The final countdown

Good morning sugar addicts, and what a beautiful morning it is. Its the last day of the CHA trade show and tomorrow is the consumer show. I have taken lots of pictures but we have computer problems in the apartment I will have to wait until I get home before posting them. Marlene has however managed to post her pictures and you can see that the girls are having a ball.

I have "bumped" into lots of people and met many new members of the crafting world. I have some news too but that will have to wait ;)

Congratulations to Lia on the birth of her son, she will be taking some time away from the sugar bowl now that baby has arrived safely, bless.
The new sugar bowl challenge is up and another great prise to be had by one lucky stamper.

Hope the sun is shining where you are, have a great day.

Aint it hot!

"Ain't it hot" is Marlene's quote.

We are all here in Orlando taking a couple of days to chill out before the trade show, CHA and the consumer show at the end of this week. Our apartment is beautiful and so big, my bathroom is almost as big as the class room back home. We can even watch the fireworks at Sea World from our balcony every evening at 10pm :)

We have already visited Walmart, Michael's and Joann's. Lunch yesterday was at the Florida Mall and lots of yummy stuff from the deli at Publix. The time change is playing havoc with our body clocks and we are in bed early and up when its still dark!

Not sure what the girls want to do today but there was a lot of rain yesterday for 4 hrs!
We were trapped in Joann's as we could not even make it back to the car.
What did the girls buy? DCWV stacks 12" $10/£7, Martha Stewart Punches in Walmart and Mikes. We will maybe empty the car today and have a rummage to see what we all have.
I settled for lots of charms and beads. Nothing more than $3 in my basket at Mikes but still managed to spend a weeks house keeping in one go.
Our baggage allowance is poor so that's stopping us from filling the trolley with all that we really really need.

Hope that all is well at home and that Katie at Funkykits is coping with the rush for single gorjuss girls and top up stamps that we managed to get to her before leaving. Manga girls will also be back in stock this week.

Hope you have a great Monday, I will be back with some CHA news tomorrow, take care.

New DT members

As I count down the hours until I have to just leave everything, finished or not, and go. I have at least completed the task set before me of choosing the new DT members. It was hard and it was time consuming and at one point I thought about putting all the final cut into a draw and pulling out 8 names. But I didn't. I have now heard back from all 8 new members and they all accepted the position with our small Scottish stamp company, I am delighted to have these girls as part of our family. I am excited that they will bring something new to Sugar Nellie and I hope it opens some doors to them in the world of crafting. Vicky Rowena Carole Donalda Judy Sarah Janiel Dena

*******Congratulations girls *******

And a huge thank you to 481 other girls who applied, you are all amazing and your day will come, keep crafting and keep trying because you never know whats around the corner.

It's a girl thing

I am putting the finishing touches to this fundraiser so that I may get busy with it when I return in August. A huge thank your the artist who donated designs.

We have had many crafters asking about the stamps after seeing them in CRAFT STAMPER, they will be available in limited numbers come August. I hope you support us as we support this campaign, it touches so many, we want to do our bit here at the House of Sugar and as I could never run a marathon, this is what we decided to do.

Other also do there bit and I have a link I would like you to take time and have a look at.


Sell outs

Monday morning is here again, I need one of those magic stop watches to freeze time so I can catch up!

Good news is that you LOVED the Manga stamps and they sold out way too quick, look for them very soon as we are rushing some to Funkykits as fast as we can. We also plan to have Daisy and single Gorjuss girls to them by the end of the week.

Nothing much to tell you as the summer season is quieter for us in all three businesses, but as we get ready for a busy autumn things are looking good.

For all those girls who I have listened to me and my OCD and taken the Twilight road,( Eva this is for you) here is my temp blog about what to read after the books ;)

Enjoy your week

Manga Anime

Your might have noticed the lack of posts, sometimes time runs away with itself and there are not enough hours in the day. I have a shed load of work to do before going to CHA at the end of next week and I have to admit to neglecting the blog, sorry girls, i do feel bad and therefor I will give you a peek of the new delivery we have had in the house of sugar this week. Just need to get them packed and over to Funkykits in the next couple of days.
what is Manga/Anime ?

Manga Anime art is creeping into rubber stamps and our home grown artist decided to have a little play, these are the result, what do you think?

I have my own ideas on why these are appealing to cardmakers and after all copic/pro markers were designed for colouring in these comic book characters.

DT update, sorry I have not been back to the emails, other that a few hours where I was totally frustrated that each one is deserving of a place in our family, but Sugar Nellie can not handle so many DT members, I only wish we could. I have send no invites yet but must do this before leaving next week, stay with me on this one, its really really hard :(

DT finals

Marlene has been busy with her gorjuss set 3, these are lovely, beautiful colours.
I myself have not had time to play, so much other things to deal with and many many hours looking at the DT emails. WOW a huge thank you to all that applied, I am so sorry that I will not be able to answer them individually as much as I would love to. It would also be handy if my system could send batches of replies but it does not.
Thank you all for your kind words about Sugar Nellie stamps :) and thank you also for taking the time to apply. I did not dare open the email folder until after the closing date!
I have it down to the last 25..........................and if you knew how many I started with you would under stand that I am pleased to have got this far.
Soon I will get the number down further and send an invitation to join the DT. Once we have replies back I will announce our new members. I will not at this time say how many because its a hard choice and I may have to be flexible with my final numbers :)
We are also counting down to CHA, we have a few important crafters to meet up with in Florida and a few companies to discuss things with ;) ( ssssshhhh not wanting to spoil any surprises)
WE are not showing at the trade show, we could not handle something as big as that quite yet.
Enjoy your day and if you have made anything gorjuss or sweet, please leave a link to your blog in a comment so we can all have a look at your creations.

Gorjuss Kit #3

Here it is, kit #3 in its full glory, don't you just love these Gorjuss Girls?
Suzanne has created yet again a must have set of stamps and I know a lot of you have been waiting for the release of these, so I will put your out of you misery and show you them all.
The size in the preview is not true sizes but you get the idea of how cute these girls are.
Rubber is on its way from the factory and as soon as they arrive we can send them over to Funkykits.

For those who have seen the peek of two of our charity stamps in Craft Stamper this issue, these will be available towards the end of July ( all going to plan). As I have said before, this fundraiser has grown arms and legs and with staff shortages and busy times all round we trimmed it down a lot.

But if you have CRAFT STAMPER you will see two peeks from Leanne Ellis and Diane Duda, these girls donated their image which will only be available while stocks last and we are grateful to Richfords for donating the rubber and Funkykits for absorbing all fees connected to the sale and posting of these charity stamps.................which means 100% can be donated to the
IT'S A GIRL THING fundraiser :)