Day Three; Simply Adorables;  Faith Grace Joy and Verity................this is Verity.

I have scheduled these post because my routine is up in the air during the holiday. But you should be reading this on Hogmany, if you are out partying tonight or curled up fast asleep like me, tomorrow will be a brand new year.

Happy New Year to you and yours
and I wish you all good things for 2011.

Joy is just adorable.........

Day two: Simply Adorable's: Faith Grace Joy and Verity.................I think this one looks like Joy, she is just adorable, this range was so easy to name.

Question for you, is there a market for them already coloured? Our artist has coloured these in beautifully, is there anyone out there who would want then ready to print?

New Simply Adorable's

Thank you all so much for caring, Donalda's daughter emailed that surgery went well and she is now in recovery. Tanya, I am not sure about giving out addresses, let me check with her first, but its a lovely thought and I am sure she would appreciate that you are all thinking about her. I am not sure how long she has to stay in hospital but I am sure as soon as she can she will email me.
Before going into hospital Donalda  found the time to play with this Simply Adorable digi image which will be available for an instant sugar fix over on Funkykits once they open again. There are four girls, four faces and four figures, only the faces are available in rubber as well as digi.
Just waiting for the factory to send us some new rubber and we can get back to normal again.

The girls over on facebook group {sugar nellies} helped  me choose the names for these adorable girls.
Faith Grace Joy and Verity.

Our very best wishes


Our very best wishes today go to Donalda as she is due in hospital for major surgery.
Donalda has been there for a lot of us, leaving praise and encouragement. She must be one of
the first international sugar addict that stumbled on this little Scottish stamp company over 3 years ago.
She is a true treasure and a delightful friend.

Today is a big day and I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the best of luck
and hope for a quick recovery.


My oldest daughter goes back to Glasgow tomorrow but the weather here is better, the snow is melting and
the weather man does not say its coming back anytime soon. Today is my Mothers birthday and she left my home on Christmas night with my other two  daughters who I have not seen since!  So time to wrap up a pressie and venture out the house to deliver birthday wishes and collect my youngest child.

No matter what your plans are today, stay safe and have fun.


Please Welcome

I am Maya, a 35 year young girl ;)
I live in a small village, called Gausdal.
It is nearby Lillehammer, Norway.
Here i live with Morten and our 3 chinese crested dogs :)
I work full time as a hairdresser and naildesigner.
I started making cards in 2007,
and love every minute of it!!
Making cards and color in images makes me happy :)
Hope you will find some inspirations here :)

Hugs from Maya

We are delighted to welcome Maya to the SN DT, I am sure she will bring many wonderful creations to inspire you to ink up and colour in.

We have lots of new stamps to launch but due to problems at the factory with sub standard rubber, add in holidays on top of that, we are now at least 3 weeks behind and may only have new digi available at the start of the year. We need some extra time to get our sweet rubber out to the DT and give them time to play with them too.

I also have a new blog and DT for SIMPLY SASSY to tell you about, but that's enough for today.
If you are hitting the boxing day sales remember that Funkykits has a great sale on now.



With a heavy heart we say goodbye to DENA as she leaves the SN DT after a fantastic 18+ months of making beautiful samples with our sweet stamps. Its time for her to try something new and with only so many hours in a day, something has to give, we are honoured and spoilt to have had Dena work with us and wish her all the best with her future crafting plans.

I reminder of all she has done for us


We are also saying goodbye to ELAINE as real work gets out of hand and her craft time is
nil at this time of year, I hope all settles down for you Elaine and you are welcome back any time.

But with each goodbye there is a hello, I keep a little list of crafters that offer to join the DT
 and when a space opens up, I go back to my list.
 I sometimes find great crafters but they are so over committed to being on so many teams I have to pass. As I say all the time, there are only so many hours in a day and when crafters take on too much work it becomes a chore not a pleasure, I have seen this so many times.
Be careful what DT's you commit too, it may be stopping you moving on more than you know.

This card is by Elaine and the stamp is Outdoor Adventure, beautiful soft colours, I love it.
 I think anyone who is out and about in this UK weather is definitely taking an adventure!
What adventure are you going to take in 2011?

Drum roll please....

Congratulations to our final four Mina, Mindy, Kathrin and Tracy. All of you did an amazing job with your cards and a further look around your blogs told me that each of you are first class crafters.

I know some of you had a problems voting, others didn't and as I only loaded the gadget
from Blogger I can not understand why. It's not within my power to fix or work out why some
could not use the voting gadget.

But as the Christmas post is nearing cut off point we would like the courier to collect this prize
asap and hopefully, if the snow is better, it may arrive in time.


and congratulations to Mina, Mindy and Kathrin, all four finalists win their choice of 12 Sugar Nellie stamps.
Email your choice and address to Mark and your sweet stamps will be sent out.

