Paper Couture

WOW paper roses, flowers and butterflies.
Got to see the AMAZING samples that DCWV have on their stand at CHA.

Paper and fashion go hand in hand the team at DCWV have excelled themselves with several stunning dresses. Now if you are looking for paper shoes to match, look no further than our own Marlene.

I really am into hand made flowers at the moment, it's the one way to guarantee it matches your papers is to make it out of said papers yourself, it's also far less expensive, there are some amazing ready made flowers out there but some are more than a  £1 each and would you ever have the colour you needed?
I have a few dies to make my own and punches but I see a new trend in dies which again are aimed  at the lazy crafters amongst us but are so worth it IF you stop buying ready made and do it all by yourself. LOL

The rest of the week with see some samples from our DTg and our DT have  also been busy. I have some peeks to show you and you know how they come with candy, so pop back later but for today I am switching off and having my breakfast. Hope Monday is good for you and special wishes to my pal Gayle who needs a break or she might just be fitted for that straight they do hats to match?


Sunday Spotlight

*Good morning Sugar Babes* shouts that out in her best Good Morning Vietnam voice.
Sunday, such a short day with so much to do. Yesterday I had to work the store and I had a quiet day with few surprises, we had a visit from Dawn Bibby, Tina, Paula & Linda from Inverness and our local queen of hats Lorraine. No matter who they are ,or how ever far they have traveled its a delight to see happy crafty people. In the summer we get a good few international visitors seeking out the home of Sugar Nellie and I think its time we put up a map in the shop to see where they have all come from.

Sunday spotlight, today I choose ebay, its an amazing place, almost having a car boot sale/mart/auction all to yourself. I tend to search two things these days, Sugar Nellie and Hanglar.

I was amazed and delighted to see one hand made card made by Bev sell for almost £40 and with anther one using Picking Apples looking like it might get higher bids. There is so much work in this type of cards that its lovely to get a realistic reward for all the time spent on them. find it much easier to search OOAK, one of a kind, that would be an original made once card, that's what I look for but mostly over on

As most of you know we no longer sell stamps from Elizabeth Bell, but I now know where to send crafters when they phone up asking for a particular stamp from this past range,  go to ebay.

A gentle reminder, it is NOT OK to sell stamped images, this would be in breach of our Angel Policy, we do watch and report sellers that cross this line, sometimes with pre warning other times we go straight to ebay.

Selling hand coloured images is allowed and seems to be very popular, leaving me with the option to make them available as colour images as discussed before the release of Simply Adorables. I would never have believed people would pay more than the actual cost of these images just to have one coloured. Crafters are forever surprising me with their choices. Please  if you are selling these topper make sure that each one is hand colour.

So today's crafting diary has me headed over to facebook to the SUGAR NELLIES group to see the new challenge but first I had better go do the breakfast dishes before its time to cook lunch!.
Have a lazy day

Something for the weekend

Hello Sugar Addicts, it a quick post from me tonight as you have all kept me very busy this week and I really am ready for the weekend.

We have new product overdue so I can't tempt you with those so I have decided to put all the Sugar Nellie stamps designed by Suzanne Woolcott in our 25% off sale.

There are 18 stamps in total in this range, make sure you have all the girls you could want for especially now that they are so much sweeter in the sale.
{free post and packing of UK orders over £25}

Have a great weekend
Funkykits man :)

New Challenge Is Up

Its MARLENE'S turn over on the Sugar Bowl to set the challenge this time, number 52. Its a real easy sketch so everyone can dig out a sweet Sugar Nellie stamp/image and colour it up. ALL the girls over in the bowl have done a fantastic job creating inspirational cards for your enjoyment.

Marlene's stood out for me firstly because I love this stamp design by Kathy Hare, this little luvvy is called WORRIED but you so want to give him a cuddle. Marlene has made a card which leads me to ask, "how did she do that?", now I don't often ask myself that, maybe a trip over to her blog will enlighten me as to how she created that effect.

I have a mini reunion in Feb with Marlene and Erika down at NECC for a class with Tim, the Florida girls get together again, but we are just missing one........................mmmmmmmm.

