Ebay madness

It is with astonishment that we watch this auction site, mostly to stop infringement of our Angle Policy by notifying sellers that it is not OK to sell stamped images, most sellers comply, after all ebay take copyright matters very seriously and no good seller wants to be reported now do they?

But this week we watch with wonder at the people who have been buying up multiple amount of one of our Gorjuss stamps(maybe this is why it's always sold out) and are auctioning them off. How much do you think people will pay for something that, with a little patience, they can buy at a realistic price?

Patience, that's a hard one for most folks, its hard I know to have to wait for something that you really want, but I would never think about emailing Stephanie Meyers to ask her when her next book will be finished, where can I buy it, how much will it sells for in £'s, how long will it take to arrive by post............. all good things come to those who wait. {I am still loving her books second time around by the way}

My younger kids ordered games off the Internet yesterday and they both ran home from school to ask if they were here yet, patience, the order was only placed yesterday, but at 6 and 10 they just cant wait until tomorrow or the next day.

But I was please to know that it only took 5 days for a Funkykits order to arrive in Canada, that's great news,
but unusual. Netherlands has the worst track record for longest delivery times in Europe but they do eventually turn up.

I have a lot of new sneaky peeks to show you once I can protect the image with our logo, sad I know but it's better to protect now rather than have a repeat of the episode of a forum sharing our images for you to print as you like, not good.

Country Cousins will be online tomorrow, later on in the day, I know that there has not been a newsletter for a long time, but being short staffed we have to prioritise our work load for now.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, I have a function to attend, do you think I can take my book with me?

Country Cousins

Remember those adorable girls I teased you with some time back?
Well the good news is there are due to arrive this week and should be over to Funkits by next weekend.
There are also shouting for more stock of a few favourite stamps that you just cant get enough of! We will try our best to keep on top of it all so that what ever you are wishing for is there.

New art work from Leanne and Diane will also head to the factory this week and I know you are going to go crazy for these, I have to admit that the stamps designs just keep getting better and better, I am lovin' them all. I am so glad I don't have to choose which one's to have :)

As we try to arrange some changes to our set up in the HOUSE OF SUGAR, there will also be a chance for you to join our DT, we will spell out all the details soon, please do not contact us just yet, all will be revealed in the next few week. But with so many fantastic new stamps its is only fare to take the pressure off our two brilliant girls, Tiets and Marlene, and spread the sugar about a bit more. All good things with come to those who wait.

There should be a lot of inky fingers this weekend with gorjuss girls landing on door mats all over the world, I will be spending some time surfing blog land looking out for your sweet creations.
Hope your weekend was fun and that the week ahead holds some good things.

Best fishes

Marlene has been busy following the new challenge on the Sugar Bowl Blog, men & boys.Here she has stamped "Best Fishes" by Mary Hall, super card as always Marlene.

Jump over and see what's going on and join in the challenge and have a chance at a great prize. Gayle and the sweeties have been working hard and enjoying the challenge :)

ALL pre orders for Gorjuss girls set 2 have left the House of Sugar. There are a few "sticky" orders stuck in Processing as usual and I hope to attend to those tomorrow. Singles from set 2 will be available in about 4 weeks and more stock of set 1 are due to be delivered to Funkykits tomorrow. You can always check your order by logging into your account rather than emailing FK.

I have finished "breaking dawn" and now I am lost, I want more, how long do I have to wait for more, I cant wait, I miss them already and I only finished the book last night. I might have to go back to the start and read them all again, its a long long time since a book controlled me as much as these did. I need Edward and Bella like a vampire needs blood!

I have a few loose ends to tie up tomorrow and hope to at least see my desk by the end of Friday. I hope you have something good planned for the end of the week, some of you may have your Gorjuss stamps by now if the postal system has been kind to you, unfortunatly some countries take a lot longer to get to than others.


