One More Sleep!

“The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!”
I watch FAR TOO MANY musicals!!!

Hippety Hop starts 9am sharp....
Little pieces of rubber
on sale 10am!

One More Sleep.....but, whos' counting?

Gayle x

Sneak Week….The final day!


Yes, that’s right, it’s the final day of ‘Sneak Week’ …..

Did that feel like the quickest week ever???

Ah, it has been such fun to show you all of these delicious new stamps, and the exquisite samples that everyone has made!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those exceptionally talented ladies who have helped us out with our sneak peeks and who have made the most amazing creations for tomorrows release.

I am so very fortunate to have such a dedicated design team both here and at The Sugar Bowl!

With that said, I had better show you our last little sneaky sample……

Where do I even begin with this card? 

Our Sweetie Lilian has done an AMAZING job on this, The card layout is very simple but her colouring….WOWZA!!!!

As always, you can find out full details from Lilians blog

This gorgeous creature is called Heavenly Angel, and isn’t she just heavenly???

This little beauty and all of  her friends will be on sale at  Funky Kits TOMORROW!!!!

Yes, only another 24 hours to go…..ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!

Now, we’ve only shown you seven of the twelve new releases, so, to the mathematically minded amongst you, that must mean that you still have five to see……now, how will we show you all of those?
Oh yes…..


Be there or be square!!!!
Gayle x

Sneak Week…..Day 6!

Today I’ll begin by quoting Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio….
“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you”
Which of the stamps will you desire from the new release?
Todays sneak peek is another of our beautiful fairies….
Created by our very own DT member Mina, a gorgeous easel card in contemporary colours showcases this delicious stamp to perfection….you will find full details on Mina’s blog.
This little lady is called….
Wish Upon A Star
…and along with her other festive friends she will be available to buy from Funky Kits on September 1st!

Now whilst we eagerly await the release of these 12 delicious stamps, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that time is running out fast for those of you who would like to join our Design Team….
Yes applications close tomorrow, then I shall have the horrifically difficult task of sorting through the applications and making some decisions!
So…if you are swithering about applying it’s time to take the bull  by the horns!
You’ll find full details on this post here!
With that thought, I’ll bid you adieu until tomorrow when we have what can only be described as a ‘STUNNER’ to share with you,as our final ‘sneak peak!
Gayle x

Sneak Week….Day 5!


Day 5????
How, on earth, did it get to be day 5?
Ah, time flies when you’re having fun…..
I have had so much fun teasing you with our sneak peeks and from reading your comments, both here and on Facebook, it seems that you are enjoying our little daily reveals too!
So without further ado, I present todays little slice of deliciousness…..
Elaine 2
Our very own Sweetie (and bloggy blether) Elaine has made a fabulous card using this little beauty, she is called Knitted With Love, and will be available from Funky Kits on September 1st!
You can find full details of how this delicious project was created over on Elaines blog
Oh, how I love this little sweetie….the knitted socks, the knitted heart…..sooooooo very yummy!

Now, don’t forget, please do leave us a comment letting us know what you think of her and remember to join us tomorrow for our penultimate sneak peek….
Hmn…..what shall I show you tomorrow?????

Sneak Week…Day 4

Good Morning Sugar Addicts.

I'm sure you all know by now that on a Sunday I showcase the talents of a Sugar Lover but I'm taking a little break from that this week as we've got Sneak Peaks...and I know you are all eagerly waiting to see some new rubber!


I'm having a real hard time picking a favourite image...I just love 'em all and today's sneak peak is no exception.


This fabulous card was made by DT member Donalda.
He's a very sweet Santa with his sack full of presents ready to deliver to all the good little girls and boys.
Donalda has chosen the traditional red and green colour combo for her card. I just love the little Santa hat's perfect!
As always, you can find the full details over on Donaldas blog.


This image is called Old Saint Nick and will available to buy from Funky Kits on September 1st, along with all the other Jingle Bells and Tinkle Bells images.

My Sugar Ma'am Gayle will be back with another Sneak Peak for you tomorrow..I wonder what the next one will be? 

Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx

Sneak Week….Day 3!


Hello Sugar Addicts its Karen here,
 I sharpened my elbows and pushed my way in again,
 and you all thought that you had seen the last of me!