SO with a new challenge over on the bowl, (links to go on the right bar) and there are to be TWO winners this time around. There will be a weekly challenge over on Facebook too, so those sweet stamps are going to be well inked and much coloured.

Have a good day and special wishes to Casper who has had such a hard time lately and I hope it all turns out the best it can, take care sending you hugs.

Oh Betty

Artist Betty  has been given a whole new lease of life by Juls.
 I was sent both of these and could not choose
so I will spoil you and show you both. This little girl is just a must for busy crafters, there are so many
ways to use her and one day I will do the project I have in mind and shock you!

A huge thank you to the girls from the Simply Sassy blog for an amazing and inspiring blog hop and stamp launch yesterday. You sure do love your Sassy girls.

A delivery of rubber arrived yesterday so I had better go get the scissors out as Mark is shouting for more Simply Adorable faces and other top ups.

All candy has been posted so look out lucky winners, sweet stuff in on its way.
Customers in USA can see deliveries return to normal after the night mare before Christmas, something about parcels landing in USA were sent on my road and rail rather than air due to a security alert.
And if you look at a map the USA is huge, how long by road do sacks of mail take to find there way to their destination...........far too long. Even here in the UK it can take 7 days and we are only the size on on American state!
Good news from Marks is that the final few late packets are arriving covered in customs label's and packets sent last week have already arrived quickly and safely.#

Kettles on time for a quick cuppa and then time to cut up the rubber.
take care


A little exercise

Ok so its not ZUMBA but I have a little exercises planned for you all today, so do you warm up stretches and grab that bottle of water here we go..............crouch down...............and hop to here............look out for candy on your way around, keep you head down and keep hoppin gall the way around.

Once you have done the circuit and are feeling rather puffed, stop a while and get your breath back before you take the rest of the day off.


Monday Musings & DTg

A stunning set from Juls

and its easy to see that Fi loves these stamps too.

Gemma has made a beautiful card using FAITH in rubber
I hope you feel better soon Gemma, and stay off the haggis!

and also the love of Leanne Ellis designs shines in this card also by Gemma.

Our DTg are doing a first class job of making inspiring projects, I am really pleased at all the work they have done. Please visit them for more detailed pictures and information, i am sure they would love to have you come see them on their own blogs, maybe take the time to leave them with a sweet comment as they are all new to this DT game and are a little bit excited as they should be. :)

Candy time, sorry girls I don't know how to get the random thing to show here, as much as our dear Donalda tries to teaching me long distance how to do things by email, I just cant get the hang of somethings LOL

But the number pull up were 32 & 87
congratulations girls if you are our winner email Mark with your address and he will send you something sweet in the post. Please claim within 7 days.

I will be bringing you some ideas from our DT later in the week but tomorrow the SIMPLY SASSY DT have their first blog hop, they girls have worked really hard to put together a hop for your enjoyment and I do hope you will support them in taking time out of your busy day to pay them a visit, I know there is lots of sassy candy to be had so don't miss out.

Any news from me................yesterday I did not get to my crop but spent the afternoon colouring in new stamps for display at Glasgow, I enjoyed my hours with copics and its very therapeutic to just sit and colour.

Today I am in HOS, and I have sent a lot of plates to the factory, more than I usually do in one go, so you know there is a shed load of rubber to arrive in the next 2 weeks, which ones we will keep for Glasgow and which ones can go over to Funkykits I have not worked out. I will have a pow wow with Mark later on and see which ones he thinks should be online first.
Mangas.* Country Cousins.* Mary Hall
22 news stamps to arrive some time soon :)
which will be your favourites?

time to put the kettle on, anyone got cake?

Simply Golden & Candy

Here we have gold embossed card from Gemma, she has done a wonderful card using one of the new Leanne Ellis arty stamps. I lot of cutting and double sided foam pads has resulted in a simply stunning card.

I hope that after seeing what a classy card Gemma made she has inspires you get your top boss out and embossing again. Visit GEMMA for more pictures.

I hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend, I am off to a 21st party and tomorrow a local crop, so some crafting may be done!

