Mary Poppins

Good old Mary Poppins, everyone has seen it, and you can all sing out loud
"a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down"

Yipe, today UKS is ill!

A lot of you will be totally lost with out it , so I will dish out a spoon full of sugar to one lucky girl, lost for something to do, post a comment and open wide.....................

WARNING this medication has some side effects, may cause lack of attention to anything other than whats on your craft table. Do not use heavy equipment while on this medication, hoover, cooker and washing machine are a definite no go areas. Do not share you medication no matter how much your stash junky friends plead.
Be very careful when using with stazon ink as sniffing will result in a permanent black inky nose.!

Sorry girls its taken me a while to get back as I am busy, yes its getting closer and we are just waiting for Nellies to arrive back from the manufacturer.
But one more CANDY BOX is going to..........................................SALLYH. Well done Sally it will be posted as soon as we get them home.:)

Sugar shortage!

Are you all out of sugar?
In need of a sweetner?
Low cal and easy on the hips, unless you sit crafting all day!

A wee bit more candy from the Sugar Nellie sugar bowl.

So whats in the candy boxes other than a Nellie stamp?

"A little bit or this, a little bit of that" (name that song)

New papers from Daisy Bucket, Primas and sweets from Making Memories, some sweeties from the sugar bowl and any thing else I shoose to fill up the box with :)



Clara some sugar coming your way, be good to my little baby and I hope she travels well, all that way to Canada.

Its a boy

Eva had a little boy last week called Jed, congratulations to all the family and we hope to see a sneeky peek of Jed soon.

Hello Maggie!

This is MAGGIE, she is the delightful little girl who lives in wellies by day and bunny slippers by night. This range is designed by Linda Andreu, our new Scottish designer. We welcome Linda to the sugar bowl and look forward to seeing the first run of stamps from Linda in late November.

Fish on Fridays

Yes a bit old fashioned but fish on Friday is a tradition in some households. For us it was fish and chip by the sea watching for dolphins, but not tonight.

One little NELLIE is looking for new home some where in the world, if you were to win this NELLIE, what would you serve for dinner?

What do little girls like to eat best? I will give you a's not fish!

STOP!........................aww this little darling is going to Germany to eat fairy cakes :)
Congratulations Shary.

Pens at the ready

I am often asked "how do you colour in your stamped images". Thats an easy question, I am happiest with brush markers but have been also using water colour pencils for years.

But I love my blender pens, it makes the colours softer and shading easier. If your are finding it hard using the pens, go back to pencils, dry or with a wet brush to blend.

To show you this, here are two pic, one with a blender and the other, well you can see for yourself!

Whipper Snapper Stamp , thanks to Megan the youngest DT member at age 5. The other one is by someone a wee bit older!

Spooky Goings Ons

The shops are full of Halloween and I love to visit Florida at this time of the year, burt not his year, i am home alone as all my little helpers escape for the holidays with their families.

We did have one witchy maggie on the drawing board but knew it was too late to do Halloween or Christmas stamps this year. There will be plenty to choose from next year with the offering of another new range too :)

So what can I do to cheer myself up, maybe a sneeky peek of Maggie this week, this range is designed by Linda in Scotland, I think you'll love Maggie, Hamish and friends.

Give away some more candy? Yipe I can do that.

3 down 9 to go, only one little boy left so we will keep him for later. Today, Monday I have a darling girlie who looks a bit like my DD but Nellie is far better behaved!
Who has space in a tidy craft room for a little darling ?
And to add a bit of fun to the comp, where would her new family be taking her on holiday next year, will she be well traveled? Jet set or home bird, what are you?

From the tickets in a bowl, we have Janine, well done Janine, you new little girl will be with you some time in November, you had better get another stocking for Christmas!

Fun on a Friday

What fun will today bring you?
Good lucky to Eva today as she may be having her baby induced, we all send her our best wished and look forward to a real baby next week.
But I still have a few sweet sugar babies to give away.
Now I did not watch Pirates of the Caribbean, its was a big hit, and followed by a few pirate based papers too.

So lets give away our PIRATE today, along with some Rusty Pickle papers and some embellishment too. What name would you give to our pirate boy, answers on a postcard please, no lets save the stamp and leave a comment. Good luck me hartys!

STOP!...................I have drawn them from a bucket and this time its
a UKS member...............................ooooooooooooo........................................well done Ali M :)

but I did enjoy reading all your posts LOL

Sweet Sugar Nellie

Who would give a home to a sweet little girl, shes no bother at all, just stamp her gently and lovingly colour her in, she comes with her own papers and embellishments. We have one Sugar Nellie to give away today, is there any room in your house?

