Christmas cheer

A little peek at the new Christmas range from Sugar Nellie, we have more snowmen than Santa's and a reindeer or two, not forgetting some elegant Mary & Joseph with baby Jesus.

Sweet Swedish Sunday

I hope that you have a little time today to sit and be creative in your own little space where ever it may be in the world. I am amazed at the visitors who call in to read these few words. Thank you Sugar Babes, your support is very much appreciated.

I have had a few minuets to play with the hAnglars that Marie gifted to us when I went to H&S HQ back in June. I love these little darlings, I am sure you will too.

We ( SN & FK) are looking at the which UK mags will cover the new release of this range. We are still to make up our minds and the samples for the feature, but as you know, this is HUGE news in the stamping world. Never have stampers gone to so much trouble to get there inky hands on these stamps. Has it been the fact that they are not available that made them wanted so much ?
or is it that they are so well illustrated?
what have you done to to get your hands on hAnglars?

Now that computers are back working in the office, we will get all outstanding candy posted this week to those who have been luck to be having a little sweetness posted your way.

The future..........

A big congratulations to Tiets, crafting at the castle was a great success, well done to all the girls involved and I look forward to seeing what all was made at this great event.

A box of beautiful cards arrived from Tiets today, thank you Sugar babe, they are wonderful :)
The future...........what does it hold?
Which direction will we take as we approach our first birthday at Sugar Nellie?
So many choices, so many ways to go..............................time will tell :)
and a good saying here in Scotland is
"what for you will not go by you"
in other words if it's meant to be it will.
Anyone want a little bit of candy to make the weekend sweeter?
Tell me what you think the next hot trend will be in stamping, we have seen robot and birds, whats next? What would you like to see?

Warm and fuzzy

Warm and fuzzy is a good way to express how I feel when one lovely lady refers to me as "dear", I often come across comments from her all over the blog world, she takes the time to say nice things to people all the time.

She calls everyone dear ,and it makes me feel very young, she is a mother and a grandmother and such a lovely lady.

Donalda, I grant you three wishes :) .............. that makes me feel like a fairy godmother!

When I suggested the wish list I did not mean only Sugar Nellie stamps, anything and everything crafty should be on your wish list, you have no idea who is looking.
And especially our creative designers, you both need that wish list as you have so many things we don't know what you would like as a surprise. ;)

shaking the sugar about

I would like to send some candy to Deb, who's blog I can across on my travels this week. I love all the cards and the way she puts her cards together, fantastic.

{It was also pointed out to me this week that our candy has no "additives", there are no conditions to receiving Sugar Nellie candy, we don't ask you to have a link banner on your blog, we don't ask you to bring traffic to our blog, we don't ask that you pimp us at every turn.
No No No. We do not use you as a marketing tool. We simple give out the candy to anyone who cares to visit and leave a comment when there is a draw or if we find you on our travels in blog land and like what we see.}

So tell Deb that she was spotted and her work admired so much that there is candy waiting for her at the sugar warehouse, just email with your addy Deb so that something sweet comes your way. Congratulations you are a great cardmaker and inspiration to others.
And this is what brought me to your blog

We have had so much rain here in Scotland that my feet are now webbed, and together with the idea of saving a few coins for those little Swedish beauties , made me think "what a lovely idea", nothing to do with the theme for one of the H & S stamps ;)
Maggie is one of our favourite characters and yours, blue and green, fantastic colour combo.
I LOVE IT. Thank you Deb.
Wish lists, I wish you all had one on your blog, that way friends and visitors could see what it is that you would like next on your craft shopping list, with so many of us watching what we spend, it would be far easier for our friends see what we would like as a gift if we had a Wish List.
I for one like to give random gift no matter what size when not expected, it's far more of a surprise and can come totally out of the blue and is so much more appreciated. I cant tell you how good it makes me feel to receive a hand made Sugar Nellie creation in the post amongst all the boring stuff that the post man brings, I would like you to get that "feel good" buzz.
So go take a minuet to add a WISH LIST to your side bar of your blog and maybe, just maybe you might get a surprise :)


...............the contractions have started!
(for those of you who think I am mad, I AM!)

