Want to see............

... one of the new Sweet Art Ebony stamps made into a card by the talented Marlene?

She is sooooo cute, thank you Marlene she is lovely and that little chick may not just be for Easter, how about a little birdie told me your news. Any others you can think of to match this stamp?
These are designed for Sugar Nellie by Elisabeth Bell and you can see and buy all of this range at http://www.funkykits.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=47_46

This is one of the new stamps about to be released, keep an eye on the DT blogs for others ;)

Free Signature Generator

Nothing new....

...........from Cuttlebug this CHA show :( oh dear I am disappointed but the up side is that at the summer CHA show they *fingers crossed* will have new Halloween and Christmas folders.
AND I will see then for myself!
Have a look at this challenge blog if you own a cuttlebug, have a look at even if you don't because you soon will have this amazingly simple toy on your wish list.

SO I am now feeling a bit down because I have no new folders on my wish list, what better way to cheer us all up but a little bit of candy.

Today I will pack the last of the guest DT , candy for this blog, prizes for the sugar bowl all sent.

Martine; http://thecrafttable.blogspot.com/ sent
Lilian; http://www.colortopaper.blogspot.com/ sent
Leann; http://leanns-ramblings.blogspot.com/
Sylvia; http://sylviastamps.blogspot.com/
Jeanette http://jeanette-happythoughtsinkspots.blogspot.com sent
Neeta: http://papirrommet.blogspot.com/ sent

Once up to date we must get the new stamps to Funkykits as they would like to launch them at the end of the month. They apologize for the hiccup with their email last time but it just could not cope and has been upgraded to a new mail manager system, you news letters will come from news@sugarnellie.com and include details of UK shows too.

Thank crunchie its Friday :)

CAS Cuttlebug

Thursday and a lot of deliveries in the house of sugar but it will take us some time to cut and pack, hold on until the weekend and we can show you some new stamps :)

But to keep you busy and give you something to think about, still talking CAS, here is one from Alison, what can I say, simply stunning. Visit Alison's blog for more.
and if you have found any photos of new cuttlebug embossing folders, please share with me, I have been hunting the net for them and have yet to find new ones at CHA.

Wednesday Wonderings

Wondering what will happen next in the House of Sugar. We have made the decision not to tease you so much with new release, wait until we have them before promoting them and to choose a date in the month when we can release them all, well most of them :)

This way we can plan a little bit better, be more organised, get stamps to our DT before anyone else, and generally try to be in more control of things.

As I have said before, I cant keep anything to myself, I feel the need to tell you a soon as I know and crafters cant wait, nor can I ! Things in business sometime take so long, that I feel that sometime I disappoint you through no fault of my own, other that speaking too soon.

I wonder if I can be more organized?
I wonder if we can think ahead a little more and plan things better?
I wonder if I really can keep exciting news to myself?
I wonder if I will ever have time to make cards again?

There is no doubt that Sugar Nellie is growing fast, and with that comes growing pains. Little things that catch us off guard, like it takes 2/3 weeks for more packaging to arrive. Time off because life happens. We wait longer sometime for rubber than we do the next time. Life in the House of Sugar is not boring, not predictable and always busy.

Another thing we fail at due to lack of time is answering emails, its always last on our list of things to do and if time runs out it does not get looked at. My apologies to all the lovely ladies who email to tell us they love our stamps, you are the important email that do need an answer. Your support is very important to us and keeps us looking for more, better and exciting new designs.

So off I go for another day down the sugar mines, today there is a very large box of rubber sitting waiting to be cut up.( sssshhhhhh don't tell which new stamps these are)

Look where Annie is.......

Today I work from home, and on my travels around the web, looking for whats new at CHA, no I did not get this time :( but I will in the summer. :)

Looking for whats new, whats hot, what's not and a general nose about all the blogs of those who did get to go.

A web site I have come across before is Craft Critique, here they have a lot of links to new lines, and was I surprised to scroll down and see Annie, OMG that one of our stamps ! I was so pleased to see it I had to share with you, you have to read down half way but do read the rest as there are some great links too.

So on I go in search on new stash, really looking forward to seeing some new cuttlebug embossing folders.....................

