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Happy Boxing days to you all, I hope that Christmas was all you expected and everyone is happy , healthy and well feed :)
I would like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely handmade cards and gifts I received this year and to Carole for the beautiful flowers. Thank you sugar addict, its wonderfully kind of you.

For all members of SCS who follow Sugar Nellie as a member company, join in with the Boxing day traditions over on the forum. A little thank you for our first year and great support received on the site. ;)

take care and stay warm


Sweet Greetings

Just a quick hello and a few sweet ramblings for the holidays.

Do you like the Gingerbread houses, one is paper and the other is tasty :) frosting yummy

The small children in our house have been given a kit to build, I think its Tesco's but it will keep for Christmas Eve and there are going to be needing something to calm them down by then.

All my family are now safe at home, as I hope yours are too, the older girls have returned from uni/college and a full house is a manic house. My own Christmas fairy visited yesterday and set and decorated my table ready for dinner on Friday, along with a yummy box of Tablet ( sweet Scottish toffee), which I have had to hide from the children.

The snow is melting we had two days of the white stuff. A hello to Dorothy in Canada, where it is colder than the north pole in places, wrap up warm my Canadian friends and enjoy it while it lasts.

For our Dutch friends we have an extra sweet surprise for you in the New Year, not long now and we will show off our new range and some of you already guessed, yes its digi.

We are keen to see how many digi users there are out there and have no intention of stopping rubber, its just over and above what we already do, moving with the times.
All digi designs will be new and available instantly, I think that is the pull of digi, we have so many international customers who have to wait sometimes weeks for a packet that we are hoping they like an instant sugar fix. More news on that later.

It's Christmas week, are you ready? It comes every year but ever year I no where near ready. I am sure that whatever has been done is more than enough, is there such a thing as the perfect Christmas?


Snowy times

It snowed here today, things are getting colder and I am happy to see the snow fall. My kids love to play and I love them to go out and play!

Some new snowy themed stamps coming in the New Year, keep those snowflake punches handy not only for Christmas cards but for warm winter wishes too.

If I get any peeks I will show you later but for now its just a quiet month all round in the House of Sugar, time to catch up with boring jobs like paperwork and sweeping the floors.

I still have most of my shopping to do, food is almost done but gifts are a little harder to find. We had our staff night out last week and my first traditional turkey dinner of the season.

Still looking for the perfect gingerbread house, any ideas?


12th day finale

On the 12th day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me...............

No rubber, no none at all!
Well what else is there in the House of Sugar I hear you ask?
Something new this way comes.........

We will unwrap this exciting new venture in the New Year and today's winner will
be one on the fist crafters, along with our DT, to play with this new sweet surprise.


Winner is
Judi said...
Oooh! This sounds REALLY interesting, I wonder what on earth it could be??? Hope I'm the lucky one.Judi xxx
December 13, 2009 9:46 AM

Congratulations Judi, send us an email

Legs eleven

On the eleventh day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me

a guest DT spot on the blog in January which includes NEW rubber stamps.

SO are you up for being showcased in January, open to everyone, one random winner every time.
You have to be in it to win it :)

good luck

Winner is
Jessica said...
Our tree isn't up yet, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to win some sweet stamps to put under it when it is! ;) Thanks for another chance to win!!
December 10, 2009 3:15 PM
Congratulations Jessica, please email and we will send out your pack and look forward to showing you work on our blog.

BIG ten

On the 10th day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me...............

TEN super sweet stamps for under my tree.

Not just ONE rubber stamp but TEN!
No one gives away candy like we do, the Scots are generous that way :)

You will have noticed that I have not been posting work by the DT, well that is because we are saving it for the gallery in the new blog, Zoe is working hard putting it all together for the launch in the New Year. Our DT are still making amazing things with sweet stamps and you can visit them all via the links to their own blogs on the right. A big thank you to our DT for their hard work and emails.

The sun is shining here in Scotland today, a slight frost up in the hills but we are heading to Glasgow this weekend. Debbie is studding law at Strathclyde and we are staying with her and the younger two children want to do a bit of practice ski ing at the indoor ski slope at Breahead. Oh what fun, might manage a little trip to Craftology ;)

There will be a few Christmas trees put up around the world this weekend, is your up yet?