I have had a peek behind the scenes and the cards that the girls have done are "AWESOME",
yes that is an American word but you had better get used to those as they will be cropping up
more and more in my vocabulary
 as we spend  time talking wedding plans with Debbie's new family.

A family that does not stay far from Pat, our very own Sweetie from Richmond USA.
 You never know I might pay her a visit one of these years
 as I am sure she could show me where the best craft shops are.

Here is one card from Pat using one of our new stamps called
Hello Little Robin
and ain't she so "stinkin cute"?

A lot of detail in this stamps, but I am sure the sugar addicts can handle it.
 Pat has fluffed her up a bit and it adds a great touch to this beautiful card.
 A little glitter on her wings and some snow beneath her feet.
 There is a little bit of a snow flurry going on and the wind is getting up
but she still has time to stop and whisper to little robin red breast.
 She is all warm and cozy in her scarf and hat, knitted with love for this tinkle bell.

Thank you  Pat , you really are a SWEETIE,
 such a talented lady who I hope to have around for a long time yet.

So will anyone be saving their pennies for this sweet nugget of rubber?
Is she on your list or are you waiting until you have seen them all before
making your pick and mix selection?
Hello Little Robin


That's all for today girls and boys, join in the chat over on the Face Book page SUGAR NELLIES
 or leave a comment and tell us what you think,
you know I am ALWAYS nervous when I introduce new ranges to you.
take care

Sneak Week…..Day 2!!!

So…..what did we all thing of yesterdays little beauty?
Stunning, yes?
The unanimous verdict was to show you all one of the fairy’s yesterday, and so today, we’ve moved on to their festive friends……
This little beauty is made, of course. by our very own Tiets….her style is unmistakeable, so full of detail!
You can of course find all the details over on Tiets blog
Don’t you just love his hair? (mine looks like that most days!)
This delightful little couple are called ‘Christmas Garland’, and, like the rest of the Jingle Bells & Tinkle Bells range will be available from Funkykits on September the 1st!
Can I smell melting credit cards????
Ha, ha you ain’t seen nothing yet!
Wait until you see tomorrows……..I’d have a tena or 5 ready!
Gayle x

Sweeties and Sneakies!!

Today sees a new challenge posted on the Sugar Bowl blog. A sketch for you to follow and an optional theme of 'One for the girls'. As always, the Sweeties have a beautiful array of cards to inspire you, including our two new Sweeties Cathy and Fiona.

Lets start off with:
Cathy is a busy work-at-home Mum to 2 beautiful girls, Ellie and Beth, and wife to understanding hubby Dave. So understanding he purpose built a craft room especially for her. Cathy started scrap booking after Ellie was born and then moved on to making cards for family and friends.Cathy's first Sugar Nellie stamp was Hamish with his tractor and since then she has added stamps from every range.

And here is Cathy's first card as a Sweetie on the Sugar Bowl using the Sassy image Butterflies and Pigtails ( popular she's all sold out at Funky kits)
Fabulous card Cathy, beautifully coloured and such pretty papers.

Next up is:
Fiona but her friends call her Fi.  She is 40...ahem years old and married with 2 kiddos, one blue and one pink, Michael and Holly. Fi works in an HR department of a very, very large company. Fi  has been cardmaking for about 4 years after a friend introduced her to it when they were both involved with children's clubs and playschemes...and has been hooked ever since. 

And this is Fi's first card as a Sugar Bowl Sweetie using the Gorgeous Girls image Flower Girl.
Shades of pink and Kraft are a perfect mix and the image is so beautifully coloured.

Both these ladies are Sugar Addicts to the bone and are a fabulous addition to our team of Sweeties. Please pop over to their blogs and give them a big, sugary welcome.

I'm sure there was something else that I was supposed to write about today? Hmmmm....I'm thinking...thinking really hard...what could it be?
OK, OK, stop hissing at'll get your screens wet and not be able to see this...

Have you been counting down the days to the sneak peaks? How many days to go now? None? You sure about that? OK, enough teasing I'm just being cruel!
What you've all been waiting for, may I proudly introduce the first of the sneak peaks...

This perfectly sweet image is called 'Hello Little Friend' and will be available to buy on Thursday 1st September from Funkykits. (along with lots of other gorgeous new images!)
Thank you to DT Maya for creating such a beautiful card. You can find additional details on how she made this card over on her blog.