Clean And Simple

ETA: Thank you Annie, Sylvia, Karen, Cathy and Vicky. Links to all their blogs via the comments left on CAS.

I am still learning things in the world of forums, and over at SCS there was a thread about clean and simple, CAS, cards with the minimum on them, sometimes only a stamped image, no colouring, nothing.
I like it.
For some time now I have been thinking that a lot of the Sugar Nellie cards we have featured are advanced, these are beautiful cards but very scary if you are just into stamping. With my teachers hat on I would like to request a little homework from all you sugar babes, CAS cards, I feel that we all started somewhere and I often say in class, "keep it simple but do it well". I would love to see your CAS cards, post a link if you are happy for me to copy & paste, I believe that these can be as stunning as the very layered cards and a lot less expensive to make.

Remember that over on the http://www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com/ you cards are all very much appreciated and the winner is a random number picked by the computer, your cards are not judged individually, by entering you have as much chance of winning as the next stamper.
We love the fact that you have taken the time to join in and hope that whatever you level of card making skills you pick up some ideas and tips from the other girls.

Funkykits Newletter

Good evening everyone!
We are delighted to announce we have the very first Sugar Nellie Stamp designs by Mary Hall available now!
There are six adorable designs that look a dream to colour in - you can find them all {HERE}
We have also had some restocks of the previous sell-outs designed by Leanne Ellis and a few other top-ups of your favourites!
Remember Sugar Nellie stamps are available for worldwide shipping - more information on our home page.
Keep your eyes on the BLOG for more new releases and the long awaiting Gorjuss Girls!

Have a great weekend
Katie & the Funky Kits Team

There are a few problems over at Funkykits as the web site is no longer big enough for them and as it will take some days to fix it all here is the newsletter that should have gone last night but could not be sent because their mail list is too big!

Leanne Ellis & Kate Mellis

These are two cards that Kate took into the HOUSE OF SUGAR this week.
What do you think, stunning aren't they? Black and green patterned paper from Bo Bunny. One heat embossed with silver and the other stamped with stazon. We have restocked all Leanne Ellis designs at Funkykits and with new stamps from Mary Hall now in stock, we are hoping that stock lasts until Monday.
We will wait another week before sending out the candy due and Guest DT stamps as there are even more new super cute stamps due this week from Elisabeth Bell.
We have had a lot of DT cards delivered this, from Dawn, Tiets and Miranda. Also Sarah, Vicky and Marlene. ALL BEAUTIFUL and especially sweet when there is candy in there!
Thank you girls, I am very proud to see all your amazing creations.

Spotlight on our Guest DT

It will soon be time to post out a little sugar

to our next and final batch of GUEST design

team members. Before we do that I want to

spot light the current guests. Today I would like

to show you what Elaine has done with her Leanne Ellis Stamps.

And also the very delicate look that makes Miranda's cards stand out. She has used the stamp "Lola with bird".

There are many more beautiful cards on their blogs, so follow the links on the left and have a look about. All our guest has done a fantastic job and it amazes my all the different styles with the same stamp. A HUGE thank you them all.

Gorjuss Update

So many of you are emailing about these new stamps, I am sorry to say that we are behind, no you have not missed them, all dates for pre order and shipment will now be changed and I will let you know as soon as I can that they can be ordered. It may be days it might be a week or more but be assured you have not missed them and I am working to get them to you as quick as we can. They are Gorjuss and you will love them.

Paper craft planet has many groups who follow stamp companies, as we have so much variety within our wee Scottish stamp company, followers have tended to split into artist. There is already one for Sweet Art Ebony, our own range by Elisabeth Bell,

and now there is a new one for Leanne Ellis and Gorjuss Girls by Suzanne Woolcott.

Call in or visit us on Split Coast Stampers for more new and updates.
Enjoy your weekend.

Robbie Burns

Tonight I am off out to a burns supper in the village hall. At this time of year all over Scotland people eat haggis and men ware kilts. Poems are read and stories told, drams are drunk and so are the men by the end of the night.
Robbie Burns is Scotland's national poet, not a nice man by all accounts, a ladies man he was but also a man of many words. In fact all men who like the ladies usually are good with words its the only way they get themselves in and out of difficult situations right?