1500 followers, wow that's a lot!
I have  little candy bags for TWO lucky winner
So if you are a follower and have a sweet tooth, enter here

Something for the weekend

I hope you can see this "cool" cards from the very talented Kathrin, I have been having problems with pictures. I have learnt recently that I can just copy and paste them rather than saving the file and then hunting thought 1000's to find it to load it on to blogger,
 but there have been others time when even loading the file does not work.
Oh the challenges of high technology!

Pop over to the Simply Sassy blog and see this and other great cards,the girls are planning a hop with the next release but postal services overseas has been really slow since the start of December and its still not running as it should be. This is the hold up, the good old post office, Mark is sitting with set #4 ready to go but we will wait until the hop, patience is not something I have much off.

Mark has a day off,so there are no offer today, there would have been the launch of Simply Sassy set #4 but I just explained that. He has also been waiting for a delivery of some UK made dies to tempt you into making your cards in different shapes, those may be with us next weekend, fingers crossed.

ATTENTION Scottish Crafters, its official, we will  be at SECC in Glasgow this March.
I said I would never do a show again, but all the lovely words of encouragement and offers of help have swung my opinion around. Thank you all for your kind words, emails and Facebook chat. I have myself some students lined up to man the stand to take the pressure off and some "celebrity" helpers coming and going as four days is a long long time to stand and talk about Sugar Nellie.
I still have to put a rubber order into the factory but today ventured to the pound shop to look for stacking baskets of which I need many. no joy today but they are due in again soon.
Which stamps to take, oh my, this is where I get a little lost. Then I have to hunt down samples for each stamp. The time is going to fly and with all the other things going on I will be sweating buckets (is that a good weight loss programme?)..............Casper, you easy find me this time.

I would like to come back tomorrow with some candy for followers only so lets see us hit 1500 sweet followers and I will give away some rubber :)

Lovely in lilac

Fi has submitted her first card as a DTg, I am really pleased, this card is truly beautiful and lovely in lilac.
This Simply Adorable is a stamp and you can see how well it is coloured.

Here is a peek of another soon to be released Simply Sassy from set #4.
Pop over to there blog and see what the DT have been creating for your pleasure.

I am late posting today but we are upside down and inside out at the HOS, if you are on FB you know that
we are planning a few shows this spring and as scary as it is, we have a lot of work to put in before we are any where near ready to take Sugar Nellie on the road.

So pencil me in for the Glasgow show SECC March 3-6 and maybe
Sincerely yours if they get back to me before I get cold feet.
Now as I don't sit with lots of stock made, I need to think what ranges to take, order the rubber, pack it up, find sample cards for each stamp and make all the rest of the signs...............I might have bitten off more than I can chew!
*deep breaths,stay calm*

Wednesday whip round

A first card from JULS as a member of DTg, here she has used the stamp of Faith along with some lovely spring colours. I do see a difference between rubber and digi images of these SIMPLY ADORABLE'S, and of course the digi's are very much dependent of your printer and settings. A big thank you to Juls for sending me this, I am sure she has many more project on her blog, pop over and give her a warm welcome to the Sugar Nellie Family.

A peek from ALISON of one of the new SIMPLY SASSY stamps which could be available this weekend.

And a stunning card from JUDY using the new arty stamps from LEANNE ELLIS

Remember that all our DT have links on the right. Along with the SIMPLY SASSY BLOG which is just buzzin with great ideas and projects, the girls are doing a brilliant job of managing the post and project between them under the watchful eye or Maria.

I notice our followers us up to almost 1500, WOW I can not believe that the ramblings of on dyslexic Scottish wife is of any interest to anyone while less that amount, you must all visit for the beautiful cards our team make inspired by the  amazing artwork our artist produce, or is it the bad spelling that gives you a giggle now and then?

