Gorjuss Creations

Morning sugar babes, will today bring the delivery of Gorjuss set #3?

Wait and see, but while your surfing about waiting have a look at this Gorjuss Creation, I received a tip off and had to go have a look, what an amazing amount of quality work has gone into Sarah's book . I don't like to lift photos from blogs other than the DT so I have only a link to share with you. Thank you Sarah, a wonderfully gorjuss creation :)


enjoy you day

Miss Bumble Bee

WOW you will need the glitter for those wings, we don't do much characters with wings, nothing like fairy's but this one is so cute, and I love her hair.

Suzanne's Gorjuss girls set #3 will be available next week. Once we have them they will be over to Funkykits as soon as we can get them cut up. The will ,as usual, be sold as a set of 6 for the next while and then later in the summer they will be available as single girls.

Hopefully within the same delivery of rubber will be the new teen range from Mary Hall, there has been a lot of stampers asking about these so you must be liking them :)

Wedding ones too, just in time for a bumper wedding season this summer.

This weekend I am spending my days off with my family by the sea, we live not even a mile from the coast and the children had a blast yesterday, with their Uncle in his speed boat , water skiing and bouncing about in a rubber ring, stuff that makes for good childhood memories and a few scrapbook pages.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Take care.


She wears her crown well........

Party Princess such a little darling with her crown and teddy. Who would not love this cutie in their stamp collection?

Just a reminder that the shout for DT team ends next week and the lucky crafters who join the team here at the House of Sugar will receive sweet Sugar Nellie stamps free every month, now that makes them even sweeter.

Summer is truly here, the UK is having a heat wave that is forecast to last beyond the weekend.

But today we received the sample sheets of our new Autumn set, this set will offer you 4 great characters and accessories at a great price, not to be missed , but just to tease you a little more, sorry I just cant help it :) here are the accessories, over sized nibbles to compliment the character stamps, ideal for use inside the card maybe.? Catch you later I am off to have a play with them.


Gorjuss peek

She's so cute in her arm bands and little yellow duck.
With so many children playing in the pool or sea this week I thought you would like a peek at one of the stamps in the collection #3 from Suzanne. There are already at the factory and we hope to get them to Funky kits real soon so they can open up orders. No pre orders this time as it seams that this is difficult to explain to some international customers.
A huge thank you to Erica for a box of sweetness that has just arrive in the House of Sugar, beautiful work and yummy sweeties :)

{Top tip for crafters today, if you want a Cuttle bug buy it now as there are major manufacturing problems and this summer could see a total sell out of stock.}

enjoy your day

Summer Holidays

Counting down the days until our Scottish school holidays.
Also its 4 weeks until CHA.............Orlando here we come :)

SO I was just wondering, do you ease off on the crafting when its summer? I know in the craft shop that Sept/Oct are the busiest months with everyone doing so much more for Christmas.
With children to entertain, visitors arriving, going away yourselves.............how much less crafting do you do over the summer?

I ask because we have several new ranges to launch, Eva & Linda are back to join the "every 2 month" release from Suzanne, Leanne and Mary. Diane is every quarter. And our home grown artists have been busy also.
So much sweetness, so much rubber, should we take it easy for the holidays? Can you cope with a sugar free summer? All those summer salads are only bearable because of the fresh cream puddings, a girl need fresh cream if she has to eat lettus! ( Its not so bad if its in a bun with a cheese burger- can you tell it's lunch time and I am hungry:P)

Enjoy the sunshine in the UK, fire up the BBQ, be quick, it might rain later.

Take it slow

I am hoping that this week is a little bit slower than last week, with the launch of eight new stamps and a demo @ SIMPLE CREATE, we had a lot to do. A huge thank you to Judy for demoing on Saturday, she's such a natural and will be back to teach at Alford soon, so take advantage of having such a talented lady willing to share her tips and techniques. Great to see so many friendly faces and lots of new one too.

The blog hop was an amazing success, THANK YOU GIRLS, you all did a fantastic job and I could not have done it without all your support and enthusiasm.

Candy, lets wrap up wedding and Duda Days candy today .
ros said...
or maybe 'side by side' and congrats on the anniversary too
June 17, 2009 10:06 AM


NormaJean said...
Hi wow I love the colors and your project just beautifulhugs normajean
June 19, 2009 12:29 PM

Tracey said...
Wow Jakki you have been busy & sooo creative, these are all stunning :o)x
19 June 2009 20:00

Susan said...
Such a lovely card,love the colours you have used.Keep wellSuzyX
June 19, 2009 12:06 PM

send you address to info@sugarnellie.com


The Sugar Bowl challenge blog is giving away Gorjuss girls set 3 as a prize WOW that's SIX Gorjuss girls . The DT have had their Gorjuss girls delivered ready for release at the end of the month.
Now if you have the time to enter a challenge, you have a big choice out there, you might as well cherry pic the ones with the best prizes. ;)

Have an easy Monday and I'll catch you all later with the candy.