Winner is
hayward69 said...
We put up our decorations and tree last Saturday with my nearly 5 year old daughter. We listened to some fantastic Christmas classics at the same time. Would love to have some sugar free candy under the tree.Jayne xx
December 10, 2009 1:26 PM
congratulations Jayne email your addy to

Nine ladies dancing

On the 9th day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me....

.......some sweet stamps for under my tree.

The prizes just keep getting better but I thinking I will not be giving away rubber on the 12th day!? You know the drill, leave me some sugar........

Big Kiss to Gayle, I luv you babe, you have made my day, is that wrrrong?

Managed a little Christmas shopping this morning and lunch out with my girlfriends, not a lot happening in the House of Sugar this month so I am taking some time off to recharge my batteries ready for all we have coming in the New Year ;)

take care and stay away from those mince pies......


Congratulations to
Rosie said...
Hi, would love to have some 'sweet stamps' waiting for me to open on Christmas Day. Rosie x
December 9, 2009 5:27 PM
please email with your addy :)

Eight candy boxes

On the eighth day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me

a tartan box of Home Grown goodies :)

Yes how about a tartan box under your tree?
With some rubber from our Home Grown range?
Did anyone one say aye?


Congratulations to...
Rieni said...
ofcours it would be nice to have some sugar under my christmas tree
December 8, 2009 6:07 PM
You are our winner for day eight, please email

Day seven

On the seventh day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me

a Duda Dayz gift for under the tree.

A selection of sweet sugar nellie stamps designed by Diane Duda.
Whimsical designs to put a smile on your face, don't you just love how cute her art work is.

Computer has been playing nice today, I hope that at least one of the virus programs will keep the walls up and the besties out.

My name is Wynneth said...
Day 7 already! the days are really flying by now :o) With a number of christmas cards still to make, I am so happy that I have a selection of delightful SN stamps to choose from for my designs :o)hugswynneth

Congratulations you know the drill :)

On the sixth day

On the sixth day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie sent to me

........Edward chance ha ha ha
if we had him in the house of sugar we would not be giving him away or letting him out!

But we will send a super gift which includes many Sugar Nellie stamps designed by Rachelle Ann Miller.

you know the drill, sorry short post, virus is still making things difficult.


the winner is

SemSee said...
Thanks for the chance again, Karen! I've asked Santa for Edward Cullen too, but I don't think that'll happen, LOL! Rachelle Ann Miller stamps would be a fab second though! Hope your virus flies away soon. Hugs, Sem x
December 7, 2009 7:12 AM
congratulations please send your addy to

High Five

On the fifth day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me

five gold rings.

This gift has all you need to make wedding cards, stamps papers and charms included.
The prizes just keep getting bigger :)

Sorry to be so late with this post, I picked up a nasty virus and my notebook crashed, not sure if I have managed to get rid of it all but at least I am online again.

Be careful what you google for...................... Christmas song lyrics for one!

You know the drill, just leave me a comment, you have to be in it to win it :)

Winner is
Blankiefinder said...
Ooh, sounds like an amazing prize! I hope your virus problems are all resolved, they can be so miserable!
December 6, 2009 5:25 AM

Congratulations :) email your addy to and we will send out your prize

Fourth day.

On the fourth day of Christmas

Sugar Nellie gave to me

4Calling Birds

refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists
so I found 3!
Today's prize is a selection of stamps designed for us by Mary Hall.
Included in you gift wrapped present is something more, a surprise :)
Just leave a comment and we will draw a winner tomorrow, the prizes just get bigger and its only day 4!
good luck
Our fourth winner is
Jenni said...
What a sweet image, I love it!Jennni x
December 5, 2009 8:29 AM
Congratulations Jenni, just email you addy to and we will send you out a lovely prize for under your tree.

Third time lucky

On the third day of Christmas

Sugar Nellie gave to me........

Yummy yummy sugar candy from Leanne Ellis
A selection of rubber and a lovely bag of must have charms.
Gift wrapped ready to put under your tree :)
Day 3 winner is
Sharon said...
this card is gorgeous. Love the colours & the little tags.Sharon x
December 4, 2009 9:39 AM
congratulations Sharon please email you addy to

Candy day 2

On the second day of Christmas
Sugar Nellie gave to me..............
a gorjuss gift to make your day.