We are wrapping up more than prizes here at the HOS as our year ends, thank you to all who sent in cards and gifts, it's nice to be appreciated and make me all warm and fuzzy even if its -5 out there :)
DH arrived home safe but late last night so only one Daughter to get back to home for the holidays, I hope if you are traveling anywhere that you take care and be safe.
If you still have shopping to do, good luck!

But this is our final Christmas post, I will be back with other news but not seasonal. Having been in Christmas mode from the summer I really am ready to be refreshed by something without X (mas) appeal.

We hope to get a last minuet delivery from the rubber factory so that our DT can get the new releases for the new year. Finger crossed as transport is not good within the UK due to the weather.

stay warm, take care


Vote Now

Hello girlie's, well it was a tough one and I am sure none of you would have like to make the choice for me but each and every one of the girls produced {in my opinion} great cards.
But there can only be one winner of the Grand Spellbinder so I have after much chopping and changing narrowed it down to FOUR.

I huge thank you to the other 8 for trying out and giving it a dam good shot, I may be in touch with you to help out from time to time, I always like to include as many of you as I can so you never know whats round the corner. It was a very hard choice to make and you are all worthy, I know that if you keep trying you will all be winners in time.

As I once told Maria, one of the Sweeties over on the Sugar Bowl, everything comes to those who wait.
Maria was sad not to be allowed to enter the comp but she has now been given the job of DT and blog coordinator of our new SIMPLY SASSY blog which will be live in January. I think she's a bit excited LOL.
So Marie needs a DT, so look out for your invitation to join all things Simply Sassy ;)

VOTE NOW over on the side bar.->
My choice for the final four were
 Mindy, Mina, Kathrin and Tracy
Congratulations girls you all amazing and inspirational crafters
 I would be lucky and proud to have any of you on my DT.
But the choice is up to our followers, that's you!

Other news just in......... baby piggies are here! Not 12 hour after moving into her new indoor hutch Bubbles had 4 babies, sadly one DOA, but my kids are delighted with our new additions. We have not touched them yet as I dont want to upset the new mother, the first time is traumatic if I remember right LOL
But with family arriving home this weekend for the holidays, there is no mention of Santa or pressies just
"what will we call them?"
"how many can we keep?"
"I cant wait until Dad comes home and finds his office covered in sawdust
 and guinea pigs in cages squeeking like crazy, hes just going to be so pleased NOT!"

I'm off to find the hoover and start cleaning up the mess.......

take care

ETA,  log into your blogger account where you are a follower of this blog
and choose first one winner and then press vote.

tick tock tick tock

I was looking for a stamp with a clock on it, I know we have at least two from Leanne but I could not find them, I really need to sort out the files on this computer.

It has been a quiet week, I have not left the house but must make a dash to the pet shop for an indoor hutch today because if you remember the story of the Guinea Pigs back in September...............well nature has obviously done its thing and we have one very fat pig ready to pop, I think the kids are more excited about this than Christmas!
Thank you to all the girls who left a comment on my Monday Musings, I value your support and thank you all for your kind works, I will keep those to myself if I may, its the best way to handle things.

As I have not ventured far this week, I am going to ask Mark to put on his Elf suit and pick a few random candy winners from the last post, that way we don't have to ask for addresses as he has them at Funkykits and we will wait and see who gets a surprise under their tree this week :)

I am just waiting for the final two cards for round 2 and I will narrow it down as much as I can, it's a hard job and one I am glad will be handed to you the readers, for the final vote. I would also like to say how delighted I was to see the contenders all visiting each over and leaving lovely comments, you are all so generous. Everyone is a winner you all did fantastic and I hope that you know that YOU ARE GREAT!

I will be back as soon as I can and the sooner we get the voting started, the quicker the prize can be sent out, I wanted it under one crafters tree this year but the way the post has been and international mail too, I just want it all wrapped up sooner rather than later.

stay warm, take care

Tuesdays Twitterings

Tiets has been playing with the new Simply Sassy Stamps and I must admit that Fashionista is one of my fav  from this set. Don't you  thinks shes cute? Tiets is very well know in Netherlands with her own online club and teaching at her local store, many of the DT have been know to appear locally as demonstrators or teaching classes. There are a few directions your hobby can take you, most are happy to
stay in there craft space and craft without pressure, enter a few challenges and enjoy the hobby. I look forward to my retirement when I dream of having nothing else to do but craft, my dreams!
I already have enough of everything to do be forever but there is always something out there that now and then I have to have. This year its been rubber stamps from three other companies. There has been a couple of MS punches made their way home from the store and one or two packets of nesties, not many, I ain't greedy!
With things quiet at the HOS at this time of the year, I am not putting in the hours that I did at busy times. While I have craft stuff all over this house, I have great intentions of moving it all into one room and closing the door. But these things don't happen by themselves and with no elf's and fairies about the farm it looks like the only way I will get it done it to switch off this lap top! LOL

