Guest DT

I had the lovely Dawn on the phone asking what do the DT have to do? You all must have your stamp packs by now. All we ask is that you make some cards with your sweet sugar nellie stamps, post them on your blog for others to see with brief outline of what you used etc. have fun, do you stuff and enjoy the challenge and have some more fun :)

Once all the fun is over if you would like to post one card made with each stamp we sent to you, we would be very grateful and use your creations as samples for displays etc. You might even spot one of your cards at a show!
Remember to take a look at the blogs listed on the right to see how the DT are being creative with sugar this week. Karen Bruce is doing a demo at Papercrafts tomorrow, using her beloved Sugar Nellie stamps and pro markers, good luck Karen.

Birmingham NEC

Are any of our Sugar addict attending the NEC in November? You might want to pic up a little sugar at IMAGINATION who will have all your favourite stamps on their stand.
Harvey Baker Design Ltd/Imagination have the contract to take Sugar Nellie on the road to all the shows they attend, Sue tells me that this is about 24 shows a year! So watch out at a show near you, Sugar Nellie will be there.

Which local shows do you attend? just Glasgow!

Pumpkin Fun

Thanks to Tracy at Funkykits for this pic sent to her by Mikael in Sweden, talented in food art it is most possible that this a Mikael Kruse original. It is not many things in life that make me laugh but this is my type of humour. Hope it inspires you to be a bit more creative when you carve your pumpkins this week. Enjoy :)

Get well soon to Beckie Dryer who is unable to attend a demo at Papercrafts this Saturday, but Karen Bruce guest DT member for Sugar Nellie and Erika Gunter from Funkykits DT will step in and make it a colourfully sweet demonstration. Take care Beckie we will see you in the new year.

Silence is deafening

I have heard nothing from Marie over in Sweden, I have tried to be patient but its not something I am good at. I am so sorry to disappoint you all, I had thought that we would have these beautiful stamps in September but now we say goodbye to October and still nothing. I really do not know where we stand, I had such a lovely time with them in their home in Sweden I have no reason to think anything is wrong other than the total lack of contact and before you ask NO I will not jump on a plane and so see whats "not" happening!
But I will share with you the lovely new designs that Marie offered me and I thought we would be able to bring them to you. Wet and windy about sums up the weather in the UK at the moment, I hope it is not so bad with you.

Time to think

Good bye Glasgow, its a long way home.

Firstly a huge thank you the Jacqui who work her little socks off at the show, I could not have done it without you.

Thank you for all the visitors, pressies, cards and kind words on the stand.

And can I give out a medal to those businesses that take stands at shows all over the UK and beyond, it is so much hard work it does not compare to anything else I do. Some bring their caravans along and stay in those, parked up in the show grounds in howlin gales ( in Glasgow this weekend there were gales and flooding).

We spent 4 days telling the Sugar Nellie story, new addict are now busy stamping and colouring. We met so many lovely stampers and a few real characters in there too. A giggle it was and we have many stories to tell.

Good news for those of you who are not able to come to Scotland, Sugar Nellie will be at a show near you next year :) Details to be confirmed but they will be there.

New artist, still to be signed but I met with S & G in Glasgow and will be delighted to tease you all with whats to come when the time is right.

But it is back down the sugar mines today, Funkykits have a few sell outs and are shouting for more.
The design team have been busy and I will post some pics later, if you cant wait, blog links on the right.
Remember our guest DT Karen and Gayle both have stamps the rest to post today.
I had better go and get myself to the house of sugar and catch up with my work.

Have a great day.

daisy daisy give me your answer to..

.....folks going crazy over the love of you.....
Yes the stampers here in Glasgow love Daisy. She is so cute who would not?
Soft Centres too are popular and now they all have names.
Funkykits have stock so I expect they will be online this weekend. Watch out for their news letter in your mail box.

A big thank you to the girls who came by our wee stand today, between visitors and putting the stand back together again and again we were kept busy. Friday we will change it all about and make it a bit easy for stampers to see our cute rubba.

The samples have been very much admired and thanks to Marlene, Tiets, Tracy, Erika and Karen we have a fantastic display. :)

Rubba arrived very late as we were leaving the House of Sugar, I am sorry to say girls who were in the topper swap will be getting a new stamp in their return envelope but not until I return on Monday.

Marlene and Tiets, you have stamps coming your way and for the guest DT, both Karen and Gayle have some and the rest will be posted on Monday.