So here is Hamish in his kilt, Gayle made this card for the last Sugar Bowl challenge. They had an amazing amount of stampers take part in the last challenge, well done to Wilma who was sent her prize today. Challenge number 2 is up and there are 3 prizes this time as there are so many entries. Pop over and give it a try the prizes are ever so sweet :)

Who lives in a house like this?

Who lives in a house like this, maybe not this one but one similar?
This is will be where the Sugar Babes meet for one week this summer. One week of pure craft heaven, shopping, chatting, classes and a few days at CHA Orlando!
The plan is to spent some time at the show, see the trends, meet a few people and just enjoy the whole experience, and the best bit..................... with fellow crafters :)

No children, no DH,

No "have you not seen enough craft shops"

No "how much longer with you be"................................fantastic.

There is no Scrap a Ganza this year and for me this will be a nice change.

First stop Publics for fried chicken and cup cakes, my favourites.

Our luxury villa, we will all have a room each with plenty space to chill.

A nice people carrier with sat nav for all those days out shopping and the bags that go with it.

We have so many things to plan.

So Marlen and Tiets, as part of our valued and loyal DT , you are both invited.

Gayle, as a thank you for all your work on the Sugar Bowl, we want you to come too.

Tracy and Erika over at Funkykits have already been invited and there is a couple of more beds that are already taken. Yes the house will be big enough.

So girls, what do you say, you want to come on the craft holiday of the year?

ALL you have to do is get yourself there, one flight, everything else is taken care of. Last week of July...................are you free?
ETA: WOW it seams you all want to come, I only wish I could afford to take you all as the support we have had from you is amazing, but this trip is for the girls named above as our way of thanking them for being part of our team, as I have quoted before, what goes around comes around and in this instance its my turn to show them how much we appreciate their work and commitment to this small stamp company.
But not to disappoint you all, someone has approached me about a craft holiday in the Med ;)

For something new...........

These make me smile, Mary Hall has been a dream to work with and I love these images. Sugar Nellie brings you something different yet again! And notice all those boys! Yes you asked and we listened and we are still working on it :) You also asked for some wording to go with the stamps and I am open to suggestions, what greeting would you like to see with these designs?
We been amazed at all you lovely stampers who have joined in the challenges over on www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com and in appreciation we are give you not one but three chances to win in the the next challenge. Each prize will include THREE of these stamps :) and more. Yes we do spoil you but you in turn are very good to us, I am a great believer in what goes around comes around. With that in mind I will have an announcement very soon concerning our DT.

What little beauties

I did try to upload a chosen few of the cards made by the DT but I keep crashing this computer.

I would like to thank our DT, Marlene and Tiets for their continued support of this small Scottish Stamp Company, I am delighted with the work of our Guests, be sure to stop by and have a look at the little beauties they have created, Ethel, Miranda, Deb, Anne and Elaine , beautiful work girls thank you so much for being part of our little world.

As we get ready to welcome new stamp designs into the house of sugar, and the label's are printed for the last batch of guest DT members, it is with much amazement that I look at all the cards that are made by everyone.

This time last year I introduced you to Rachelle Anne Miller, can anyone remember that? Rachelle has achieved an amazing amount of things in 2008, most importantly her beautiful baby boy. I have no idea how I found her blog, I wander so much and you can never remember where you have been after a few hour blog hopping. I never stop looking, I never stop thinking and sometimes its the simplest things that work. What will I find next? ;)


As we pre pare to launch Gorjuss Girls, I have had a few questions about the licence to use Gorjuss Art, this is regarding digi downloads , tubes etc.

Sugar Nellie stamps all fall under our own Angel Policy at the bottom of this page.
The pre order will be for 6 character stamps, all girls, gorjuss girls.
Yes they will be available one by one at the end of February.
Yes you will get to see before you order.