A selection of sweet rubber from our Gorjuss range by Suzanne Woolcott

This prize also includes a print and some button badges.


the winner is

Kr├╝mel said...
Thanks for making this christmas gorjuss with offering this sweet candy.Hugs,Kathrin aka Kruemel

Congratulations Krumel, please email you address to and we will have your prize posted out to you asap

Candy on the 1st Day

On the first day of Christmas

Sugar Nellie gave to me

A partridge in a pear tree

a beautiful Christmas stamp designed for us by Elisabeth Bell from our Sweet Art Ebony range.

This gift includes other crafting supplies but those will remain a surprise for when the winner opens this Christmas prize.

Sugar Nellie give away the sweetest candy ;)

I have not had any computer time today so if you would like to leave a comment or even just a smiley face I can pick the winner from that. Mr Linky will get my attention another day.

take care


Yesterdays winner was
Cherry said...
What sweet candy - yummy yuletide beginnings indeed. Thanks for the chance. Hugs Cherry XXX

December 1, 2009 10:21 PM

Congratulations Cherry :) please email asap with your address so we can post your prize out ready to put under your tree.

Blog Queen & Candy

**** 12 days of Christmas candy starts tomorrow****

As the children get ready to open their advent calenders tomorrow, I thought I would let your know about our 12 days of Christmas give away. Starting on the first, tomorrow, we will be giving away a different prize each day for 12 days.

Now as much as I can't sing ( cant carry a tune in a bucket according to Gayle over on the challenge blog, cheers babe I love you too!) and it's not that we can match the song to our stamps, only the first one makes any sense, but a nice little gift from Sugar Nellie under your tree is better than hearing me sing right?

Pop back tomorrow as hopefully by then I will have worked out how to use Mr Linky, but don't put any bets on it just yet!

Tomorrow also sees Zoe join the House of Sugar as our new Blog Queen. Get ready to join Zoe in the New Year when she takes over the blog and it gets a make over at the same time! I cant wait to see what she does with the help of our brilliant DT,
there are lots of inspiration and ideas in the planning.


Greetings to you both

Tiets and Marlene have been busy with the new stamps designed by Diane Duda. I am loving the soft muted colours of these, Marlene has created a very distressed vintage effect and Tiets has used the popular powder blue as a winter colour theme. Lovely cards girls.
The DT stamp packs were sent out yesterday, so look out around the blogs for some new cards with the last of our 2009 stamps, these are for sale over at Funkykits, Mark has has had the first part of their order and will be topped up hopefully again next weekend. Sugar and Spice along with 4 new baby stamps are currently being wrapped up ready for sale but some are being put aside for a promotion in Craft Stamper magazine in the New Year, watch out for them.


Here she is, BUBBLES, a cutie pie for all those little girl/baby cards you need to make. Great to use glaze on those bubbles don't you think?

Working today Mark at Funkykits to bring you a great offer in the New Year, I am sure they will be sending out a news letter again in the holidays for those of you who like to do a little Internet shopping now and then.


Wednesdays child

Say hello to Elise, she is the last Sugar and Spice girl for now. Tomorrow I will show you the four new baby stamps that will come out at the same time. We do not have many stamps suitable for babies and we are looking to fill the gaps in our range.

Four weeks until Christmas, I guess its time to start the festive shopping and make a few gifts. I hope you are well ahead with yours and your cards are all ready to post .

Keep warm and stay safe.

Tuesday peek

Number six in the Sugar and Spice collection, this will most likely be our last release before the New Year. 2010 feels a long way away but like everything else it will sneak up on us all. This pretty maid is called ISLA, ain't she cute?