Just a quick note that these stamps will not be available untill November. Just in time for under the Chrsitmas Tree :)

STOP! this wee girl is going home to......................drum roll please.......
...Deborah lucky ducky:)
{2 down 10 to go}

Hello I'm Eva

Dear crafters.Here is a short message to introduce myself . My name is Evelina Wikberg, most people call me Eva. I am from a small town near Stockholm in Sweden. I am a freelance illustrator and have been for several years. My previous work include amongst other things mural art, t-shirt design and album covers for musical artists. I am currently making designs for rubber stamps called Sugar Nellie. I am very excited about the forthcoming range, since before now i have not been able to get into this business by my own, since I am a at home mum of two, and have not have the capital to do it myself. It has been a new experience for me and a bit nervwrecking but after reading some of the comments on the blog I am delighted and very flattered that my designs are being likened to those of established designers. I must stress though, however, that I have been an illustrator for several years and my designs that I am using for Sugar Nellie are not new. I have used simular designs in previous art work. The inspiration for the Sugar Nellies are taken from swedish traditions and fashions, but most of all I use my children as a source of inspirations. These stamps are very special to me, as they are being released, I am also due to give birth to my third child at the beginning of november, so it is all very exciting! There are 12 images being released initially, and I will welcome your comments when you see my designs in full. Thank you for taking time to read this message and hope you enjoy the new stamps!


Jag heter Evelina Wikberg, men mina vänner kallar mig Eva. Jag är uppvuxen i Bålsta och Eskilstuna. Jag är en freelance tecknare och har gjort detta jobb i flera år. I tidigare arbeten har jag bland annat gjort väggmålningar, t shirt design och illustrationer för musik album. För tillfället designar jag för Sugar Nellie. För mej är helt underbart att jag nu kan göra dessa Sugar Nellies och att folk nu ska kunna använda dem. Jag har försökt att öppna mitt eget företag i flera år, men det har varit svårt när man jobbar hemma med två små barn att försörja, och jag har inte haft kapital till att öppna min egen firma. Men nu är det möjligt och jag kan inte vänta!! Men jag måste tillägga att dessa Sugar Nellies är inte nya. Jag har varit tecknare i flera år och har använt liknande profiler i andra projekt som jag har haft. Jag tar inspiration från svensk och finsk tradition och mode. (Jag har halvfinsk men född i Sverige.) Mest av allt får jag inspiration av mina barn. De första Sugar Nellies kommer ut i november samtidigt som jag ska föda mitt tredje barn, så allt är väldigt spännande för mig. Det kommer vara 12 olika Sugar Nellies som kommer ut först och jag välkomnar alla era kommentarer efter ni alla har sett dem. Hoppas att ni tycker om dem!

talking Twelve

Twelve months in the year.
Twelve days of Christmas
Twelve Sugar Nellie's
Twelve goodie bags

One for each Sugar Nellie, each one a different theme.

To start the blog candy roll, I will send one lucky crafter , where ever you are in the world, a pack of lush papers, embellishments and a stamp of "Lucas" the little boy in the sneeky peek.

This goodie bag will be sent out as soon as we have the stamps, yes that's right your get him before he is even on sale. Lucky lucky you.
Just leave a comment on this post and wait and see. LOL I know how you crafty girls love to wait :)

STOP no more comment please..................drum roll.............

Lucas is going to stay with ...........lythan
Sweetheart, I dont know you so leave another comment with your email on it (all comments are private and I will not publish it) Go get the spare room ready for this very special little boy :)

Want some candy?

In the run up to our grand "opening" we will be giving away some blog candy. Snoozle and you'll loose, so dont go far away and come back soon to see whats going on and being given away.

Also today we hope to have a new range from a Scottish artist, so for now I will tease and tell you that Maggie and Hamish are so cute and cozy all dressed in woolie jumpers and wellie boots, a bit different from Nellies but adorable. And then there is Angus...............

what a week

I have been blown away by the intrest shown on UKS, USA and Europe in the last week, my day is not long enough and the clock just moves too fast. There are so many unknow things to sort out that I will be glad to see our Sugar Nellie Kids arrive in the warehouse. Eva is busy drawing more designes and we have had another designer offer us her brand new range of designs too.

I trimmed down the range to 12 darling kids and I need to produce these and find out what you think before I do anything else.

I have also made my mind up regarding how this stamps will be sold, I am going to start with bare rubber, un trimmed. This gives you the customer the choice to add ez mount and trim again. It also is a big factor in the price, staying in the UK makes a big difference to the RRP and I want to keep this as keen as I can. Untrimmed bare rubber may not suit everyone but for starters, this is what we will offer.

October Offerings

What will October offer up to us? Sugar Nellie will have samples made to check the quality of the stamps made in the UK and then we are on a roll. These little darlings may be ready to ship at the end of the month but we will have to wait and see, yes I know its one thing crafters can't do, wait that is!