Dates for your Diary

Craft 4 Crafters at Westpoint Arena, Exeter 23-25th January 09

Sincerely Yours Papercraft Show at Hinkley, 15th Feb 09

Make-It Farnborough, 20-22nd Feb 09

See SUGAR NELLIE on the IMAGINATION CRAFTS stand at these show
late Jan time the DT & Guests will recieve NEW stamps, along with any candy due will be dispatched

20th Jan, pre order for Gorjuss closes

2nd Feb, all pre orders sent out

February, new releases from Mary Hall and Elisabeth Bell
Late February release of Gorjuss Girls stamps

Here come the girls

Pre order for the GORJUSS stamps will open next week. These some of the prizes which we have to give away amongst others :)
They will at an extra nice price and free P & P in UK. Pre orders will be sent out 2nd of Feb with international orders going the week before. This will give the DT time to make up some samples before you all get these Gorjuss stamps.

These six stamps will be available individually towards the end of February. I am not going to give you any more peeks of these Gorjuss Girls but I will tell you that we have some great prizes to be given to a few of the lucky stampers who pre order the set.

Follow Suzanne Woolcott link on the side bar to see all her fabulous artwork, my pictures do not do them justice and those little buttons are just crying out to be put in front of a big blossom. Feel free to do a little shopping, I know a few crafters who having fallen in love with Gorjuss now have more than just a print in their craft space.
There are some important points to be made about images, so please read http://www.gorjuss.co.uk/blog/
wishing you all a gorjuss weekend :)

Whos cards are they?

Here in the house of sugar we have been working a lot with
CRAFT STAMPER http://www.craftstamper.com/issue/issue.aspx?cid=4198
the only pure stamping magazine in the UK. I asked the boss, Debbie, to pick up a copy of the mag while in town today. So as I sit down with my coffee and slice of bithday cake :P I have a little flick at this latest issue

page 3, a picture of Katy, after so many emails its nice to put a face to the name. *waves*
page 31 Sugar Nellie Soft Centre competition,
who's cards were used as samples?
Was it yours?
Are you now published, be it without your name but hey, its a start.

and the back page has a phone in special offer for those who do not have Internet and have to miss out on all these sweet stamps

that's a lot of sugar in one magazine!

There is more to come as we have a few features to submit over the next few months. Our next feature will be all about the Gorjuss Girls, they are almost ready and I spoke to MR GORJUSS to day and hope to bring you news very soon. But who will I have make up the next feature for Craft Stampers? By the time I see someones work it has been seen on the Internet and obviously they want "fresh" work. I will have to have a look around in the next few days, talent spotting that's what I will be doing.

Taste the candy





These lucky followers will receive some candy, I little packet of 4 stamps, two of which will be from the next new releases. Please claim you candy within a week by emailing your addy to info@sugarnellie.com It could be a busy week with so much artwork due to arrive and restocks being made for http://www.funkykits.co.uk/ a few magazine features due in to Craft Stamper and of course there is the mess of a flooded storage unit to be cleared out.
But today is my birthday and off out we have been invited to friends for a meal, our 5th night out and I am shattered.

It is nice to see so many of you over on SCS, I hope that you find lots of inspiration in the galleries

On a cold and frosty morning

The kids have come back into the house all cold with rose red cheeks,
what better than a HUG IN A MUG, hot chocolate all round.
This lovely card is from Tiets and it followers her sketch challenge over on www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com why not join in and give it a try?

Let the bells ring

Let the bells ring in the new year and out with the old................


to you and yours

First we wish you all good health ,without that we have nothing.

Second, we wish you a happy year with more tears of laughter than those of sorrow

Third, we wish you peace, a peaceful heart without any troubles or worries.

from all at the house of sugar


The frost is beginning to thaw, burst pipes flooded our old building, lucky there was no rubber in there, but plenty of soggy stock now going to the skip. The 300 cattle and sheep at home can now drink freely without my DH spending hours thawing out pipes. I hope that you are now frost free and dry :)

A big welcome to all who have jumped over from SCS to see what we are all about. It is very exciting to join you later today, time difference is working out 10am USA time, that's 3pm UK time but there are several time zone in USA, I can only work in Florida time :) Between now and then you have time to pop the roast in the oven for New Year lunch and jump into the sugar bowl to see the beautiful creations that the "sweetie" have created. Congratulations to all those involved with the http://sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com/ , it is fantastic ,thank you girls. The above card is one from Marlene but there are many more to see over on the blog.

I am so please that I feel a need to give away some sugar :)

So look out our followers, I am coming to have a peek at your blogs.