It is a long time since we gave away some candy but as soon as that number reaches 1500 I will spoil you a little :)

keep inking

Tuesday Tutorials

I am sure by now you have been across to the Simply Sassy blog and seen the amazing project the DT have put together for YOU!
Tracy has done a very pretty creation with a  Martha Stewart around the page punch set. I know this because I have similar project being demonstrated in the HOS on 12th Feb, along with a great  deal on around the page punches ;)
If you cant wait or its too far to come visit us, here is a link to how this is achieved by StampARTic

And today you need to hop over to Jacqui's blog and see how to colour your Simply Adorable's, thank you Jacqui for a great step by step.:)

Thats all folks, as bugs used to say, take care and stay safe.


Monday Mutterings

Remember that Simply Sassy range now have their own blog and DT, this week they plan some peeks of the next set #4 of these much loved designs > Sassy Blog

Monday again, I have no idea where the weekend went, but I am back to work in the House of Sugar, I need to give a shout out to Jean at Busy Bee crafts in Woodhouse who was ever so patient with us this morning while placing her order, those local to her store will see some sweet Sugar Nellie stamps arriving in a few days. We don't do much in the way of wholesale, most stamps are made to order and with Funkykits taking most of our stock we don't need stock room space much, just me and my desk :)

So while chatting about things with Mark we are delighted to see that you are lovin the Simply Adorables, both in rubber and digi, only the faces are in rubber and the detail of the figures was lost when scaled down for a rubber stamp. I have had a word with the artist who designs these, she is amazed with your colouring skills, yes she does secretly travel around blog land and see what you all make of her designs. The faces in rubber are almost sold out over at FK so we need to get those back soon and also make a few more of the other favourites.

Packaging need re doing due to a typo, yes it's not a spelling mistake this time LOL

I was delighted to see that 5 out of 8 WOC DT girls used Sugar Nellie for their work, thank you girls it lovely to see that you think highly enough of our designs that you use them to show case your beautiful cards.

back tomorrow with some more mutterings, take care and keep inking.

Sunday Spotlight

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We all love a challenge for many reasons, first it take away endless minuets thinking and deciding what your going to do. Save time and follow the sketch, may be it is a colour combinations which might be something you struggle with, they challenge you to do something that fits the brief, it may be out with your comfort zone but that's a challenge in itself. There is the added bonus that there is every chance you can win as the choice is random and not judged. A little prize now and then is very much appreciated, not that anyone needs more its just nice to win, therefor the prize is usually not of great value but its the taking part that counts, right.?

Which challenge?, well if your in it to win it, you go for those unknown challenges that have very few entries, the odds are then in your favour. Or you could go for one which is based on a brand , there are plenty of those.

 But there are many which are not part of any business, just a group of crafters that have put together something for the love of it and gathered up sponsors who donate prizes in exchange for a little publicity.

Let me count the ways.....................there are 100's of challenge blogs, all over the world, and as I said earlier, my trip to Russian blogs opened my eyes as to how there are trends in different parts of the world.
Which challenge to enter, that's a choice that only you can make.
We have our own challenge blog as you already know, but occasionally we will sponsor something that compliments our brand and in 2011 I hope to strengthen our ties to other products in the craft world.

We have taken a sponsorship spot over on Fridays  Stamp Something and I look forward to seeing your sweet cards being entered in their challenges. :)

Leanne Ellis

Congratulation's to ALISON on her fist project as a member of our DT.
Super classy gold embossed images from our collection of designs by

These images are perfect for embossing and we are doing an embossing demo in our store soon, everything comes back into fashion again and heat emb, has not be wildly popular in recent years, I am now seeing some stunning simply work done on the blogs.

You will have to go visit Alison's blog and see more detail, I wonder if she explained how she made the candle?


A few of the stamp companies have had reports of "naughty goings on" with a blog in Russia, firstly thank you all who reported it, I know other companies have been trying to contact this woman too. But the up side is I have spent many hour on Russian card making sites and it was refreshing to see a different style to what I am used to. Sometimes a change is good and I hope with the variety of DT and guests that we can cover lots of different styles of card making. Today Alison has stamped her style and I look forward to seeing much more from all the girls.

have a great weekend


New Blood

I had a lot of girls comment in private regarding the opportunity to join the DT as "new blood", I really need to think of another tag to attach to these girls.