Stripey socks with jingle bells, delicate, floaty wings and a too cute bunny...what more could I wish for?
Well just wait and see what tomorrows post brings! Another sneak peak of a totally different, but equally as gorgeous image. Same time, same place tomorrow..see y'all then!

Thanks for looking
Love Elaine xx

Oh come all ye boxes

There is defiantly the sound of badly sung Christmas songs in the air, or is it the sound of parcels being ripped open with such speed as a 4 year old on Christmas morning. Boxes Boxes and more boxes, the tables in the class room are stacked up, even the sofa area in the store has no where to sit down. They are arriving quicker than we can open them and that's saying something.

 All the oohhhs and mmmm, that's pretty, keep one for me, did we get enough for a class, where did you find these......

Yes its very much like Christmas........IN AUGUST!

Our stock levels in the store are at their highest in September, with seasonal demos and classes kicking off right at the start of the month and there is something going on nearly every weekend. We all have to work our pixi stock off at this time of the year and right until November before it clams down again. All that goodies have to be unpacked, priced and put on the shelf's. OH NO THERE IS NO ROOM LEFT AT THE INN CRAFT SHOP!

So I am off to work again to help Kate clear the floor before the UPS man calls again at 3pm.

Mark goes on holiday at the end of the week, this will not effect dispatches but I doubt anyone will answer emails while he is enjoying family time. He is super organised and is ready for the new release, JINGLE BELLS & TINKLE BELLS next weekend, all he is waiting for is rubber.

Happy Birthday Katie, "Miss Funkykits" is now 20!  Have a great day dolly.xoxo
She is living in Glasgow and waiting for her big sister to fly home tomorrow from another luved up visit to USA and Canada. I might need them both home next week to cut up rubber and pack orders while Mark is on holiday. So a couple of embarrasing photos of the birthday girl just because I am a wicked mother.


The big tease starts on TOMORROW, until them HIGH HO, HIGH HO, ITS OFF TO WORK I GO......

(now girls no cheeky comment about which dwarf I am :p)


Choices Choices…….

I have lots and lots of exciting choices to make…..
What will I show you on ‘Sneak Week’ and what will I save for the hop?
Which delicious characters to show first?
Will it be the mysterious striped sock beauties?
Or will it be their fun festive friends?
Which of the amazing samples shall I show here?
Yes, that’s right….
The samples are ready to be admired, my DT & Sugar Bowl Sweeties have been very hard at work preparing a whole feast of Sugar for your delectation
You could become part of our next launch if you become a member of our design team...
I’d  like to remind everyone that the DT call closes next week, you can find full details HERE, so please don’t miss the deadline as that’s another decision I’ll  be making very soon!
Well, as it’s only 2 more sleeps until we start revealing all….I’d better start making some decisions!


Do leave your comments telling me….what do you think we have in store for you and what would you like to see first?
Gayle x

pointer #2

WOW, that got a lot of brains ticking over and many of you left me private comments,( i did skim over them all but will go back and read them all from start to finish,) between those and the comments of the facebook group, a lot of questions and relevant point were raised. Here is one I would like to answer.....

"how can you tell some one is over committed", good question, some girls don't work and have many hour of crafting in a week, but I will tell you that the way I can tell is the quality of their work, simple really, if they are hashed their work suffers, its easy to tell the difference between a card that has been thrown together to meet a deadline to to fill a post on the blog against a card that has been made with thought and love. I spend so many hour blog hopping in a week I'm cross eyed by Friday!

BUT there are many girls out there that handle everything fantastically, I don't know how they do it, I admire their work and their ability to give 100% to all they do.

I have seen it more times that I can count, artists and crafters take on too much and the work that made them popular suffers. When looking at a new blog, I go beyond the first page, when you work backwards its easy to spot a shift in style and quality of work.

Another pointer was regarding members of our own DT's, well as you know Gayle has just started the hard job of captain and I am sure there will be many changes as soon as she finds her feet. At the moment the DT are all busy with the next release but we hope to have a fresh start with the addition of some new team members, new rules, contracts and many deadlines very soon.
Our girls will have to work hard and for that to work they truly have to LOVE our stamps and commit to us and we intend to commit to them. We have a fantastic team but we all need a change now and then and I agree once your heart is not in it, its time to move on.