Little darlings

This is the last three new designs to be released this month. That makes 14 new stamps in total arriving at the house of sugar before the end of the month. We are delighted to end our first year with these darlings and can not believe the year that has passed in the world of rubba. As we are always planning ahead we have a lot to tell you when the time is right, no point in giving you too much sugar at one time. :)

Not long now and all the shops will be full of festive cheer and there will be no ignoring the forthcoming day, Christmas is all things to everyone, for most it is a family time with young children, for others it is a time of heart break as the reflect on the times that have passed. Whatever Christmas is too you, we send you good wishes and a hug if you need it as we all take a deep breath and start to prepare for December.

As crafters, I am sure that you are well on your way to finishing you cards, but there are all sorts of things you can make with your stash. We would love to see things other than cards that you have taken the time to create, as we all love to craft, what better excuse if there than "I am making this as a gift" for ignoring the housework and stilling crafting on a Sunday, Monday,Tuesday......................

Marlene and Tiets.....

.......have been busy. Catch up with the fantastic Sugar Nellie Creative Design Team on their blogs, links on the right side. Find out what they are up to and how they made these beautiful Christmas cards. Have a great day.

A little something for the weekend?

A partridge in a pear tree, one of two final Christmas stamp designs for Sugar Nellie by Elisabeth Bell. This is just darling and one of my favorite stamps.

Anyone for tea? Another adorable illustration just waiting to be coloured.

A three way split

A;Karen ;
B:Miranda :

Group A will be receiving a sweet pink packet of a mix of soft centres and Elisabeth's stamps by the end of this next week, before they are available for sale at
Gayle and Karen can collect in person :)

Group B will be having these pink packets before the end of the year and Group C early in the new year.
There are a lot of new ideas on the drawing board and a few contract to sign. So trust me girls it will be worth it.

Final three

............and that's all the soft centres for now. I will show you then new one's from Elisabeth next but for tonight that's enough or you might suffer a sugar rush.
I am interested to know what papers you plan to dig out for these new stamps, is there anything you think is a great match?
I have been using the 6" basic grey pads lately with the Sweet Ebony stamps from Elisabeth. I like the colours and the distressed look. I am still happiest with my prisma pencils followed by a cheap set of water colours. I have not used the cuttlebug embossing plates with my SN stamps as much as I would have liked to, but I hope to have time to play tomorrow.
Thank you Marlene, some more lovely samples to take to the show arrived safely, great to hear you had a lovely romantic time away. I love the new look blog and notice that you have now updated yourself to age 40! LOL

Three more..........

Looking at all the names gave me a giggle, thank you for that, I have plenty ideas for names now.
Here are the next three, names still to be chosen.

A few questions about the show in Glasgow, yes these will be there. Two of us going down and hope to have help from the boss on Sat & Sun. All visitors welcome to stop by and say
hello to us sugar slaves :)

To answer another question, no that's not me with Toadfish, that is the boss Debbie, owner of Sugar Nellie. Me , I'm just the Sugar Mama and sadly I am twice her age plus and twice her size! Oh to be young again :P

Whats in a name

There is a lot in a name { the boy named Sue comes to mind} and as I struggle to give the new animals real Scottish names I am going to change Heathers name, just because we have a lot of Heathers following this blog and I would not like to upset anyone. So fingers crossed that none on you are called Custard, yes I know its not Scottish but I gave up with the cow, unless I get a better idea or someone leaves me a better idea, she will be called Custard.
Now I also have a lion, mouse, bear, rabbit and pig to name....any ideas.

Happy Birthday wishes to Eva who will be having a lovely day with her boys and maybe a little cake too.

Soft Centres

Do you love these or what? Meet MacBeth, Heather and Braveheart.

There are nine in total and maybe a few more if you love them enough. Again the quality of artists that Sugar Nellie use is fantastic because if you are going to all the trouble of creating cards and buying all the embellishments that go together, you have to start with a nice stamp, the old expression "buy cheap buy dear" springs to mind. At Sugar Nellie we bring you both, quality real rubber stamps, quality illustrators and a great price always, maybe that's why we have so many fans and so many sell outs. We love our stamps almost as much as we love those who stamp with them.

So am I right, are these adorable?

Something new this way comes...