I was on the look out for a crafter who showed original style, a nice blog with regular craft postings and was not already on any DT.

 Out of those I found, the choice was hard yet again  but I found more than I needed and wondered to myself how I could justify giving several girls a chance. SO I ended up with the idea that these new girls would be given half the rubber that the DT get in order not to push them too hard { its no fun when you have to provide work and your are overloaded with commitments} and give them a months guest DT spot to see how they get on and to share out the rubber the best I can.
So I will refer to them as DTg and post there creations here to see how they get on. It has been one of my more pleasurable points in this business to watch artist and crafters grow and bloom. Its sad that I loose them when more opportunities are opened up for them but its a "mothers pride" moment to watch them move on. I want to give this chance to others, I cant do it for everyone but I would like to try first with these girls


Congratulations girls, email Mark  with you names and addresses and he will send out your DTg rubber

I have a long list of others that I will try to get around to this year at some point but that's it for now.

I am working on more Simply Sassy's and Mangas at the moment, these should be will you in the next couple of months. I also have other completed artwork that need attention and consideration, oh what a hard job.

For those who are local to the HOS I have some dates for your diary

*Saturday 15th Feb we have our very own sweetie Erika coming to demonstrate in store for Personal Impressions, that's the  UK's biggest supplier to store of Martha Stewart punches, Spellbinders and some super classy clear stamp set. 10-4pm

* Kate starts her evening classes on a 25th  Jan : Tuesday nights 7-9pm phone for availability 01343 548864

*beginners classes on Saturday to fit demand £10 date TBA

* 19th  Feb ;Birdhouse class inc stamp set 11-12 and 1-3 class £18 samples in store

* Sugar Nellie craft day, 10.30-4.30  Saturday 27th Feb £25 more details

*New craft club starting in Kinloss , Sunday 6th Feb 1-5pm. £3 do your own thing in the company of crazy likeminded crafter

If you have a "class room" available for event hire in Scotland, drop me a line as I am scribblin in my diary all the sweet event we want to do this year out and about :)


Challenge yourself




Gayle and her sweeties have done another amazing job in inspiring you to create a card to match a sketch.
Jump on over to the Sugar Bowl and see ALL the card the girls have made and join in the challenge, go on I dare you! You have two weeks to do it and if you can not make a card in that time you need to hang up you tote bag and retire LOL

Erika used a Simply Sassy stamp, there super sassy stamps have not their own blog and DT, don't forget to visit, not only do they have a GDT shout but candy to give away, hops and tutorials. Don't miss out.

Gayle used Dougal from the Soft Centre range in Home Grown Dept. Dougal was my fathers dog, a springer spaniel who passed last year after a long and easy life. Spaniels must be one of the most family friendly dogs there is out there and my kids never got a snarl from Dougal even if they did deserve it.

Marlene used one of the new SIMPLY ADORABLE digi images, she is lovely in green, such a beautiful card but then again its Marlene, need I say more ;)
I had a little look on ebay today, watching out for my other indulgence in rubber, and took a little detour and searched SN, and WOW what can I say, there are loads of new Simply Adorable digi's used on cards for sale. Maybe I have underestimated this range, I know its far more artistic than anything else we have and these take far more time to illustrate so I will have to consult with the artist if we can have any more. The girls over on FB say yes they want more and its been less than a week, but then again if you find something new you luv, there is never enough is there?

I just realised that those three cards are from the Florida crew, no favouritism intended but these three girls do all hold a special place in my heart, such a great week,special memories, girly fun,
 I WANT TO DO IT that rrrrrong? xox

Working from home

I have not cleared out my office at the HOS yet but this week I have been working at home, its hard to be disciplined while in the house as we get a few farm visitor calling in and having a cuppa, deliveries and collections and the phone, its always ringing too. So as I sit on the couch with my old lap top, I can do most things as long as I am warm, the coal fire is on and so is the TV, oh it a hard life right enough. LOL
DH walks in now and then and asks if I am moving at all today, "just to keep the washing machine going" well if I get to the bottom of the washing baskets I will be doing well with that alone.