But for some fun, how about you mark in your calender and join in the community spirit for which Sugar Nellie is best know for. Find us on Face book; SUGAR NELLIES group or "like" our page SUGAR NELLIE, or just hang about here and see what goes down. Better put the kettle on while we wait because its

What do you see, knitted socks with bells on and fur trim. Oh now what could that be?

off to work now, catch you later
take care


Sugar Addicts Showcase Sunday.

Good Morning Sugar Addicts.
Yep, it's little ole' me and I'm back with another very talented crafter to put on a pedestal and shine my spotlight on, and today's lovely lady is none other than my Sugar Bowl  Sweetie sister Erika.
A little background information in her own words first:

My name is Erika and I'm 42. I live on the North East coast of Scotland I am married to Nigel with two boys, Nathan aged 12 and Callam aged 7. I work part time as a demonstrator for Personal Impressions and cover the North of Scotland area.  
I love getting out and meeting fellow crafters and on the plus side I get to play with lots of lovely new yummy stash. I am also very lucky to call the House of Sugar my "local" craft shop!

But what Erika hasn't mentioned is that she passed a screen test recently for QVC!!!

So, this is the gorgeous card Erika sent for me to show today:

This jolly chap is Santa with Tree from the Home Grown range. I love this Christmas card and those fabulous rich reds Erika has used. (OK, Erika, you can write my name in this one please ready to post closer to the time!)
Of course I picked some more cards off Erika's blog to show you...

I chose this one because I simply adore this pretty colour combo and Erika's fab handmade flowers. This perfectly coloured image is Summer, available as a digi.

A gorgeous Christmas card..I picked this one because Erika says she doesn't 'do' pink and girly, but this card proves that Erika does indeed 'do' pink and girly most beautifully! Plus I love the image Furry Friends.

And just to prove my point here is a pink and sweet baby card using the digi image Bambino.
Fabulous colouring and perfectly embellished.

It just wouldn't be right if I didn't show you a card made with a Sassy image, now would it? Me and Bella Bunting are bestest friends, I love this little lady, and I know this card is one of my Sugar Ma'am Gayle's's a gingham thing with Gayle :)

Last but certainly not least is Honey Pip. I love these pretty colours and the soft shades on the papers, and the little ruffled ribbon near the bottom.

Erika makes cards in lots of different styles from the pink and girly ones to the more grungy style so it's always a pleasure to peak on her blog and see what she's been up to, and  they are always beautifully coloured.
Please pop on over to her BLOG and say won't be disappointed with her vast collection of cards and projects. must all be eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new RUBBER from Sugar Nellie..yes? Of course yes!
It won't be long now and believe me when I say that these new images are more than worth the wait!
Now poor Karen has had to sit on her hands to stop herself showing you these new stamps, she's just itching to let the cat out of the bag, but Captain Gayle says no because....

YES! Next Thursday Gayle will be starting a week of sneak peaks, something to whet your appetites and get you whipped up into a rubber frenzy! So watch this space....

Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx

DT call*pointers

 Hi sugar addict hope you are planning a great weekend, they come around far too quickly and don't last long enough. I did a little crafting last night with my nesties and some beautiful but expensive prima flowers, stunning they were, just need a sentiment and they are finished, not a character stamp in site but I like to craft too.

But Gayle has asked me to keep posting WITHOUT showing you peeks! 
 DAM you know I want to.
I aint allowed to show you the sweet rubber that we have planned for you because the team have all been organised to run a build up to the blog hop, it will all start with Elaine next Thursday,
so until then you still have me :)

Most of you know now that Maria and Gayle are dealing with the DT and any new members and guest that are required are down to them. Sometimes circumstances change and we have a members stand down and if we have a short list of girls we have admired we contact them. Other times there is a call out which is primarily to find new blood, maybe someone who has a new style, outside the box, a new face to Sugar Nellie and maybe some one completely new to the sweet stuff.

One thing that crops up time and time again is that a crafter might just be what we are looking for
BUT, and its a big but, bigger than mine ;)
she is over committed.
Please think carefully when you choose with DT you join, I know some of you think its an honor to be asked and yes it is, but if you don't LOVE that stamp company, leave it alone, your are judged on what DT you accept and being on too many will stop offers coming in from others, others that might be more you cup of tea. DON'T collect DT like brownie badges, you might miss out on a gold star because there is no more room down your side bar/sleeve. Challenge blogs are great, if you join a team and enter your card with their stamp onto a challenge blog its all good advertising assuming that the challenge blog is not brand exclusive.

