Christmas Sugar

Its hard to keep up with everthing at this time of year but our SUGAR SHAKER this time around is Tiets Wolfard. And she has kindly sent us a few of her fantastic creations to share with you. And to thank you Tiets we will send a little bit of festiv sugar your way. ENJOY.

Sugar Shaker

its time to shake that sugar and sprinkle some sweetness at
Thank you for pimping our blog and sharing the news about our fabby new stamps, for mentioning us you get a prize Something sweet on its way to you as soon as we track down your addy. Hope it arrives in time for Christmas :)

Friday 14th

Here in Scotland we are working flat our to fill all the orders for Christmas, but we are also looking at next year and ideas for stamps. Your ideas are always welcome, just leave a comment and we will read them all.

Reminder that we do not start wholesale until the new year and by the amount of bricks and mortar stores all over the world looking to stock these little darlings there may well be a waiting list.

For those who are busy playing with your stamps, please send us a pic of your cards as we are looking at adding a gallery full of your creations., we love to see what you do with them.

More Sugar

Do you all feel better now that you have had a sugar fix, if you missed it , they are re stocked at Even the wee dug is back Janice!

Many of of you Sugar Babes will be getting post today unless the Christmas rush has knocked your postman off his feet. Lets see those cards with Maggie and Hamish all wrapped up cozy as its a frosty morning here in Scotland, stay warm girls :)

All Gone :(

Did you miss them? Where your finger too slow on the key board?
The report back from FUNKYKITS is that the new Maggie flew off the shelf, infact some were sold out after only 10 minuets. We are making more for them and they should be back on line next week. But WOW , how much did you love those Maggies , Hamish and wee dug Angus? A bit thank you to Linda Andreu the designer and a TY too to Tracy for these cards.

Sugar Babes have been busy

This pic was sent into us by Mandy
visit her blog for more craft creations made with Sugar Nellies

This is a card made with the Luca stamp which Lythan recieved in a candy box.
Visit her blog here

Sneeky Peek

Maggie and Hamish,
maybe they should be twins,
looks like Hamish is ready to play outside in the puddles.

A wee loon

I have been waiting for this one, a wee loon in a kilt, WOW thank you Linda he is perfect.

A wee dug for Andrea

Manic Monday

SNEEKY PEEK at Hamish with his tractor, I love him, hes so cute.
Linda has done a fantastic job with this range, I just hope she's happy to do some more next year. Thank you Linda .

With two new ranges at the manufacturer, we are busy with the packaging for the new stamps.
I am hoping that they will be available by the weekend so that we can sweeten up your day and offer a sugar fix to those who need it.