A ray of sunshine :)

Good morning sugar babes, well all is not quite ready, but we have had a few problems along the way. Maya in Norway did not recieve her stamp, the postal system is a funny thing.

Again a huge thank you to these girls for joining in, please feel free to leave a comment on their blogs as I will be giving away spot prizes :)

Diane, your artwork makes me smile, a whimsical ray of sunshine, so cute I love them, but you know that or I would not have made them into stamps so that all the sugar addicts could create beautiful things with them.

I know that they apprectiate that you too chose to work with us in bringing your characters to the world of ink. ( Today there are a few flowers growing at the side of that road of yours ;))

Its with great pleasure and excitment that I launch the first DudaDaze collection of rubber stamps.

SO put on your trainers and lets hop.............skip................and jump



































Ready steady...................wait for it

This is the line up for the blog hop on Friday, these girls have kindly given up their time to create something original with one of the new Diane Duda stamps we have to release this weekend. I appreciated all the support and enthusiasm they have shown and keep my fingers crossed that this all works.

I have a couple of more links to add to the start but that will come later, tonight I wanted to publish the list so that they all may check that things are all correct and ready to play.
I do need one more blog please, Galaxy Girl just leave a comment here its much quicker than , please let me know asap which blogs you want to link to or I will have to skip you in order to keep the hop, hopping.

I also have some great candy to give away at the hop, come back soon and find out more, remember to stop here on Friday.

Fan Fiction

I did not even know there was such a thing, after reading all 4 Twilight books again and again, I watched the DVD too many times, I was lost, what was I to do until New Moon comes out in November?!

Fan Fiction..................there is a lot of it out there, some better than others and trust me I have read a lot if it. But for me, the nearest to SM style and the story in general is this writer

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1892521/lolafalana and you don't have to wait, its all online now and free to read, as long as all you house work is done and the family are fed :)
Don't you just love this new stamps from Mary, I wonder what this girl is reading?
Top Tip Today.............go back to yesterdays comments and catch the links to YouTube videos.
I am thinking more and more about colouring mediums and hope to bring something new back from CHA . Still my favourite is Prisma pencils but they are hard to find in the UK.
take care

Due to demand

You asked and again we listened and here we have our two new cute stamps for wedding cards due in for the start of July, the first is my 20th wedding anniversary, is that something worth celebrating?!
First dance is the second one, what do you suggest we call the first one?
From you comments I will pick one winner to receive these two new stamps and a few other bits and pieces to make lovely wedding cards.
I am also on the search for a YouTube tutorial with copics and sugar Nellie stamps. I know its out there it's just a matter of finding it and I do get a bit distracted on YouTube!

Rock Ness Rocked!

My girls have returned from the music festival at Rock Ness, one of Scotland's biggest outdoor events, with 35,000 party goers enjoying the music and whatever else they get up to!..........the girls are home safe and exhausted after a weekend camping and enjoying themselves.
These two sneaky peeks from Mary Hall are perfect for that age group, especially boys. You asked and we have delivered...............something for older boys. Perfect :)


DT info

I am still waiting for my post of SCS about the new places on our DT to be published, not sure whats going on or how long it takes but its not showing again today.
SO as there has been a few random emails, Pm's etc arriving all over the place, I need to let anyone who's intrested know that ALL enquiries need to go to dt@sugarnellie.com

If you have asked in the past, you need to apply to this address so that everyone has a fair chance and all information is in the same place, this is going to be a hard job for me as it is.

A few more point that I can remember from my SCS post were.

You will receive a selection of SN stamps , including some new releases in your monthly bundle.
I ask you to create something with each stamp and show it on your blog within the month so that it does not hold back your next monthly package.

In the interest of fairness and so that you can cope with the DT work and still enjoy your hobby, I ask that you are not currently on any other stamp companies* DT. There are many many wonderful crafters out there in blog land and no one "needs" more than one DT place, we like to share the sugar and give everyone a chance to shine. *ETA stamp companies inc digi stamp too after all the end product is a card and the amount of rubber we plan to send will keep our DT busy as there are only so many days in a month.

Loyalty is a attribute high on my list of must haves. I appreciate my DT like no other company I know, you are an important part of our family and you are an important representative of SN.

There is no cash involved but lots of rubber :)

................more later, any questions just ask here and I will try to answer them in the next posting.