With all these lovely design team members to keep happy, it is time to turn up the volume in the house of sugar. I hope that by the end of this month to introduce you to two new illustrators who in my opinion will offer something different and very appealing. Watch out for some news and of course prepare to be teased :)

There are some stamps going to the rubber factory this week ,{ peaks to come }and they will be going to the Glasgow show and also to Funkykits too. All this should see us busy up to the end of the 2008 and who knows what will happen next year, I just know that our first year has been a roller coaster of highs and lows and it has been a great learning curve. We are delight with the following that our little stamps have and all you lovely girls who take the time to comment and create with SN

We still have to give our blog a makeover and many other little things. Sadly there is still no Hanglar news :( but we will let you know when there is.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope that next week I can find the time to have the guests DT split into three groups.

In no perticular order.........

Stand up and be counted.....

Karen ;



Miranda :













congratulations girls, some time in the near future it will be your turn as a guest member of the Sugar Nellie Design Team. I will be splitting you into teams but I have done enough computer work for today.

For all those who left many many lovely comments and applied, a huge thank you. My job was made very very difficult by you all and it was great fun looking at all those blogs, yes it was great fun to see so many lovely creations.

Have a great weekend Sugar Babes :)


ETA: Neighbours actor Ryan Maloney aka Jarrod Rebecki/Toadfish was delighted to meet Miss Sugar Nellie herself in Glasgow last week. Can you tell by his smile just how delighted he was to been seen with thee #1 Sugar babe :)xx

The final countdown

“The Final Countdown” is a hard rock song by Europe, from their 1986 breakthrough album of the same name Is that song now ringing in your ears now, watch it here

If you were a rock chick? I don't think I was much, but on a bad day I still have the hair style!

So I am now counting down from 26 blogs. This is so difficult to do and has taken a long time, to save myself some time I will list three groups of guest designers for the next three stamp new launches. This way I can put more smiles on faces :)

I will be back later with the list, have a great day where ever in the world you are.

Cross Eyed or Blog Eyed

Yes its been harder than I ever thought it would be, I have visited over 100 blogs in the last 24 hrs, I wade past all the awards and blog candy alerts until I find your cards( it does not matter which stamps you use, its how you design, mix and match colours, papers and embellishments that makes a card).

I am searching for "new blood" an up and coming "star" who may also create outside the box. My idea to give someone new a chance has met with much appreciation and I thank you for understanding where I am coming from with this.

I am down to 38 fav blogs!
I still have a long way to go and will do my best to get some names to you as soon as I can.

I feel bad for those left behind, can I just say if I could have you all I would, each and everyone of you have talent, don't be so under confident about yourself, you will do it one day, you have to be in it to win it and each time you will be better than the last.
I look back at my cards from 10 years ago and close the drawer quick!
Also remember that its only my choice and others may view my selection with question, but it is exactly that "my selection", the next time you enter for something it will be a different "judge" who will be looking for different things in a card. Keep trying, don't ever give up but don't take it too seriously, it should all be fun :)

Guest Design Team Members

It's time for a few Guest members to join our Creative Design Team.

With at least two new ranges this month we want to share the sugar about.

If you are chosen we will send you a sample of the new stamps and supplies to be creative with.
All we ask is that you make one card with each stamp and send that card to us for display. Show your wonderful creations on you blog and be very proud to be a Sugar Babe.

If you are already on a stamp DT please move aside and let someone else try out for this one. New faces most welcome, there is so much talent out there I am sure we will find several Guest DTM's

Good luck and all you need to do now is post a comment (it will be hidden) with a link to your blog.
ETA: OMG I now have over 100 blogs to have a look at, so please give me a little time to make up my mind. But you have to be in it to win it :)

Soft Centres

In keeping with the sweetie (candy) theme, the next home grown range will be called
Soft Centres, I am hoping that we can bring these to GLASGOW along with the new ELISABETH BELL stamps.

But we are working against the clock again to have it all done within two weeks is pushing it. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. More rubber arrived in the House of Sugar this week and the sugar slaves have been busy packing so that we can re stock FUNKYKITS and to get ourselves ready for the show. We will be taking all the fantastic samples from Tiets and Marlene for our displays.

Marlene, a little get well wish, hope your feel better and that all the bugs are gone by your birthday, save some cake for us :)

Soor Plooms

Here in Scotland we love boiled sweets and these are Soor Plooms, and will referance to the goings on over in Holland we feel like we have been sucking on these all week!

So lets get back to something sweet and not so sour. Candy has always been something that we share out now and then, we don't expect you to do anything to get it, we just love to give it.

So I am sending Sarah some because she is one of the followers of this blog, something sweet your way comes :) email with your details.