I am a stamp tart, its true, there is no shame in it. I have watched the stamp market for 11 years and there are many great stamp companies and there are stamp companies that have artwork that I personally, would never pass as good enough.
 I know its personal taste and any of you that have met me know that on a one to one basis I will hold nothing back in telling you what I think of the choice out there.

BE fussy, BE choosy, your time is precious, your papers cost you money, I have seen girls struggle with DT work and magazine work because they HAVE TO work with stamps that do not inspire them. It's hard to be motivated if you are not in love with what you have in front of you. It's OK to say "no thank you" to an invitation because collecting DT badges which you are not 100% in love with, drains your creativity, your supply of stash and your chance for better things. There are only 30 days in the month, being on the SN team will each into a lot of those days, and if you have multiply teams to provide work for you might find yourself running out of days or worse still not meeting deadlines, miss postings and letting your team down. When given a DT position your are promoting that company, altho I agree that you  need variety on your blog I would expect to see each brand showcased on an even basis weekly.

Conflict of interests, this is another point we have to take into consideration. There are more stamp companies out there than there has ever been, the last 4 years has seen an amazing amount of new cute stamp companies and some play in the same field., we have the same following and same customer base. We are essentially all competing for your custom and as there is more and more choice and less and less disposable income we do stand on each others toes from time to time.

 I personally do not think its good to "share" DT members, conflict of interests is the way I would word it. This rules out some amazing girls which we would love to work with us but unless they want a change sides, I don't see them offering to swap teams any time soon.
So we are still searching for new team members BECAUSE we need talented and motivated girls who can give our stamps the inky love they deserve, a prime place on the front of your cards, blog post and challenge entries.

This summer there was a slight change in how I go about finding super cute artwork and I am so excited with whats around the corner, these stamps are AMAZING and I love them. I know you will to, I am so sad that the captain will not let me show you but I am also sure that the girls are all pulling together to create lots of yummy sweetness that will temp you  to  play with our team yet again.

Tinkle bell fairies with knitted sock and bells on the end
Frog and bunnies
freckles and frilly skirts
cozy warm knitted hearts
garlands of love and mistletoe......

Keep watching,

( if you need to leave a comment for my eye's only just pr fix it with PRIVATE, I am always keen to hear your point of view because you are good enough to listen to mine.)

Something for the weekend

To make way for some super new Sugar,  I am offering you for this weekend only,

Not 10, not 15 but 20% off all Kanban AND Inkadinkado stamps.

       So go on treat yourself and make some noise....

They are only there for this weekend before they flutter by...

So hurry to Brush up on your collections...

Or you will wonder why you didnt...

                                                          xx         Funkykitman

Let's Go To The Hop..Oh Baby...

Gosh..that's a very old song, released by Danny and the Juniors well before even I was born!

September sees the release of some new images, which Karen wrote about in THIS post. Now I know that the images are Top Secret and are kept under lock and key down the Sugar Mines until the release date, but I will let you into a little secret...they are FANTASTIC!  My little piggy bank will have an empty tummy as I know I will have to buy them all. 
So..are you all coming along to the hop? It will be fun, fun, fun and the DT have been busy making awesome creations to showcase these images.

But before I get too carried away with the thought of new Sugars I wanted to show you some cards from over on the Sugar Bowl made with a few of the images from the last release.

Christmas is peeking over the horizon, it will no doubt creep up on me when I'm not looking! But some crafters are more organised than I am and have already started on their festive cards...

This beautiful entry to the Sugar Bowl challenge has been made by Karen using the image Furry Friends. Cool blues are always a favourite of mine and Karen has chosen bright shades of blue which are a fab contrast with the white.

This image is Snow Buddies and this is Connie's fabulous card. Again following the theme of blue, but Connie has opted for paler, softer shades of blue.

Vicki has teamed her blues with brown to create her sweet card using the image Special Delivery. I adore this colour combo!

This next card is from the latest set of Sassy stamps.