You never know where you crafting will take you, {Marlene had only been making cards for a year before I came across her amazing talent} if you want something ,go for it.

"life is not a dress rehearsal" a quote from Erikas Dad :)

ssshhhh heads up

There will be a newsletter going out real soon but as loyal follower of this blog I thought I might whisper in your ear.........

Funkykits are doing a promotion on all Rachelle Anne Millar stamps


they are doing LUCKY BAGS

Some serious bargins to be had if you are new to Sugar Nellie stamps and don't already have a collection of sweet rubber, you will get amazing value with these stock clearance promotions.

We have not sent a news letter for many months, due to the fact that there was not much stock on the shelves and now that we are on top of things again and Funkykits have, fingers crossed, enough stock to warrant sending out a mailing, these promotions may or may not last long.

But the LUCKY BAGS do contain a mix of stamps from all our artist apart from Rachelle as those are on different promotion. Do you feel lucky?

TOP TIP FOR BEGINNER'S TODAY; You snooze you loose.................

Gorjuss set 3

I am home, my business in Glasgow was complete and as today was a bit manic with children's activities and DH sounded stressed on the phone, so I just came home very late last night.

Today I received in my mail box, Gorjuss set 3, big thanks to Grant and Suzanne for ready to load images, very much appreciated ;) BUT I ain't showing you! Peeks will have to wait until the nearer the end of the month.
I believe I have a visitor coming to the house of sugar soon, all the way from the far east but with an Aberdeen accent, stampers over there are liking Gorjuss girls and she wants to see for herself where they come from while she was in the area. It will be fantastic to hear how stampers so far away use their Sugar Nellie stamps. I am looking forward to her visit.

Top tip for beginners today..........
Sugar Nellie stamps are thick naked rubber, untrimmed ready for you to trim with scissors, you can choose to add to kling on/foam mount if you wish.
I leave mine naked and trim then attached to an acrylic block with a glues stick, easy and quick to clean up after with a baby wipes.

Flower Soft & Sweet Art Ebony

Hello from Glasgow city centre, just a few days away from home to collect Miss Sugar Nellie and take her back to the farm for the summer, back to the House of Sugar to shuffle paperwork and get the books in some sort of order, thee biggest nightmare when running a business!
Stopped in by Millers and found some flower soft, one of our store customers (Rene) recommended we play with it and as I have always thought that some of the Elisabeth Bell Sweet Art Ebony range would suit Flower Soft, I picked up a few tubs for Kate to play with.

Good to hear that some of the lucky blog hoppers have received their new top secret stamps and even had time to play. No hurry girls we have until the 19th as many went to international sugar addicts which takes a little more time for Mr Post Man to deliver. Did I say that there would be prizes given out to those who follow the blog hop?

Tiets received her gift from the House of Sugar, we really do appreciate our DT and as she is not coming to CHA I decided that I should sent her something to make up for not getting on the trip. Enjoy playing Tiets :) Now I just have one more gift to finish, this one is going USA ;)

Enjoy the weekend

Playgound games

Continuing from yesterdays Hop Skip & Jump.................WOW there were a lot of hands up for that blog hopping challenge :) Thank you girls , I am always blown away by how many of you love and support our little Scottish Stamp company.

I think 80 would be an exhausting blog hop so I will up the numbers but I am so sorry not to be able to have you all in our little game. If its a success we will do it again and maybe it will be your turn next time.

But for the Duda Daze release the following will receive one stamp from the new set to play with as they wish, email me asap( by wed at the latest ) so that we can get the stamps in the post info@sugarnellie.com with your home and blog address.

In the interest of fairness, I did not cherry pick, I want to give everyone a chance to shine, first to put their hands up were.....

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Hop Skip & Jump

While venturing around blog land and reading things on SCS, we are going to give the American tradition of a blog hop a try out for the first release if the new stamps by Diane Duda this month.

So who wants to join in a little fun?

I will send to 16 comment on this post a new stamp to play with. On a pre arranged date we will all post a thread on our blog with the card we have made, a little instructions and a link to the next blog on the list. The ideas is for sugar addict to hop from blog to blog looking at the new cards made with these whimsical and fun new stamps from Diane.

More details on SCS Sugar Nellie forum.

Today's top tip for beginners: double sided tape does not give you a second chance, once its down its stuck, but if you put glue stick over the tape before placing down, you get a little time to move it about if you were not 100% on target.

We were able to deliver lots of sugar to Funkykits this afternoon, so if you have been waiting for something that was out of stock, have a quick look today as stock levels are very good at the moment.
Enjoy the sunshine.