Shakin that Sugar

Our stat counter is at its max again and before we clear it out, we give the SUGAR SHAKER award to.............
AND as I seen all the new Maggies and Nellies today along with all their friends, you will be getting a treat.

We need another designer, its true we have a few project on the table and are looking for another illustrator. If you want to sketch some character drawings, scan and email, we will get in touch with you. YOU could be the next DT member for SUGAR NELLIE stamps.

Netherlands *NEWS*
Anyone interested in our stamps should contact Carmen at Card Art where she shall have them soon.

Online orders, worldwide are still exclusive to

Fit to burst!

I have so much to tell you I am fit to burst!

But I cant :(

All I can say is the girls who illustrate have been very busy, Eva has more Nellies and I know your going to just love one little rock star!
Linda has finished Maggie and I believe this range is a must have for any cardmaker.

I am delighted that you have been creating fantstic cards and say such nice things, thankyou.
I hope we keep pleasing you for a long time yet.

Handing out the sweeties again

Just catching up on the freebies...........

candy box is going to MY LITTLE SPACE:)

and the sugar shaker for this week, acording to the stat counter is

.........Stamping Caz.:)

Tomorrow I get to see the new batch of sketches and hope that we will have more stamps for you in December.

Sugar Shakers, can I ask you to wait for something sweet from the new range, now that will be a treat.

Lovely cards

There are lot of sweet cards being made over on UKS. {Link on the left}

This is one of Marlene's cards AKA DoubleDutch . Made with Dove craft papers and PSX stamp.

Thanks you Marlene for allowing us to show your lovely card.

Sugar Shaker

Our SUGAR SHAKER for this week is .....silly bird, Alex something sweet will go in the post for you next week, email your addy, as the first winner of the SUGAR SHAKER award for sharing the sugar on you blog and bringing the most hit to our blog.

{This is an extra weekly prize we will give to whoever links to this blog via their blog or a post on a open forum/chat room.}

A day in the sugar warehouse

Yes it was all go in the warehouse yesterday, cold it most certainly was, but how strange that the sheets of stamps were warm? (strange)
Cut them up and pop them in the packaging,12 boxes of the first 12 stamps, sitting in a row, hunners and hunners of the wee darlings. OMG these are our stamps, people love them, its hard to believe that all that goes on in a little studio in Scotland.

Cart art are getting the first Nellies to go to Holland this weekend, hand delivered to Carmen at Scarpaganza. These will be available from CardArt in the new year.

We are still waiting for Funkykits to have international shipping on Sugar Nellie stamps, any time now.

I believe that the final drawings for Maggie are on there way from Linda, I cant wait to see those too. Looking forward to seeing a bonnie wee loon in a kilt.

WE STILL HAVE CANDY BOXES LEFT.............who wants one.

Sprinkle of Sugar

As this week we see the deliveries of Sugar Nellies arrive at the warehouse and they all go out to their new homes as fast as we can package them. I am looking forward to seeing what their new Mamma's do with them.

This week also sees international orders via, but only for these stamps.

If you are part of a forum, chat room, please sprinkle some sugar about. We are working on a competition with a link back to here from your blog, the link which is used the most gets a candy box.( yes we can tell where computers got the link).
So I had better get back to the packing as I know you are all waiting.

Erikas first Nellie card

Sugar Rush.......

What fantastic feed back we have after yesterday, there are only 12 new stamps, this is our very first design plate. I hope that next week you will all be busy making beautiful cards with the SUGAR NELLIE stamps.

I am also sorry that the INTERNATIONAL customers could not buy, Funkykits do not send outside the UK at the mo, there are two options, on being a site only for Sugar Nellie stamps and the other is for FK to have more shipping options .
It will be fixed before the next batch arrives.

There will be a slide show on this blog soon with the 12 new images.

They are here!

Yes the first run of Sugar Nellie stamps are home, safe sound and fantastic. I am so pleased with the manufacturer for such great service. These are better than expected, the rubber is thick and may not even need mounting, you decide.

I am filling up the candy boxes ready to post.

And next week we get our first shipment of sugar, all is going to but you will be able to buy these at local stamp shops soon.

Now I want to see pics please, send you pic to and we will put them in our gallery for the world to see.

One spoon or two?

How much sugar do you take?

I am just off the phone from chatting with the sugar coated elfs in the factory and they are sending me a sample of SUGAR NELLIES out tomorrow (wednesday) and after a little play with them we can phone as tell them how many to run off. YIPPEEE......
There are 12 nellies designed by Eva in the first run and these will be available online via or at your local stamp store from early 2008.

We are already working on MAGGIES and our second batch of NELLIES too. So there are lots more to come, we are also looking for new designers with fresh ideas.

As too much sugar is bad for you, we have news on the Design Team , I will update later tonight.
Stay tuned, your going to like it :)

Ok I am back, we had fun today making up the prizes for the blog candy, infact we liked those candy boxes so much that we are going to give them away with every new set we make. Only difference is that your will get a variety of the new stamped images and not a stamp in the candy boxes. That was we can share the candy out and we all know that too much sugar is bad for you!

SO the first 12 BLOG candy boxes will go out this week to the lucky winners ( still a few to give away), girls who won please email with your addy please and blog link if you have one.

After that we will give away candy boxes( in place of a DT) all the time to different girls all over the world, so if you have ever left a comment on this blog keep an eye out it could be you!

STOP! one more box on its way very soon, maybe tomorrow, ALEX.EATON
well done and remember to email with your addy for posting.

November News

Well girls, we are now in November , this is the month the new babies are due. Will they be here by next weekend? Well I hope so! LOL

I have some more candy boxes to give away and todays box will go to one happy cardmaker somewhere over the rainbow, way up high.........

Trick or treat,smell my feet

give me something good to eat

give me candy give me cake

give me somthing good to take......................

In my house we are overloaded with candy, monkey nuts just don't hit the spot.

As a child what was your fav sweetie/candy?

A tip down memory lane, spangles, rainbow drops, lucky tatties.....................