Sorry girls I have been AWOL, and I have emerged from the "twilight zone" long enough to catch up with emails and other important puter suff. But I will escape again very soon, as soon as I can find "Breaking Dawn", I will be lost in the pages of an old fashioned love story again.

Pre orders are flying out the door at Funkykits and they are on track to have everything shipped by Friday, thanks goes to my helpers Kate and Zofie, thanks girls :) To the girls at our small local post office who smile when I drop off our post bag and never complain about processing it themselves and save me hours standing weighing post.

A huge thank you also goes to our customers who have experienced a few problems in the last couple of month since Tracy's accident, we have managed to keep Funkykits open but have had a few problems along the way, small things but still mistakes, to all the stampers who understand our growing pains, a big thank you for you patience.

More more and a little more

Art work that is, there are more stunning Sugar Nellie stamps on their way.

We are delighted to have Linda's much loved characters Maggie and Hamish back, its been such a long time I am sure they will be new to a lot of our customers.

Leanne Ellis arty range, something a little different and appealing to many.

Diane Duda has her first range of stamps to be launched in a few more weeks.

Country Cousins, a total of 5 girls coming to you this month, many phone calls and emails about when these will be available, soon very soon.

Eva has drawn some cutie animals, simple but whimsical.
She has also been working on teenagers, something you all asked for and again we listened.

That's almost something from all our artists, the new Mary Hall and Suzanne Woolcott are both going well and I am sure there are many of you waiting for a sugar fix to drop in your letter box soon.

I will be back later with a few peeks and a chance to win some yummy candy.

Questions & Answers

Just a few Questions & Answers from over at FUNKYKITS

Can I order gorjuss set 2?
Sorry pre orders are closed, they will be available late May as single stamps. ALL pre orders will be dispatched over the next week with international orders going first in the hope that you all get them about the same time. If there was anything else in you basket it will all be sent at the same time.

When will the Country Cousins be released?
Sugar Nellie hope to have these with us for the end of April, but Hedgehog girl is being kept for the Autumn kit to be released late summer.

The stamp I want has disappeared, will it be back?
Yes, our web site hides things that sell out and we have to activate it ourselves, click on the little envelope next to receive an automated email when it comes into stock again, be quick as sometimes before you get there it may sell out, please do not reply to the automated email.

Why are large international orders cancelled?
The international postage rate of £2.45 covers up to a certain weight and insurance. If you order includes anything more than 10 SUGAR NELLIE stamps, it will be cancelled and refund sent via pay pal. We do not offer tracking numbers.

Can you add or change my order?
No sorry we can't. We can not access your wish list either.

I sent and email but have not had an answer?
We are very short staffed and answering emails comes after packing orders, its difficult to keep up but we are trying, but our priority is to send your stamps to you as quickly as we can.


On a brighter note I have been sending out all the candy from here, the challenge blog and SCS prizes. If you have not sent in your name and addy don't forget info@sugarnellie.com, only those who have won need send in their details.

I believe there is another show in England at Ally Pally this weekend, Imagination will have Sugar Nellies with them, stop by and say hello and admire the gorjuss girls along with some of our best selling lines. Here is the link to their new blog

Time flies

Time flies like a bird, before you know it, it's gone.

As we reach the middle of another month and as fast as I try I cant keep up.

We received a beautiful box of creations from Lilian this week, absolutely stunning, very generous.
A visit from a sweetie yesterday, it was nice to meet Judy in real life, and all her boys, four of them, all very good looking ;)

Some new artwork to bring a smile to your face some time soon.

I have been thinking about other things, the fundraiser, expanding out DT, winter themes for stamps, magazine features and sometimes I get to think about what I might have had for lunch if I had time and there was a choice:P

Miss Sugar Babe returns to Glasgow today, Miss Funkykits sits part of her driving test , I am grateful that our schools have gone back and that the other two are save and occupied all day.

