new year and we have 9 stamps exclusive to use as these were her first ever stamps they have set the ball rolling for many others. We added 3 others from her own design range and we are looking forward to receiving the remaining 20 images for our Christmas/Winter range. Rachelles life has changed in many ways since I first contacted her and we wish her all the best with the new baby she is expecting later this year, that old wifes saying "new house, new baby" this is defiantly fitting for Rachelle.

Fancy some Ice Cream?


and Katherine
Thank you girls these cards are so darn cute and "absolutely fabulous darlings"

Chat forums...which one's yours?

Well its a sunny Monday here in Scotland and as we wait for more rubber we have nothing to do ;). Usually we would have a wander about our favourite forums and catch up with the chat, but today UKscrappers is down :(
what are we to do,we are lost without the online community that we visit every day.
Over the pond Split Coast Stampers is huge and such a fantastic source of new ideas and challenges, I began wondering which is your favourite crafty chat forum? There are Sugar Nellie rubber addicts all over the world and many in Netherlands, where do you girls chat?

Enjoy your day and I might be back later with some fabulous creations from the team :)

A quick birthday card

It was party time on Saturday and there was a moments peace to make a card for the birthday girl.
papers BG two scoops, prima flowers, prisma pencils and stazon ink

Candy Wagon

The candy wagon has left the building............all sweet sugar candy is in the post.
That included one of everything for the creative team :)

I have also been asked by Tracy at Funkykits for MMMMMMORRRRRRREEEEE!
Yes it looks like another sell out this evening and more has already been ordered, so if you are unlucky and miss out this time, you will only have too wait until next weekend.

Enjoy the weekend sugar babes , I am off now to pack up some rubber :)


Three is a good number, three musketeers, the three amigos. three wise [wo]men............there are three Charlies angels...........chocolate comes in dark, milk and white..............cake stands come with three tiers as do most wedding cakes.................three primary colours......

and here are our three fabulously talented creative team

Marlene http://mar1ene.wordpress.com/

Katherina http://katharina1704.blogspot.com/

Tiets http://simplyscrapcards.blogspot.com/

Wednesday wishes & sugary kisses

Mwah is something Emily(Stamping Bella) says often, that woman is a scream and so full of energy I don't know where she finds it, but us Scottish are a bit more reserved about showing off our feelings.
But I am very happy *jumps up and down* to say that the three girls invited to be our creative design team all said YES :)

I ain't going to tell you yet who they are, but they are very good, in fact it would be right to say they are FABULOUS at what they do. I hope that their wonderful work inspires you to try something new. There will be loads of news coming soon but for now ssssshhhh its a secret.

We are waiting for rubber at the warehouse, the new Sweet Ebony range is on its way and the team at Funkykits are sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for them too! ;) They did get a few to play with and I was told that using mounting foam does make a difference if you are new to stamping or have a very detailed stamp give it a try.

Pickin Apples & Girl on Stool

They are just adorable, thank you to Tracy from Funkykits DT for sending us these cards, I am sure the rubber must still have been warm!

Creative Designers

Its time for us to have our own creative design team, now that we have new release coming out on a regular basis and knowing all the things we have in the pipeline, we need beautiful cards for our web site, blog, show samples and magazine features. So if you are lucky enough to be sent an invite by email in the next few days you will be one of the first to join the team as a creative designer for Sugar Nellie.

You will receive new designs still warm from the factory. Along with the chance to have your work published in magazines,promotions and advertising. There are so many opportunities that we wanted to share them with you :)

And we have a very BIG announcement coming soon. {top secret}

Giddy Up Pony

Every little girls wants a pony, and this little girls is so cute.
Pass me my pencils she's going to look great :)


Email info@sugarnellie.com with your name and address. These will be posted out next week.

ink 'n'rubber
jay jay

well done girls candy for you today :)


May Day bank holiday

Here in UK its a holiday and for once the sun is shining and its a beautiful day even up here in Scotland

Elisabeth's stamps will be available in a few weeks, I don't think Funkykits will be doing pre orders for this range as they will be for the next new range.

At this point I want to add music to this blog, so that I can play you "CANDY MAN" but personally I don't like music on blogs as it slows it up for my computer.

SO sing it to yourselves, sing it out load, louder, wiggle about a bit.......................don't you feel better already.

Who would make good use of some candy from the new range by Elisabeth? Please post you
comment and i will pick a winner.

Pickin Apples

Here is your peek for Friday, I think these darling stamps are just made to be coloured in.
In answer to Dee in Oklahoma's question about the water mark over the top of black and white images, these are there to protect copyright, unfortunately there are naughty crafters who will copy and print images from the computer rather than buy stamps. This is very very naughty and I urge you never to put a black & white image of a stamp on your blog for others steal.
Knowing that you will now understand why companies such as Whipper Snapper only have coloured images in their online catalogue. And on the subject of naughty crafters it is against most Angel Policies to sell stamped images.
But lucky for us we have such a lovely group of sugar addicts and we love to see what you all make with your sweet rubber stamps. Remember that we add to the gallery often and you can sent you images to info@sugarnellie.com
These new stamps by Elisabeth will be available mid May and I am sure that you will love these.
There are even some Christmas ones with the characters Honey and Pip still to come.

More new peek

Designing beautiful children's illustrations and whimsical imagery is my passion. I studied at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia and received a BA in Animation. My current portfolio is mostly hand illustrated with a small but growing line of digital art work. From classic animation cells and cartooning, I have continued to use my illustrative skills in portraiture, graphic imaging, custom illustrations, decorative wall art and children's art instruction.
My developed style is a melding of a Disney-esque charm to an essence of rustic Holly Hobbie sentimentality. Needless to say, these artists have influenced me in a prominent way as I love the nostalgic sense of innocence, whimsy and sweetness that arise from their work. Childhood is so fleeting and I endeavor to tap into that charming, forgotten realm through my fanciful creations.
A principle of mine is to bring joy and a sense of remembrance to individuals and families, young and old, of the essence and timelessness of youth suggested within my pieces. My aim is to eternalize such memories on my canvas and into those young at heart.
I hope you enjoy my whimsical compositions.