With the final count down started, I just wonder whats on your wish list? What have you wished for this season, what is it that would out do the M &S toiletries, those slipper from Auntie and that box of chocolates that are not your favourites?
Let me know what you would like and what pressie you most regret opening. Give us a laugh and I might just send you a sweet treat, its a while since we gave away candy ;)


Monday Musings

Well the day is almost over and here I am just getting the post done. We missed the "something for the weekend" from Mark but the competition took priority.

Congratulations to those going on to round two, I look forward to seeing what your style is.

All new rubber for the rest of the year is at the factory and I hope to get those out to the DT  by the end of next week.
The new year will bring a few changes amongst the DT, a new DT and some goodbyes and few hello's. Things are for ever changing and I am delighted to see new blood join and watch members move on wards and up wards even if I am sad to loose them.
I could not do what I do without the talented team here at Sugar Nellie, I can not say enough how much I appreciate their work and loyalty to our little family.

My job for many years now, every since I started teaching card making over 8 years ago, is to build confidence and encourage crafters to take the next step. I don't always get it right, but I NEVER put anyone down.

Finally to the lady who emailed today, if by not choosing you  in the competition I have made you feel bad at all, I apologise, I can not choose everyone and by not choosing who you think is good does not mean I am wrong. If we all liked the same things life would be boring. The email I received was unexpected and left me feeling sad, blame me if it make you feel better, sorry you did not leave me with your name, but in the end you know that it is only my opinion and who am I anyway? No one that's opinion is that important to you that it should upset you that much. DO not give up, never give up but remember that everyone has an opinion and it may not be the same as yours.

take care


Round Two

You know when your kids ask "which one of us do you love the most?".....what do you answer.

All your cards are amazing,everyone deserves to be a winner but sadly I have to trim down the competition.
I want to thank everyone who entered, you never get anywhere sitting on the fence but trying out does open you up to disappointment, please don't be, all your work was worthy and your entry was much appreciated.

I have ended up with far more girls going on to the next round than I had intended as it was just so hard.
The only consolation I have is that when we reach the finals, round three, the judging is down to the followers of this blog and not me *dodges the tomatoes and eggs*LOL

So without further a do, here are my choice of crafters to go on to round two. I will let your know that I HAD to limit myself to 12 and those changed on a daily basis, but time has ran out and I HAVE to choose today, so here they are, if I could not "lift" their pictures I have just linked to their blogs.
 I will get help with the pictures soon I hope.

Congratulations if  you are amongst these,
 please enter your next card with the linky tool at the end before next weekend.
make a card with a Sassy stamp ( can be the same stamp as you used before), now that I know
your colouring skills are ace, I would like to see what you can do if challenged to

Do you have a style that you are most comfortable with, is it CAS, vintage, busy or glitzy.
I want to see what you are good at :)
This will be the final card you are required to make for this comp.

and for those who I could not save the picture, here is a link to their blogs

CONGRATULATIONS to the dozen who are going on to round two.
Please linky your cards here before next weekend.
Good Luck

A sweet selection from the SWEETIES


One more week to get your cards into the challenge over on the SUGAR BOWL
Follow the sketch from Maria and win BIG in our sweet challenge.

Look at these amazing cards made by the SWEETIES, all using stamps
designed by Diane Duda, all super cute and very frosty.


To post your WOW cards if you would like a chance to win a GRAND prize.


And my three bird roast will be ready to serve...............LOL


In this weather while you are stuck at home or battling the elements

stay warm, stay safe but most of all...

Wednesday a stay at home and work day!

OK given the weather no one will blame me for staying at home and working today, but I must get off this computer and out of my PJ's before DH comes into the farm house for his lunch!

please notice that the
 COMPETITION closes on Friday,
if you want to be in it load up your WOW cards before the end of the day on Friday.
I am blown away by the entries, your girls are amazing and its going to be so hard to choose, * why do I do these things...shakes head*
A selection of cards will be chosen to go on to round two, things will speed up from there as I would like to get this prize out before Christmas, it will looks so pretty under one lucky girls tree. That girl could be you, you have to be in it to win it the catch phrase from my days in Tupperware sales, a long long time ago.

Simply Sassy new releases are back in stock over at Funkykits along with some re stocks of sold out lines.

Sitting waiting to go to the factory are several new ranges of stamps
January is going to be a busy month for new stamps
but them again we only gave you a little sugar in December as I am sure you
have things going on at this time of year.