For those of you who have not been reading this blog........................I have a little bit of news :)

The new hAnglar & stAnglar children are absolutely gorgeous as always, Marie is a perfectionist and has done fantastic work on the new stamps. We love then Marie.

The girls at funkykits are jumping up and down with excitement, they cant wait to bring you these gorgeous Swedish children, we cant wait to make these for them. And the best news is we get to play with them too, as do our creative design team.

Marlene and Tiets do a fantastic job turning our little bits of rubber into beautiful cards, we received some samples from Marlene this week too. I love them more in real life.

To both our creative designers a big thank you and I bet you cant wait for H & S either? :)

From Tiets

Tiets has been busy, some delightful creations on her blog, nip over for a look at the inside of
"friends" for a lovely poem too.

Its very wet here in Scotland, in fact there is a risk of flooding in town, and the country side is seeing the end of a good harvest. So if you are sitting somewhere warm and dry with the sun beating down on you from a clear blue sky.................enjoy it you are lucky.

Now I went looking for a card with Maggie in the rain, I am sure I had one but it is the most appropriate stamps for today's weather.

Colour me in........

I received some cards today from Karen { } . Thank you Karen, they are lovely.
Karen came into the store last time with copics and pro markers, me I am still playing with my prisma pencils and blending stumps when I get time. I love the way these have turned out and wonder about other colour options.
I first came across pro markers in Marie's studio in Sweden, I have not yet given in and purchased these but I was thinking about what you use to colour your stamps. Share your tips with the sugar babes and we can all try something new.

Bev has used primsa colour pencils on her cards , I love her cards and loads of ribbons too

We still have computer problems at the office so please be patient with us if you are sending emails.

Christmas is comming

I know its just August and some of you have not even had your summer holidays yet, but today I had to take delivery of the Christmas tree for the new store, no its not real, but by the end of the month it will be jingle bells all the way.............

Sadly we will not be getting any more images from Rachelle :(

But we have Honey and Pip Christmas range designed by Elisabeth Bell which are due back in stock this week.

I have found a replacement for Rachelle on our stamp design team, I am very pleased that yet again Sugar Nellie will bring something new and different to the stamp world.

No news on hAnglar yet but I know that Marie is working on it and that in Sweden they are only back to work this month.

Sending you a little smile

WOW what can I say, amongst the pile of daily mail which any business has to open, it was a delight to come across a thank you from Erica :) and yes everyone who has seen it smiled too. It has been on display on the counter for all customer to see, we are so delighted with it, THANK YOU ERICA, you are just a darling for doing that.

I know that Funkykits also receive thank you cards and they have all been put up on display in the new PaperCrafts Boutique store which opened last week in ELGIN.

Blog hoppin'

well done to these blogger for winning some sweet sugar nellie candy :)

email us with your details so we can send out your sugar.

We also received some sugar today, I was amazed at the kindness show by a very happy sugar nellie customer..............tomorrow I will post pictures as it is truly delightful gift to receive in the post.

Connected at long last

I just had to run out and buy a wigget that gives me mobile broadband, I was pulling my hair out without Internet{and at my age hair loss is a big issue}, so after a few hour its all connected and I hope that it works in all three of my desks work desks.

Writing this blog is only one of my jobs for SN, the other one is choosing the new stamp designs :), wow that is the almost the best bit, I said almost, THEE best bit is seeing what you think of the new designs, that's where the buzz is.
I ain't going to share anything with you today, yes I am a tease, I always planned for a bit of time off in July/August as I know its going to be manic soon, but there is a lot going on behind closed doors.

So I hope that you are enjoying your sugar free time with family and friend this summer and that the weather is better in Ireland than in Scotland today {yes I read all the comments}

I thank Erika Gunter for the fantastic 4 page spread in Craft Stamper.

I know Marlene has been busy too, read her news here

and after a quick skip about the blogs I see that Tiets has had a huge sugar fix LOL

Thank you all girls your work is fantastic.

Thank you to all those illustrators who send us in samples of work, we are always delighted to see the talent that is out there as its very hard work skipping about the blog world looking for possible new designers.
I have a lot of catching up to do and I will be back very soon, don't go away, you don't want to miss anything do you now?