So nothing too exciting in the HOUSE OF SUGAR planned for today. Final number for pre orders have gone to the factory and I hope to start sending out the international ones this weekend once we have everything else dispatched.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, remember that if you are an international customer at Funkykits that large orders will be cancelled and if your stamps are out of stock by the time you go back to shop again, there is nothing we can do, just remember to check out when you have 10 Sugar Nellie stamps and start again if you need a big sugar fix, two orders are better than one big cancelled one.
It is not that we don't want to send you loads of sugar its because of weight and insurance.

Bank Holiday Weekend

In England this is a long weekend off for most but in Scotland its only the banks that take these days off. The sun has been shinning all day we just need to get rid of the wind and it would be lovely here in this part of Scotland.

Still on my own at work, with the help of Kate between shop customers we were able to dispatch many but not all Funkykits orders up until 5th April today. I did stop and attempt to deal with emails but with 1500 still to go I gave up! I obviously need to make some changes there too.

Next week things will change and I will be able to continue where I left off with Sugar Nellie business back in February. It was a lovely surprise to receive an email from Leanne Ellis with a stamp design for our fundraiser, here is a peek of her donated design based on a very famous cherub.

I hope that whatever you and yours are doing this Easter Weekend that it provides happy times and chocolate.

Wednesdays witterings

I am home, I have logged into work and know that I have a manic few days ahead of myself. I hope that by the end of the week I have a new elf to run Funkykits for at least the next 4 months while Tracy recovers and learns how to do cartwheels.

On the brighter side, there are some amazing new design sketches on my desk, I am hopeful too that we see the return of Maggie and Hamish the much loved characters from Linda. There has been nothing new since last summer and we sure do miss these cute wee bairns.

We have an amazing value seasonal kit for you with the delightful Country Cousins.The artwork is lovely and something different from the other kits available.

The launch of Duda Daze line of stamps from Diane. I have hunted out a few alterable pieces that I have ear marked for these stamps :)

More from Leanne, Mary and Suzanne and just a fantastic line up of talented ladies providing us with quality art to suit a wide range of stampers, mix this with the talent of our Design Team, Marlene and Tiets and we have so much talent in our team.

Once I organise FK, I will be working on the fundraiser and already we have had a range of stamp designs sent to us by our customers and other freelance artist , I will be looking at these and answering emails as soon as I can. Your offers are all very generous and much appreciated.

But our lucky winner from yesterdays post is.........

PinkLadyMel said...
My fingers are firmly crossed.. you are so generous to offer these gorgeous prizes all the time. I can't wait to get my hands on craft stamper this month but all the gorgeous work on the sugar bowl should keep me going until then xx

Craft Stamper

It's that time again and CRAFT STAMPER has hit the shelves of all good news agents, and yet again another fabulous feature with Sugar Nellie stamps, the very talented JUDY LAING one of our very own Sweeties from our own challenge blog ( www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com) has done a fantastic feature with MARY HALL stamps and Basic Grey papers. Congratulations Judy a job well done :)

Mary Hall has designed a second set of stamps for us and they are now available over at Funkykits. Super cute kids who just shout out to be coloured in , great techniques come into play with such well illustrated and quality made rubber that has made Sugar Nellie stamps on of the UK favourite home grown brands.

To celebrate this second launch and Judy's amazing feature in Craft Stamper, I am going to give away a set of the six new Mary Hall stamps, just leave me a comment and keep your fingers crossed.

The sun is shining here in Glasgow and I hope your week is off to a good start too. Take care catch you soon.

See you all later

I am just about to jump into the car and go off for a few days, not sure if I will have Internet connection so here is a little post to keep you going.

Leanne Ellis "arty" collection will be with you soon, a lot of you are asking about these as they are more out of the ordinary characters, so as you wait patiently why not jump over to Leanne's etsy shop and see they wonderful things she as made. I am sure a lot of those will be gone by the time I get home but I do love them.

