Cyber Police

I want to say a big thank you the the girls who take time to tell on naughty crafters, some people just cant help being naughty but when it spoils thing for other then it is just not right.

I have said enough about the angel policy before and not to condon selling stamped images but now I hear that crafters just lift the pre coloured images from the web site and print it to make their cards. These naughty crafters should be ashamed to promote cards on their blogs that they have "made" when clearly they stole the image. Shame on you and if I receive a tip off to a naughty crafter I will link to them and let them show the world how "crafty" they are. :(

Gladly they are few and far between and we are surrounded by lovely Sugar Babes who have enjoyed the open forum for the last week. I have decided to leave it be for now as it does not look like our new home is ready yet. There are a few candy prizes to be given out and a swap to complete so for now it stays. Needless to say Hanglar Stangar news will be here and in the forum.

Thank you all too for the many emails we receive, we do not have time to answer them all but try to bring the information you want here on the blog. Thank you girls your support and humour is very much appreciated.


Anyone going to say hello to us at the SECC in Glasgow this tattie holidays?
We will have a small but sweet stand at the Creative Stitches & Hobby Crafts show on from 23-26 October.

Thanks for all the comments, yes it was a last minuet place, some else pulled out.

No we will not be anywhere else, sorry but Glasgow is three hours drive and that's the only reason we are going. I am hoping that the boss with show face and help out too.

I am not sure what ranges we will be taking, Elisabeth has some new ones on the drawing board, it would be fantastic to have something new to release at the show but time is always the enemy. Hangar & Stanglar stamps, if I email or phone Marie anymore I believe she might have to get out a restraining order :).
So what do I take................Maggie's & Hamish as Linda lives not far and my pop in and say hello. Christmas Santa's and snowmen, yes.
Marlene's Halloween creations along with the stamps would make a great show piece. Erika's samples from Craft Stamper along with the boys stamps too.

This list is getting long already!

more cake?

Happy Birthday Tracy
Funkykits number one sugar slave
hope you have a gorjuss day

Shrink Plastic

Have you ever played with shrink plastic?

Here is one that Marlene has done and added to her bag charm, its so cute.

Marlene has been busy with beads and you can see all her creation over on her blog (link to the right). i love the angels too, they are heavenly :)

Karen where are you?

We have a lovely customer who call at the Papercrafts Store, if you remember the beautifully coloured Ebony cards last month?
Karen works up in Inverness some half hour drive and in shear panic sent Bob, her very obedient other half, into the store to get some Christmas stamps yesterday. As I handed these over I did say "she's the first to have these you know as everyone else has theirs in the postal system" I checked her blog last night and this morning, expecting the first creations with the Christmas nothing!

So if you are reading this Karen, on your works computer (naughty naughty) I am a bit deflated that you took time to eat and sleep after a hard days work and not to stamp and create? I was sure you would be the first online but something more important must have come up last night!?:P

ETA: Karen has the flu and not up to finnishing her cards, get well soon and we will be looking out for some fabby colouring in on you blog.

But I will be watching to see who has the first card up with the new stamps........who will it be?

He it is, glad you are felling better Karen and thank your for treating Santa so well :)

Snow business

Well it looks like we have a lot more Snow Folk than Santa's. There are only a few more Christmas stamps to come, a couple from Elisabeth too. You can catch all the new designs over at Funkykits.

We are having fun with the Letraset Pro Markers along with Prismas and water colours and enjoying the challenge of colouring with a different medium, we hope you are too. Its just "snow" much fun :)


It is the first day of Autumn here in Scotland, and with that I have been playing with the backgrounds again. This is about as much as I can do as I was never meant to be too technically challenged.

Over in the forum things are getting a bit busy, I know that the time differences around the world make it hard for everyone to be online at once, but the forum will be open for the next week to let you get to know each other and visit blogs and see what each of you create with your sweet sugar nellie stamps.

I have seen so lovely autumn themed cards, using beautiful printed vintage prima flowers, I love the warm colour of browns and greens and I must make time to make a few cards and send them "just because". You don't always need a reason to send a card and with so many beautiful cards on you desk, its a shame to leave them there when they could be such a nice surprise to a friend when she opens her daily post. SO make that your challenge for today, pick a card and send it to a friend in the post....................just because you can.

Come on over

Shania Twain is thee best woman to start a party, everyone up and dance.............

