Did you win

The correct answers were

1 liquorice torpedos
2 cola cubes
3 sherbet strawberries
4 edinburgh rock
5 sherbet pips
6 pear drops
7 shrimps
8 gobstoppers

and there were several of you got it 100% right, so candy bags for you all.
I will let you mark yourself and if your got them all send your addy to
info@sugarnellie.com and we can post your candy.

We have had a delivery of rubber and hope to get it to Funkykits later on in the week.



☼ Cheryl* said...

Well done winners!
I got 1 wrong :(

Shazza said...

oh of course, I remember them all now you say them lol!
well done to the winners

Lesley said...

All except those darn gobstoppers - I thought they were Rainblo bubble gum! Fun contest 'though!

Ali Watson said...

I got one wrong :( I said Sherbet Cola instead of Stawberries. I should go to Specsavers lol.

Vanja said...

Oh, I didn't get them all right... But, this was hard, I never tried half of those sweets, I guess they were very popular in UK. It was an interesting game, though.
Hugs, Vanja

Wiccababe said...

och well, got 2 wrong
congratulations to those who got it right

Kimmi said...

I think I got my answers correct, however one of em was a little iffy, so have emails to see if my answers will be accepted, if not, nevermind - I guess next time hehe!

Kimmi xx

Wilma said...

Thanks so much for the candy - wow- very generous indeed!

SemSee said...

Thanks so much for the candy Karen - WOW, so generous! Hugs, Simonne x