surfin the web

I am enjoying some time surfing the net, its amazing what you find when your not looking for it. I am on "vacation" and enjoying some time with my family, but while I am away, work is still going on and we have some new stamps at the factory for testing.

But I did come across some new designs at
what do you think?

from Marlene

from Katharina

sittiing on tender hooks

Where does that saying come from? Anyways we have no H&S news so far today, keep turned its not far away. And as soon as we have the designs we will open up pre orders, save your pocket money its not long now. And the slogan we will be using is...........

.....not just any rubber stamp, a H&S rubber stamp.

This for those who do not get British TV, it comes from a food advert for a upmarket store, Marks and Spencer. Based on quality not quantity and only the best of ingredience are used to produce the most delicious dishes..................that says it all really.

Another fantastic card from Marlene on her blog, all the creative designers have the latest stamps so check out their blogs for some new ideas on how to use the newest release from Sugar Nellie.

How are you getting on with the sketches from Katharina? I look forward to seeing her chosen design at the weekend, if it is made with a SN stamp then we will send out a prize.

Tiets has some great news for those of you in Netherlands that fancy a day out at a castle. I am almost tempted to fly over to join her, I have been to scrap booking event but never a card making one. There is so much to learn when you start stamping and some amazing techniques, a never ending source of new ideas when you start stamping.

Sketch Challenge

Following on from my last post about getting used to putting more on a card, Katharina has many sketches on her blog, (link on the right) and as she is setting a challenge to send her a pic of your creation using her sketch, I thought we would make it a little more fun. If you join in with
"YAOB = Your Artworks On My Blog" and your card is chosen and it features a Sugar Nellie stamp we will send you a free stamp also :)
so go have a little look at all her wonderful work and see what you are inspired to create. Have fun.

And while I am here, look at this one by Tiets, more new sugar nellie cards on her blog.

Sweet & Sassy

Here she is, Sweet and Sassy, and ain't she cute! Thanks to Tiets for taking time out to play with her and I am just loving this colour combo. Pearls are becoming big news and altho I don't think they will replace bling as one of my favourite embellishment they will sit nicely along side them on my craft table.
Trends in cardmaking?
Are there trend or is there just so much of everything that everything is then trendy?
I am very much influenced by the European crafter's in that there is far more detail in they way that they put a card together, more matting and lots of flowers and brads, where as in the UK we tend to have little of anything on the cards, not that we are tight with our stash but its something that is changing for the better, flat cards are out and busy cards are in. I think my "minimal" look comes for making cards as a business and costing everything out, where as making cards for pleasure is completely different.
SO my challenge to you is use up that mountain of stash and try a little more matting and use up those flowers too. USE up your stash, because I bet, you have more than you can every use!
Rule of thirds is for scrapbooking
in card making the rule of threes..............three patterned papers, three different embellishments and three of each. Give it a try and lets get busy.

Halloween collection peek.

I just love Halloween and Eva has drawn some spooky kids, don't you just love them? Remember that there are many home decor ideas to do with these stamps and more than just cards. We will be back to show you some yummy ideas for those with a sweet tooth.

...............and karate kid too.

Sending you Sunshine

Another beautiful creation by Tiets,thank you, and yes we would like to send you all a little bit of sunshine but we cant find any here in Scotland :(

More Sugar Nellie stamps

A little look at what's to come from Sugar Nellie soon. There are such darling designs coming you will not want to miss any one of them.

We have been told by Funkykits that they are to retire a few of the first nellies in order to make room for all that's to come in the next few months.

Honey & Pip

Just a small peek at the bigger selection we have from Elisabeth. This range is Honey & Pip and although I have wrote about them a long time back, I forgot to show you how cute these wee kiddies are. All are for Christmas and there are some "crackers" to choose from. Christmas might be a long way off,{ but the weather we have in Scotland today, I think we just skipped summer and went right on to autumn} I know a lot of crafters like to get started early and these will be available shortly.
Halloween, Karate Kid, Rock Star and a few new nellies from Eva are due in next week along with Sweet and sassy from Elisabeth.

Lucky H & S candy winners

melinda 6.15
jeanet 6.45
baula 9.41
Kuka 8.49
glitter monkey 8.36
lim 3.58
martine 7.11

that's 8 out of the hat, if I find anymore candy I will draw out some more. But for those LUCKY cardmakers , H & S candy will be sent to you. Email your addy to with the subject "winner" and we will send it to you as quick as we can. Enjoy.

Lots of unwanted emails

For the lady who phoned today regarding getting a lot of "comments" emailed to her, its not a virus as suspected, it's because you must have ticked the box asking to have follow up comments emailed to your own address when you left your own comment. But i have no idea how to turn it off for you, sorry.

For all the girls in Holland

Don't you just love the sneaky peek of one of the next stamps from Elisabeth.
Look there are tulips ! We have a lot of dutch customers and we thought
you would like this one especially.