Debbi has used the image Strike A Pose to create this awesome card. The navy against white is very striking but just look at her hair!! Wowzer..I love her hair. Do you think I'm too old to get my hair dyed that colour? No, don't answer that...

Shazza used the same image but chose a pale blue and pink colour combo and delicate shades of blonde for the hair. A totally different look to Debbi's card but equally as beautiful.

There is still almost a week left to get your entries in, so come on..join in the fun and let's get to the 100+ mark again.

My Sugar Ma'am Gayle is looking for some new faces to join the Sugar Nellie DT. For all the details please see the post HERE. Being on the DT is a fun and fab experience plus you get to play with new Sugar before anybody else does! So if you fancy a place on the DT then go and read the post and join'll never know if you don't try!
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx

Knitted socks

While Gayle is busy with the DT getting all the lovely creations ready for the blog hop, I thought I would nip in and tease you, oh you know how you love it really!

Whats coming?

The girls have a hop at the start of September
where you will be spoilt for choice in sweet rubber yet again.

There are tradition Christmas/Winter characters
 and a new range which we have chosen to name
"tinkle bells"
these are delightful fairies with knitted socks which have bells on them!
Yes you heard me right,
 its sounds an odd combination but trust me when I say these are beyond cute.

Knitting so so IN, with an influx of new magazine coming out where they promote, all crafts, re-cycling and re vamping old things, knitting and crochet are back in fashion again.
I currently have the following on my coffee table
Mollie Makes
Simply Homemade
Maybe we can have some little stripy stocks with bells on knitted for the launch.?
Like these ones  from Penny

but with bells on the end.

Hope you have a warm and cozy day, might have to put my socks on again as its turned a little colder here in the NE Scotland, the combine went into the field yesterday but Mr Farmer is not too happy looking at the forecast. Just as well I am back to work this week and keeping out of the way.

take care

Sugar Addicts Showcase Sunday.

Good Morning Sugar Addicts.
Yep, it's Sunday again..boy don't these Sundays come around quickly or am I just getting old??
So time to shine the Sugar spotlight on a very talented lady...Astrid, who makes the most gorgeous cards.
But first a little background information:

I am 51 years young, married to Bert, mother of two lovely children, Elisa 17 year and Colin 15 year.

I can't remember when I started making cards, that's a long time ago, for the last 3 years I am totally addicted to scrapcards, that's my favorite thing.
Since last year I make cards for a magazine here in the Netherlands, HobbyJournaal, I have to make each month 3 cards, so they can publish them.
I am a staying at home mother, so I have a lot of time for cardmaking :)

Now Astrid sent me not one card but three!!

This card uses the Sassy image Team Spirit from the latest release. I simply LOVE Astrid's style of cardmaking. All the layers and different embellies that make her cards and projects so detailed.

This stunning card is made with the Sassy image Apple Of My Eye. All those layers would leave my simple brain in a right muddle but Astrid seems to create these multi layer cards effortlessly.

Strike A Pose has been teamed with pretty pinks and kraft..a match made in heaven! I love the soft and delicate colouring that compliments the papers perfectly and all those layers and embellies!
As always I had a good dig around Astrid's blog to show you some more cards.
We can all can see that Astrid loves the Sassy range of stamps so...

...I had to show this one made with the very sweet Cherry Pip ( sorry, she's all sold out at the moment but will be back in stock very soon) I love these colours and those papers are divine, I shall have to go and find where I can buy me some of those...oh dear, I feel another paper addiction coming on!

OK, can you tell I love those papers ha! Another gorgeous card using the Sassy image Romantic Dreamer.
And finally a festive card...

Using the Sassy image Christmas Kisses. I have these papers but I don't think any card I made would turn out so beautifully!
I love all Astrid's cards and her beautiful projects which you can see HERE on her blog.
All perfectly coloured with layer upon layer of gorgeous papers and the prettiest of embellishments. Please pop on over and say hi to Astrid, make a cuppa first as I spent hours looking at all her gorgeous creations.

Many thanks to Astrid for allowing me the pleasure of posting just a few of her cards here today.

Before I leave you in peace to enjoy your Sunday, my Sugar Ma'am Gayle is on the look out for some new faces to join the Sugar Nellie design team, you can find all the details on THIS POST and you have until the end of the month to send your details through to Gayle.
Now I'm off to colour up a little Sugar :)
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx