Diary of a crafter

Hello from a slightly colder than comfortable, Sunday afternoon in Scotland.

It's almost time to close the web site, I just have to collect all the images and store them. I'm not looking forward to that but once x3 close, so do all their web sights.

Cookies still have not been made 🙄

I do still enjoy working with MDF and have stock piled some Christmas lines ready to do later.
This led to felt flowers which I have spent a great time making and teaching. I struggled with getting wording on to plaques and then discovered Chalk Couture & Magnolia Design Co. I'm not so patiently waiting for those to arrive, that's something completely new to me. I have three original cricuts but never really used them, I'm very hesitant to buy a new machine for that same reason, I'm too lazy to take hours to learn how to cut SVG files. In America they use the bigger negative piece and paint the words through the stencil but in the UK it's more the positive that is just stuck on. I'm happy to play with both because I ain't learning to had write on plaques .

I'm struggling to thread up my sewing machine, I have great plans to create an army of gnomes. I have been a busy crafter and collected up all the supplies required and made my own pattern , one day these may join the shelfs of other "kits" I have designed for sale on etsy.

There's no pressure right now to be productive for anyone besides me. I'm liking it.

I post the odd picture of the things I have finished over on IG - sugar Nellie , but that's about it.
Social media is clearly a full time job for some but I missed that boat long ago. Come follow me if you please, I'm not selling anything, just enjoying crafting like the good old days when it was all fun and no pressure.