2011 January releases

Leanne Ellis arty range SIX stamps
Soft Centres FOUR new designs
Simply Sassy SIX sassy girls and a snowman ;) * new blog and DT launch*
Simply Adorable FOUR rubber stamps and EIGHT digi images, instant sugar fix


Simply Sassy SIX girls
Mary Hall collection
Diane Duda collection

so I guess I have plenty on my desk, between new artwork, packaging, mag features and advertising.

Brrrrrr time to go put the heating on and IF I had kindlers I would be putting the fire on too.
I had  better go get dresses and outside to the stick shed.

take care , stay warm

 and Cass I will look out for my white chocolate muffin, lets hope it arrives before
it goes off or even worse frozen!

Competition; Round One : WOW

 Ok girls you have had a few days to  think about our Simply Sassy Competition.
WOW cards............ show them to me!
White on white, no colour other than on the images.
Its a Simply Sassy competition so only SS stamps, I know you love them.

You have over a week to get your entries in.
Good Luck Sugar Addicts

Link to THEE post on your blog with your WOW cards, not just your blog.
(click on the title and you will get the address for that post only)

This card so fits our weather at the moment but Dena made this one with a Mary Hall design way back in the summer! It was for a feature in Craft Stamper and you can see all her cards and the tutorial on how she achieved the sparkly effect on her own blog here

So we have plenty of holographic embossing powder in the HOS and with the weather set to continue I think the snowy stamps have a long shelf life here in the UK at least.

Here are some others from the catalogue

I think the above samples are from Sarah,
but with  no watermark and with the 1000's of picture in my files it's hard to keep track with out watermarks.


I also took a gander at Dena's Sugar Nellie Gallery, ( well worth a look if you have time, but there are over 100 cards!)

I lifted these to show you ...

So technique Tuesday's tutorial link was at the start of this post, try it out and let me know how you get on.
Thanks to Dena for taking the time to show us how its done.

Other than that, not much news, but a shout out to Cass "rock chick".............while shopping in Adsa this morning I notice they have boys T shirts with Kiss, ACDC and something else, I thought of you and as they were not your size or mine then why not for Louis :)

stay warm and take care

Monday Musings

Firstly a huge thank you to the DT who held an amazing blog hop on Saturday, so good that the stamps sold out! WOW its a long time since there have been any launch sell outs but those new Simply Sassy stamps are so inkable, you love them almost as much as I do. I am just putting together set 5, set 4 going to the factory today and the list goes on and on.

Sorry I have not been around much this past week but the weather here in Scotland it taking making things difficult. Deliveries are not getting to us, power cuts and Internet connections playing up, and the long term forecast gives us no hope of seeing things change for many weeks. As I have been snowed in at the farm, the car is not so good on the slippy brea, the Internet has been a vital part of Christmas shopping, the amount of UK shopping now being done online is as high as its ever been, helped only by the weather and the reluctance to battle your way into town to only have a bigger battle in the shops to get what you need. Sit back, type it in and wait for the poor postie to bring it right to your door. Way to go!

I appreciate that some of you are basking in sunshine but please don't rub it in! My one holiday in 2010  to NY was spoilt because of the cold and the thought of Florida sunshine might be enough to tip me over the edge LOL

But I have made it to work today, I am the only one in the building as its very cold. The schools are open if you can get your kids there by yourself as there is no school transport running, I dropped mine off on the way to the HOS but may well lock up early to collect them on the way home.
I hope you are safe and cozy at home, doing your shopping online and remember that  international post will take a bit longer than normal if you want sweet rubber under your tree.


Simple Sassy Blog Hop

 Hello Sugar Addicts, welcome to our December Simple Sassy Blog Hop.
Our fantastic Design Team have been busy creating for our hop, so show then some appreciation and leave them some lovely comments as you travel all over the world and visit the Sugar Nellie team.







Another selection of Sassy stamps from the pen of Krista Smith, you just cant get enough of these characters, and as promised we have some BOYS!

ETA: Thanks to the girls who posted that Tiets link was wrong, fixed it now, I am just back from the School Craft fare where the kids made £70 on their table, not bad considering there were very few shopper around.

Just had a wander around the hop and our DT are the best, girls you rock, amazing work and support for our wee frozen solid Stamp Company.

take care and stay warm



This weeks "Something for the Weekend " offer is Inkadinkado.
Offer is 20% off all the Inkadinkado clear stamp sets we have in stock.
See the range here Funkykits
Offer valid from Friday 3rd until Monday 6th December.
These super clear stamp sets are great value and easy to use.
These have been a great seller for us over the years.
Hurry because we only have a few of each design left in stock and we will not be restocking this range.