It's real cold here in Scotland and we are almost Twilighted out, having watched it twice in 24 hrs and still at least once more this week with the girls, I think that I have had my New Moon fix :)
Loved the special effects but poor Edward was tortured to the point on combustion over a simple kiss! Loved the wolfs ;)

A little blue

Donalda has been busy with the new releases from October, I particularly like the colour combos used on these two cards, blue with green and then with red. Beautiful cards as always, thank you Donalda.
Its coming around to last posting days for international mail, if you need a sugar fix this side of Christmas, don't put it off, official last posting day is at the start of December but we all know that its a hit or a miss with international and sometimes UK post delivery times.
There will be no more Christmas stamps released this year.
We hope that when Suzanne is feeling better she will try to catch up with the Gorjuss stamps but there will be nothing new in the near future.


the name game

We are getting ready for the delivery of these new stamps and today decided to name the Sugar and Spice collection, this one is Martha.
Remember that all seven stamps in this collection is up for grabs over on the challenge blog, y9u have to be in it to win it.

For all the Twi hards who are off out tonight at midnight to see New Moon, enjoy the eye candy and don't drool too much unless you have a bib ;)


Splish Splash

Sending you a little sunshine on a rainy day. One more from the Sugar & Spice collection. Get those yellow pens at the ready and maybe a little glaze for the puddles.
Enjoy your evening and home that tomorrow is a good day.


Little Miss Cutie Pie

Another cutie pie from Sugar & Spice collection , these are currently at the factory and hope that they will be sent to the DT this time next week.

You could will the complete collection, yes that's SEVEN new stamps, in the next challenge over on The Sugar Bowl blog, stamps are all the sweeter when they are free :)


Weekend Preview

One more of the new Sugar & Spice stamps due out at the end of the month. Wrap up warm for winter, or all year round here in Scotland !
Warm Birthday Wishes with this cozy little lady.
These sweet stamps make your pens happy :)

Have a good weekend where ever you are.


Situation Vacant

Situation Vacant

"We also have a vacancy at the House of Sugar, looking for someone who can work in front of a computer somewhere in the world. Do you know your blogger from you word press? Can you use digi kits to design pages? Have you a hour each day free time to update and chat?"

Let me expand on yesterdays words, I need someone to build and launch a new blog with all singing and dancing extras, keep it updated, interesting and fun. No crafting required as our DT do a wonderful job and your collaboration with them will result in endless sweet project samples and events.

I would like this new web guru to take in hand our forum on SCS and any other forum dedicated to Sugar Nellie. It is a job for anyone in the world who has a computer (dah) and the skills needed to achieve these goals.

Interested? email with your own blog address for reference(and any other you have built)
I will try to answer everyone, its a huge problem for me is the huge number of emails I receive, but I will do my best to reply to everyone.
This job equates to the equivalent of one hour a day, flexi time, paid monthly.

Sugar and Spice

"Sugar and Spice" and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of.............right?

Our late November release will see a new range to the HOS, seven girls, every so cute and just made for those copics and pro markers. Here is a peek at one of the new stamps coming soon.

We also have a vacancy at the House of Sugar, looking for someone who can work in front of a computer somewhere in the world. Do you know your blogger from you wordpress? Can you use digi kits to design pages? Have you a hour each day free time to update and chat?

More details tomorrow, this is not a voluntary position :)

Winter Wonderland

The weather here in Scotland has turned frosty and it's a nice change from rain, we get so much of that I feel like I have webbed feet sometimes :)

Carole has made this stunning card with Winter Wishes, I just love colours, so well put together.

I am off to see what you have been making with the new stamps, I am sure there are many of you inking these up already and its great to see what you all do with them.

If you have used one of the resent released stamps, comment with a link as I would love to see your work.
For the girls who all won the Cupcake challenge over on SCS, you candy will be sent out this week.

International customer need to think that if they require sweet stamps for Christmas that there are not too many weeks left to order if you want to make sure that they reach you on time.

Customers in Netherlands can find lots of new stamps in store from Carla at Simpel Scrappen.

keep warm and stay safe


New Stamps

October stamps were weeks late between one thing and another, the factory was backed up with work and some things just have to take there time. But they arrived and we have packed them and sent them over to Funkykits.
6 New stamps from Mary Hall
6 New stamps from Leanne Ellis
and 5 new stamps from Diane Duda....................WOW that's a lot of sweet rubber.

Were are taking bets in the house of sugar as to which ones will be the most popular and sell out quickest, sometimes we get it wrong as its difficult to gauge the popularity of any stamps.

all new releases are here

The candy man has been busy and all birthday candy has been posted.
DT packs have also been sent and the UK girls should have them by now.
Our international DT girls have to wait a little longer for theirs to arrive but I am sure that we will see some beautiful cards from all our team.