So many of you read this blog, from all over the world it seams WOW that is so amazing!
I will drawn some candy tomorrow when I am back at work.
Today I have the proof stamps for Halloween, yes its still summer but we are working so far ahead to bring you some amazing stamps. Keep tunes there is a lot more to come.

Candy time

Hello Sugar Addicts, I am still in Holland at Scrapaganza and I have the chance to meet at have classes with a lot of "names" from USA, some lovely people, some lovely classes, the most fun was with Lance from Rusty Pickle, I also thought that Donna was so nice, and I great idea in class for a quick 12" album to use up many many photos. Jeanie from Making Memories and her son, also CD and her hubby too.
But I also met Tiets :) she is tiny! but so full of talent that girls is "awsome".It was nice to see Lida again and a fantastic class she did too.
So tomorrow is the last day here and we are going to Amsterdam for more classes. Most of our friends have gone home and SAGA is now closed, how quick does it all go back in boxI dies?!

Boxes.....................candy boxes.................want one?
I have some hAnglar & stAngler rubber stamps to give away form those kindly given to me by Marie. What I need from you is a comment and where you are from, I have no idea who reads this blog and I would like to know how far it reaches in the world. be have to be in it to win it.................snooze you loose!

Candy time

Question time

Back home to a very "driech" Aberdeen last night and today there is so much to do. Thank you for your kind messages, it is good to read that maybe I have done the right thing, I am never too sure of myself.

Firstly I must thank hÄnglar & stÄnglar for allowing us this opportunity and for the lovely hospitality I received while I visited their beautiful Sweden. I promised Marie that I would look after her children as if they were my own. :)

The news is spreading like wild fire and in true Chinese whisper style, it is growing arms and legs. Unless you hear it here or via H&S it is not guaranteed to be true.

Many many questions have been asked and I will try to answer these the best I can.

The stamps available will be new designs, sold only by FK and H&S, the price will be about the same from both companies. Date will be July/Aug.

We will only be making them for, they hold the licence to retail world wide. If you are not a customer, go and register for a news letter so you don't miss anything.

The designs will be released in small batched of 6/10 as we ourselves are a small business and could not handle more. They will be available to pre order as soon as we have the designs, this will allow us to know how many to make and avoid "sell outs". Releasing them in monthly batches will also allow you a chance to keep up if you choose to collect them all :)
Priority dispatch will be given to customers who pre order one of everything. Individual stamps will also be available also on pre order. No group orders.

They will be untrimmed grey rubber as are all Sugar Nellie stamps, the option to mount on foam is the customers.

Angel Policy in the same with the added clause of no stamped image swaps and no selling sheets of images.

Sugar Nellie creative designers will all receive these stamps to create beautiful work as they always do.

That's about it for this morning, Marie kindly gave me some sweet little H & S children to smuggle out of Sweden and I have a hÄnglar & stÄnglar candy drop to add to the blog soon. Yummy Swedish candy :)

7 more hour in Sweden

I am on my way home, now that I am at the airport with 7 hours until I fly, I wish maybe I had done some shopping. Last night we were are out for a meal next to a shopping mall with Pandouro (sp) but it was late and the mall was closed. I am sure it will be open now but I am sat at the airport but at least internet connection is easy and cheap here.

What else can I tell you, Sugar Nellie will be making hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps in the UK for Funkykits. This way the world outside Sweden and Norway can play with these darlings. This is BIG news, for many years I have watched the galleries with cards made with these children but feeling frustrated that they were not available. This year things are changing, have a lot of stamps for sale but only to Sweden and Norway. If you do not know this brand, which planet are you on?! Have a look at Marie's site and also at the blog.

So got tell your friends, all the forums which ask about H&S, you can be first to tell them this exciting news.
Start to feed the family beans and sharpen those prisma pencils :)
The adoption process has started!

All is good :)

Today was very mixed, I was so nervouse, it is such a long time since I felt this way.
It was the most beautiful day in Falun, and after almost 1½ days traveling I was here.
I spent a lovely afternoon with a delightful couple in their beautiful home, the best bit is to be in the studio belonging to Marie. I could not believe that here I was in the home of
hÄnglar & stÄnglar!

I will tell you more when I get home tomorrow, have a beautiful day where ever in the world you may be.

It's a Long Way to Tipperary..

... and I am a long way from home. So here I am girls, sat sweltering in the smallest but most expencive hotel room ever. The shower room is skin tight! and its a single bed for me tonight. I am sure that I have a shower room bigger than this Hotel room. But saying that I have the most wonderful view from this very old building (built in1884), I can see right down to Burger King, yes every town centre has one but which city centre am I in tonight?

For those of you are sitting at home biting your nails, I have arrived safe and well, a little hicup along the way but I am here now and looking forward to a very intresting day tomorrow :)