(I think this card was done for us my Karen Bruce, using one of the older Soft Centres, Porridge the pig)

Today I will most likely work on packaging, watermark images etc. I don't know much about DTP and would struggle with anything new, I can do what I do but not much else. I have it on my list of things to learn along with better photography.

I have sketches for more mangas and Simply Sassy's too, over on Facebook they are all in agreement that the we should release more Simply Adorables, its only been a few days and already you are looking for more LOL

If you want to apply for the Simply Sassy GDT you need to go over to their blog and apply, that's not my department. I am still looking for "new blood" and I have had a good few of you ask, I am still thinking but it looks like I am going to have to have two, would that be greedy?


Guests wanted

Hope you are all busy inking up and colouring in :) Remember to visit the Simply Sassy Blog and read what Maria and her team have to offer a GDT. Also Tracy has kicked off with some inspiration for you all.

If you don't have your challenge card in to the Sugar Bowl, time is running out and the prize was doubled for their second birthday. Thats £50 worth of prize x 2 !

So what happened to blogger last night? Was it just me or my computer but my template went wacko and I had to revert back to basics. So today I will spend some time putting up links etc but what happened? Was is Gremlins in the system?


Soft Centers

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail and not his tongue.

sorry to hear your under the weather

 A Birthday wish to one sly old fox
Old owls never die, they just don't give a hoot.

These are the four new SOFT CENTRES that were added to this popular and well loved range. The first Soft centres were released some time back at SECC in Glasgow,
 but continue to be a firm favourite all year round.
I am sure some of you have
Custard the cow
Porridge the pig
Cheddar the mouse etc etc

you will find them all in HOME GROWN

When I see any sketch or stamp I always think to myself "what can I use this for" one way is to figure out what saying you would use with that stamp, what springs to mind when you first see it. You need to think of multi ways to use a stamp to make them work for you.

Monday was a busy day cutting up more rubber to fill the order from Funkykits, we make everything to order and for now we are a little behind in keeping up with Mark.

Thank you to the girls who have left me private comment regarding new blood, there were a good few of you so I may have to go back over and look at them all again and take my time looking.

Catch you all later as I have been out all day and really need to go and do a little washing or we are going to be running out of clean socks ;)


Sunday Spotlight

I am lucky to have met Alison at the SECC in Glasgow a few years running, that first time we had a stand was exhausting and much that kept us going was the enthusiastic sugar addicts that came along to say hello.
Ali was one of many who have followed Sugar Nellie over the years and her support has meant a lot to me.

 That year we met a very excited Gayle who went on to manage the SUGAR BOWL challenge blog and one of her sweeties is Alison, who has now been given an "in house promotion" to the Sugar Nellie DT, big cheer as I know she is super excited by this new challenge if not a little bit nervous, you have nothing to worry about Alison, your work is inspirational and I am happy to have you as part of our family.

Here are a few of Ali's sweet cards....


Congratulations Ali, you are the reason why I luv WOW cards so much and I look forward to seeing what you do with your DT stamps which should be with you in the week.


I am now looking for new blood, yes that vampire fetish I have requires that I find new virgin  blood, a crafter who is not part of any DT's, completely new and refreshing to the eye. No top blogger's  but just someone who loves the hobby and deserves a chance to shine. Leave me a link as a comment and I will go and have a lookie, you can pre fix any comment you leave me with the word PRIVATE and I will not publish it.

Hope you all had a restful Sunday, I myself are still tiding up after the 12 hour marathon party, I also need to do a supermarket run so we have something to eat tonight and cut up more rubber for Monday morning for FUNKYKITS, I can see by there site that some of the new Adorables have sold out in rubber, just as well digi don't sell out. :)
I am loving seeing the new Simply Adorable digi image being made into cards so quickly over on the facebook page, girls you are all so fast with your crafting and such beautiful cards too.

take care

STOP thieves!

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to email about "copy cat" images. It is something that we have to deal with more often than we would like. The market is so saturated its hard to come up with something original, I understand that , often things are close without any bad intention, but its another thing to take a stamp desing and re draw or just copy it and claim it as your own, we once had a UK digi site where the woman just re drew our stamps, badly, and sold them on. This does not only happen to us but many of the other stamp companies, we try to protect the a hard work of our artist buts its so hard when someone breaks the rules and totally ignores you.