Thank crunchie its Friday, enjoy your day :)


New Challenge #23

Do you know that Sugar Nellie stamps have their own challenge blog, its been going a long time now and gives away lots of candy, not one stamp but at least 6 stamps in each prize, yes we know you have a sweet tooth :)

Challenge 23 is up and Judy has made this sketch for you all to follow. Each time the "sweeties" take it in turn to host the challenge, giving you a wide choice of styles to be inspired by.
A huge thank you to Gayle and her Sweeties for keeping the Challenge blog fresh and fun.

Did you win

The correct answers were

1 liquorice torpedos
2 cola cubes
3 sherbet strawberries
4 edinburgh rock
5 sherbet pips
6 pear drops
7 shrimps
8 gobstoppers

and there were several of you got it 100% right, so candy bags for you all.
I will let you mark yourself and if your got them all send your addy to and we can post your candy.

We have had a delivery of rubber and hope to get it to Funkykits later on in the week.


Do you know your candy?

Want to join in a little fun on SCS, do you have a sweet tooth?
How well do your know your sour plums from your bulls eyes?
Eight bags of sweets can you name them?


Birthday Cup Cakes

Here is Mary Hall's stamp CUTE AS CUPCAKES

I have a love for cup cakes, old fashioned birthday cake and I quite like Erika's muffins if they have icing on top ;)

Here is great link to all things, including craft, cupcakes

Join us for some cupcake fun on SCS tonight


Birthday Weekend

It's official, we are now having pre party drinks. I ain't kidding as I am off out tonight with friends for a nice meal. But before I go, those of you who subscribe to Funkykits newsletter will have a nice discount code in your mail box :) This is valid off every Sugar Nellie stamp in stock at Funkykits until 2nd November. Some will sell out but there are still plenty sweet stamps for everyone.

To help us celebrate our birthday we invite you over to SCS Sunday evening and catch some candy as it falls from our Pinata.
Enjoy your weekend


Dear Donalda

Donalda says........
I am a mother of 2 grown girls and 6 grandchildren. I love to stamp when I get home from work for it relax's me. I have come to realize that my blog is for my enjoyment, so I do what I can when I can.
But I say...............
Donalda was one of the first International supporters of Sugar Nellie stamps, many many of you will have had a lovely comment left on your blogs by this very generous and caring lady. It goes without saying that not everyone takes the time to leave a comment when viewing blogs, we all suffer from itchy fingers while blog hopping and move on quickly through the endless supply of links to view.
Dear Donalda............... she refers to everyone as Dear, such a warm and mothering endearment, it reminds me personally of the Mrs Doubtfire character, I have never met Donalda, that's exactly what I envisage, a warm, comforting mother figure who has endless time and kind word for everyone she comes across. I do not believe for one minuet that the time and effort she gives freely to all that she in involved in can ever truly be appreciated and that is why I chose this wonderful woman as part on our team.
Her work is great too :) pop over to her Sugar Nellie gallery or visit the blog link on the left.

This is Donalda's treasure box, see the full project on her blog.


One line.......

On Split coast stampers we had banner which run throughout the site with nice pictures of cards and artwork, today Lori asked for some wording, one short line to sum up Sugar Nellie. Drop me a line with your idea and I will enter you into the next candy draw.


You love EDWARD :) and I am surprised that a few of you don't know what I am on about, your missing out girls, its the love story of this generation. Remember Dirty Dancing & Grease, well Twilight is also a love story which will go down as an all time favourite.

Yes JACOB is cute when his hair is short, he's beefed out a lot but can never be any taller, and I prefer them tall. ;)

Your comments made me giggle too, glad to know I am not the only OCD sufferer out there.

Yesterdays winner is

Helen said...
Definitely Team Edward for me! ;0)Helen x
October 27, 2009 11:38 AM

Helen, please send your postal address to so we can send

out your prize.. 100% rubber 100% sweet NO calories


OMG its hot in here.....

I can across a little piece of heaven today, my love of craft crossed with my OCD (obsessive Cullen Disorder) with all things Twilight and fan fiction. Amazing themed cards and creations, go see.