Sorry it looks like more sell outs over at FK, we do try each time to up the numbers of stock added but we have no idea how many of you are waiting for these sweet stamps. I dare not add only a few of some stamps as the automatic notification must go out to a lot of you, leading to it being out of stock again before you even get round to reading the email. Thing will improve next week, lots of rubber arriving and a few helpers in the house of sugar to work with me.

Ta Ta for now :)

The morning after......

In was a great party and the company was the best, the nibbles were amazing the buzz was electric and Funkykits could not cope with all the excitement and crashed. But nothing to worry about as the pre orders are open until 11th April, after that it will be late May before single girls are available.
After packing most of the orders today, we did a quick stock check and loaded up more gorjuss singles, new Mary Hall designs and the last batch of Elisabeth Bell Sweet Art Ebony stamps.

IMPORTANT: If you are an international customer, 10 is the maximum number of Sugar Nellie stamps we can send you for the given postage. Bigger orders will be cancelled and payment returned. A kit is 6 stamps.
There will be no orders dispatched from Funkykits until the end of next week. Tomorrow I am away for a few days. Enjoy your weekend.
Check out some more creations from our talented ladies. Here is my intro from last night
"I am very excited to introduce to you not only our wonderful Sugar Nellie DTMarlene http://mar1ene.wordpress.com/
But also three guests who have prepared gorjuss work for this launch party.Rachel http://papercraftsbyrach.wordpress.com/
I am delighted that these specially picked guests agreed to work with this second set of stamps designed for us by Susanne Woolcott http://www.gorjuss.co.uk/
Tonight I can show you what top secret project they have been busy with over the last week, and I am sure you will agree they are all different and all gorjuss."

Did you miss the party


Friday festivities

Friday festivities over on SCS begin at 8pm UK time, firstly I will choose a winner for the Gorjuss challenge that has been running over there and the winner gets a set 2 so no need for them to pre order :)

I will have to learn a lot this coming weeks, firstly how to load picture into posts at SCS, if I fail I will revert to showing you all the gorjuss girls here. Remember there is no hurry to pre order, they will not run out, we will make the numbers that Funkykits ask for once they close pre orders on 11th of April, you have until then to decide if you really really want them!

Today again I was over at FK but due to the amount of emails that have been backing up, I got no time to pack any orders at all. There are many many emails and it is not possible to answer them all, a full time job in itself, so please forgive us if yours is not answered or takes a long time to get an answer. I will be listing a page on FK for FAQ in order to cut down the shear bulk of email questions.

But tonight is party night and I am so glad the I can go to this party without the trauma of having to get all dressed up in something that my inner self believes is far to big and who's body is that anyway! Gone are the days when I could put on the high heals and glam dress, those days belong to my daughters.

Just time to prep a few things and make the dinner for the family and I will see you all later, 8pm

hope you are all having a gorjuss day!

Copic Markers

What do you think of these, we have some info coming in regarding stocking these pens over on FK, I am concerned about the RRP but will wait and see if we can get a sweet deal from the folks at Copic.

Getting ready to party tomorrow night, I have some amazing samples to show you. 8pm SCS Sugar Nellie members forum.

Funkykits will be taking a holiday next week, well when I say Funkykits, there is only me there at the moment. Any orders placed up until Saturday lunch time will be sent out Monday by the helper elfs *wink*, after that it will be Friday before there is anyone about to dispatch orders. I have a few little helpers who will continue to cut rubber while I am gone , so we will be able to re stock when I return.

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Tracy, she was there with me at the birth of Sugar Nellie and has had an amazing time in the House of Sugar as we all have, but her health means that she must hang up her fancy etsy apron and concentrate on getting better. Tracy is the only one I know who has ALL the Sugar Nellie stamps and some of them have never seen ink *shock gasp*, now is the time for her to put her foot up and take it easy. She will always be welcome back but only when she is fully better and can do cartwheels. She can enjoy the summer with her girls and with the youngest going to school in August, she may be practicing those cartwheels all July :)