Sadly its mostly found on digi sites beacuse they have very little costs, some people are not beyond buying one image and then re selling it many times over, as there is no hope for these people, I can only hope that crafters are smart enough to see them for what they are, thieves, and stay well away from them as it would reflect badly on an honest crafter to be seen to use STOLEN/COPIED images.

I have in the past named and shamed those who do things on ebay, not only selling stamped images but CD roms of stamped images, this is so wrong and deserved a good slap.

WARNING: If you did not draw it, do not claim it as your own and try to make money out of someone else's work.

ALL stamp companies have policies, please read them carefully.

on a lighter note.............

Its true, they are kicking me out of the house of sugar, I am to strap my desk to my back, put my computer in my pocket and clear out of the office I visit on occasion. As I work more from home these days and with the weather causing lots of problems especially regarding keeping warm, we have had a chat  about it and I am clearing space so that classes can move back from the shop floor to the "class room".

Its much easier to keep a room warm and cosy for classes than trying to get the heat to stay in the shop and not fly out the door. We are also on the look out for a new local tutor/Demonstrator/shop DT super crafter to fill demand for classes and to make wonderful sample for the store. If you  are local and have nothing else to do on a weekend LOL drop me a line with a link to your blog to see your work or pop into the shop and see Kate.

The winter weather is having an effect on lots of things, today I received a card posted on the 15th Dec and its only just arrived, this card only traveled a few miles. I am hearing a lot of stories about international mail still stuck in the back log that was caused  not only by closures over the holidays but because of the transport grinding to a stop all over the UK, no trains, no planes and so many roads were closed for days!

Today, Saturday I am playing "farmers wife" and stuck in the kitchen making soup and other warm and filling foods for a group of all male shooters who drink far more than they eat. Once I feed them all I will make my escape because the quality of conversation is far too much for me to take even if its only once a year!

I hope your weekend hold something more exciting than mine. Take care and stay warm.


Something for the weekend?

Running a little late today as I have been busy getting all the new stamps loaded on to the web store

Today we have new digi stamps from the SIMPLY ADORABLE (free post on all digi stamps)
but also the girls are also available along with others in rubber here

New Soft Centre's perfect for men's cards, welcome Dougal, Donald, Red and Oscar.

Leanne Ellis has a great selection of  NEW arty stamps here

have a great weekend

Sassy DT

Krista, the very talented and lovely artist behind the SIMPLY SASSY STAMPS
  has a sale of artwork in her Etsy Store
these would look amazing in your craft room :)


Hello friends and fellow stamp addicts, I am again running late but I do have lots of good excuses that I will not boar you with.

Simply Sassy stamps are taking on a life of their own and I asked Maria, one of Gayle's sweeties, if she would like to head up a DT just with these designs, without hesitation she said yes and we have got a great group of girls who are going to inspire and teach you lots of sassy tips and tricks.

So without further ado, lets introduce the new SIMPLY SASSY BLOG


Busy times

one adorable card from Judy

and another from Donalda

As today was the first day back at work for most of us, I did not get to the HOS and I know that Mark was super busy packing up the holiday sale orders and getting those off in the post. His next job is to get those adorables online for you, we have waited a long time from these, I first had a peek at the sketches back in the summer, remember the summer, no I don't blame you either can I!
I expect there to be a large delivery of rubber waiting for me when I eventually get to work late tomorrow morning. So as soon as these are packed Mark can have them too.
That makes Funkykits a busy place again this weekend with not only digi's,{ an instant sugar fix }
but also Simply Adorable faces & Leanne Ellis arty stamps
ooppp lets not  forget four new Soft Centres for all those men's cards and more :)

Tomorrow we launch the new SIMPLY SASSY blog and the special DT who will inspire and teach
you lots of new sassy styles. If you would like to know who's a sassy girl, come back and see us tomorrow.
Until then take care and keep inking