Come on over---come on in
Pull up a seat--take a load off your feet
Come on over--come on in
You can unwind--take a load off your mind

because we're HAVING A PARTY

but this party ain't just for this party is for you and YOU and you :)

so come on over to

totaly fat free but very sweet

WOW just look at this cake, very fitting for a cyber party, and totally sugar free for those of you who get a little too high with too much sugar! It might be sugar free but it is oh so sweet, thank you Lim for sharing this with us its an amazing piece of work. Visit her blog to see the all the tiny details

Birthdays galore

Lots of creative people are celebrating birthdays around now, Tiets is on 20th and Marlene is also a Libra as is Tracy over at Funkykits and Sugar Nellie blog is this month too. I had to trawl back to see that the first SN stamp to be sold was on the 8th November. So all in all there is a lot of cake around this month.

So how about a birthday do you do that in cyber space?
What do we need, cake, bubbly an a little more cake please.
Presents, yes every birthday involves gifts....................but its better to give than receive and they presents are coming from us and we are giving them to you! Pretty pink presents as sweet as sugar candy all wrapped up with pink ribbon :)
Cards, how could I forget birthday cards.

I am off to write out the invites to the the sweetest party with the most yummy cake. Catch you soon, don't miss it :)

Now which cake shall we have, OMG I am in heaven, take a look at these.....

looking back

I look a wander back to the start of this blog to see what changes there has been in the last year, the build up and the sell outs as new ranges were released, all that sugar................
Take a wander back to the beginning of our story and see the adventure we have had in the last year.

One thing that surprised me was that a few of the early pics of cards were from Marlene and Tiets, wow, I cant even remember that far back and it shows that those two have been with us from the start!

heres a few "oldies".........

Winter Nellie

Its cold today in Scotland and I doubt if its going to get any warmer. But here is a sweet card to warm you creative hearts. This is winter nellie and one of the first ever stamps. Thank you to Deb for sending this in, she is lovely and we love the winter green colours.

Sneeeeky peaks :)

It's "snow wonder" I love to colour in Sugar Nellie stamps, they are the sweetest stamps, lovin' these new designs, just looking for some patterned paper to use u,p as I am sure I have some about!
Colouring in ideas.............................stickles or some glitter, and a white highlight pen, and while your there you might as well get some "puff" for snow balls. I will be tempted to get some "bling" in crystal or what about red for those holly berries . I have come over all festive and just cant wait to get started. Pencils at the ready, gather up those patterned papers and be creative with us.

Sweet Sunday treat

I have been doing a little bit of blog hopping today and found that you can add sites to you favourites and we have some followers on this blog. That took me to Heathers blog

and I thought that she deserved a sweet treat this Sunday for her lovely cards on her blog.
Something sweet coming your way Heather.

I am also looking out for winter themed cards using Luca & Winter Nellie also Maggie and Hamish. Send me a link to you blog post if its OK with you to feature them here. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

Competition time

We here at the sugar warehouse feel that our blog does not look as good as it should, no one is blog savvy enough to do anything about it but we thought that one of you girls out there would like to do it for us :) how about a little competition?

SO if you are good with computers and would like a bumper lot of Sugar Nellie Candy, we will give the winning entry one of each of the first release of H & S Stamps. Make us a new fabby header for our blog and send it to

You may have noticed a new back ground, this will not necessarily stay as we will match it into the header once we choose one. I was just playing around :)

spooky goings on. Sweden. H & S Halloween stamps are on the web site which are available to Sweden and Norway click on Styckeförsäljning to see the new ones

These will not be amongst the stamps made for Funkykits.

But we do have a Halloween kit of our own.

and our creative design team have done some fabulous cards with this set. You can find Marlene's projects in the next issue of Craft Stamper sold in WHSmiths.

Here are a few from of Tiets

Sweet Sugar Unifroms

We received a parcel via customs today, its the new aprons when we are at shows and demos.
Go have a peek at these funky aprons :)
Every domestic goddess should have one.

ETA: you all asked which one, well I could not make up my mind but we have 4 in total, cupcakes, ice cream , cherry and a patterned one too. :) very sweet they are.

Yippee Marlene

Granny came in today to say that she had found a magazine in the newsagents with Sugar Nellie's in it. Granny does not craft at all, but she does help out cutting up rubber and is often asked by callers to her house "what are you doing, what is that, what do you do with it?, so now she says that now she will show them the magazine when they ask.
I asked her which mag ..................Craft Stamper!
Well I know that Erika had a feature with boys but I had not seen Marlene's feature with Elisabeth Bells range and it was fabby.
Well done Marlene, you did great........again :)

Needless to say, Granny took it home with her but I must try and get my hands on one for myself.

AND I was also talking to the girls at Craft Stamper secret :)