It's a challenge blog of OCD sufferers......................and just take a look at Rob and know how much I am suffering
Now I know I am old enough to be his mother, but a girl can dream right?
New Moon is less than one month away and there is a gang of us going to see it on a girlie night out, I can't wait.
SO now that you have seen some eye candy, how about some Sugar Nellie candy for you this time.
I have a goodie bag to give away each day until our birthday on the first of November.
All you have to do is leave me a comment, are you team Edward or Jacob?

Charity round up

This simply stunning creation is taken from Judy's vast Sugar Nellie gallery.

And these two are from the lovely Marlene

I would like to wind up our charity fundraiser this month, Funkykits still have a few stamps left and once they are gone that's it, no more. The good news is we most definitely reached our target :) I am delighted with the response, even if I had to trim it down to a manageable size due to other things going on.
All three charity stamps can be found here, with 100% of the £5 going to the cause

I am also very touched by the ladies who emailed me their story and how much it meant for them to support this fundraiser. I am sure there are many wise words which could be used when talking about the challenges, the tears and the strength found to survive any cancer.

For those women who moved me with their story, I will use only two which are very simple, humble and genuine................thank you.


Hello to Dena

Hi, my name is Dena Concienne and I live in Houston, Texas. I have been married for 22 years to my husband Tom. We have two wonderful kids, Alyssa (19) and Wade (16).

I have been an artsy person all my life. I discovered rubberstamping several years ago when I was invited to a D.O.T.S. party (now known as Close To My Heart). I was instantly addicted and signed on to be a demonstrator. Shortly after that, I started scrapbooking too. Oh, there are so many fun things you can do with pretty paper and stamps!!!! I had to quit Close To My Heart after 7 years due to too many family activities and had stopped stamping all together for a couple of years.

Then one day, I came upon a blog with rubberstamping and that was it, I was addicted all over again. I have been blogging now for almost a year. Sugar Nellie was one of the first companies I noticed when I started blogging that had the CUTEST stamps I had ever seen! I am so happy to be on the Design Team!!! It truly is a wonderful experience.
You can find my blog at Feel free to stop by and say hello.

Hugs from Texas,

I huge welcome to Dena all the way from Texas, one place my DH says he will go on holiday too, as long as its a farm tour holiday!
Dena is a delight to have on our team, all girls are excellent at what they do, are passionate about stamping and full of their own original style and ideas.
Our DT is based all over the world, the power of the Internet, you don't have to a few miles apart to work together.

Final three

Here they are, the final three new stamps from Mary's Christmas range. Delightful each and every one of these.
All these new stamps that are coming out at the end of October.
Our DT have been working hard and I have lots of pic's of many a creative masterpieces to show you before they start work with the October stamps. Ink it up girls..........Christmas is coming :)


Introducing Sarah

I'm a Primary School teacher and have been for about 4 years now, after a 20 year career of working with children as a Teaching Assistant and Nursery Nurse.

I got married 12 years ago to Andy who is fantastic, as he puts up with me and my moods and obsessions. We have two gorgeous children: Emily, who is 10; and Cameron, who is 7. They are both a handful but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have always been a crafty person and loved creating anything. I knitted my first cardigan when I was 7 and from there designed many outfits for my long suffering dolls and teddies.I was a stay at home mum for a while and found card making through cross stitch.

I have not looked back since. I think my card designing has developed a lot further in the last year because of blog and its crafting community. I was overwhelmed to be asked to join the Sugar Nellie Design Team and have fully enjoyed the work I have done so far. I love being inspired and inspiring others. As a teacher I really do enjoy trying to find new a creative ways to teach children and many time have resorted to stamps and paper craft to help with teaching various ideas and concepts, children are naturally creative and I enjoy being a part of this process.

Thanks for all your support and keep popping by to see whats new on my blog.

Take care and Best wishes to you all

X Hugs Sarah B X
A huge welcome to Sarah and I am amazed how these ladies find the time to put so much detail into their creations, with so much going on in day to day life, children, home, family and work........I am amazed at the quality of cards they all take time to make as part of their DT commitment. Thank you girls, its very much appreciated.