Stuck on you!

Kate has been playing in the House of Sugar, I think these are super cute and you should all try them as you have a few stamps, right?

Stamp colour and attach to sticky backed magnetic sheets, cut out and glaze. Done..... easy peesy :)

Try something new with your stamps. Great to make with kids in the holidays.OR I hear a few of you doing kids craft parties and these would be good but maybe with out the glaze as I doubt it would dry fast enough for little fingers to take home!

take care



Chelsea garden show was on the TV today and as I was writing up this blog I thougth we would honour all green fingered godesses with our selection of stamps, but we have so many we could only choose a few....


FK candy winners Pt 2

project using shrink plastic and Sugar Nellie stamps, do you have anything to show off, add a link in the comments box and if we feature you, something sweet will come your way :)

Mark has been off sick this week, poor thing. Now that he's back on the mend and catching up with his work, all claimed candy has been sent so lets have him draw some more...........

Girls, as a thank you for putting our banner on your blog, Mark would like to send you a little something, germ free of course! email and the subject is banner candy.

The sun is shining here in Scotland today, my son has a school trip into the forest, here's hoping is stays dry for them. But with his class gone it leaves our little school some what empty......14 children is all that's left today at Alves primary, its going go be quiet in the lunch hall.

Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing your shrink plastic projects, they don't have to be SN but it helps.

Sarah and her girls

Today I have a few cards from Sarah, you can visit her Sugar Nellie Gallery to see all her wonderful work.
I picked out a few of the girls from home grown. Sarah used these super sweet girls on a word book, a lot of work but well worth it in the end.


Janiel and Diane Duda

Janiel has an amazing eye for detail and does not stop at cards, the extra crafty bits she does are inspirational. How many of you have put a stamped image on a candle? There are many other things you can create besides a card and Janiel's blog is full of these extras.

Above she has used Diane Duda's designs for Sugar Nellie, these are rubber but below you can find images that are available in an instant via Funkykits as Digital Images.

Visit Janiel's Sugar Nellie Gallery and see many many beautiful things.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog today, we appreciate your time and hope that this little Scottish stamp company inspires you to create.
Go on........... ink those stamps up, you know your want to! ;)

Hop & Candy PT1

The Fantastic Five, AKA as the DT are having a blog hop today, remember that the girls in USA are not even up yet, so give them a minuet to do their posting but start with Judy.

Mark has picked 7 winner so far, he has traveled many mile around blog land and once he catches up on orders today he can walk some more and pick out some  other winners, today's lucky winners need to email Mark and the subject is Banner Candy.


Have a great day

Monday Mangas

I am not in the House Of Sugar today as our local school  has yet another day off! So I am at home with our two youngest and just a little computer time as I catch up with household chores and over filled washing baskets, sometimes going to works is good but then again, the house work is still here when I get home!

Thank you to Dena who sent some lovely cards to the HOS, I especially loved the new Manga Rock star and Goth girl, we will be showing those off in store. Thanks Dena samples are very much appreciated and treasured.

I took a look back at all the DT work Dena has done for SN and have chosen some more from the Manga range just to show you have versatile this range has become. Soon we will be working with Halloween and Christmas Mangas, it was a surprise to some customers in the store on Saturday to see me working with Halloween boxes! Yes we need to work a few seasons ahead as August to November is so busy there is not enough days in the week.

On my desk tomorrow will be a few new promotions *wink* I try to work with the UK magazines to offer coverage of  all of our ranges. With the help of the DT we have several feature in the pipe line, our girls as fantastic at what they do and have been happy to create for publications.

Events local to us here in Scotland is also something I am working on but having great difficulty finding an advanced copics demonstrator in central Scotland, any ideas leave a comment and I will read and delete.

Tomorrow Mark at Funkykits will pick his 20 blogs who shared our banner and dish out a little candy to them, thank you all who took part, its great to wander around blog land and find new and fresh ideas, I do not know where the times goes.

Take care


Challenge 8 on SCS

Evening my fellow Sugar fans, good to see so many of you managed to follow those simple instructions for a spring card last week, will be popping off to draw the winner in a minute, but thought I'd start this thread up first.

I guess you are all keen to see what I want to see you create this week, well I'll tel you, I want to see flowers, how you interpret this is upto you, you could use a stamp with flowers in it, suck as some of the new Mary Halls, could be a Leanne Ellis one, the choose is wild with our beloved Sugar Nellies, should you wish you could use flowers as an embellishment, or on your backing papers, the choice as they say is yours.

Now, as I am heading off on holiday on Saturday 29th, all going to plan the house sitters will arrive and look after the animals, and the volcanic ash doesn't throw a huge spanner in the works, so I plan to leave this challenge open until my return on 8th June, but for all you sugar fans I will post another challenge early for you all on Thursday 27th so that you still have a weekly challenge, and I will be looking forward to seeing all your fabby creations when I return.
Anyway good luck, and can't wait to see all the beautiful flower creations.
Have a good week, I'll try and be around more this week now I got my computer fixed.
Hugs Fiona xxxx
Thanks Fiona you are doing a sweet job over on the SCS forum, link at top of this page. Prize for this challenge is 3 stamps, your choice :)
Some changes over on the Sugar Bowl, we cant wait to see what Gayle has planned, I am sure what ever it is there will be some amazing work from the team to inspire you all.
have a great weekend

Power to the people!

Thank you girls for all your support yesterday, I know it was nothing to do with me but I was so mad and if things like that are not stopped, eventually it would end up being an issue for Sugar Nellie too.
Both CD's were pulled, one seller is in hiding and for the 23 greedy crafters who purchased the H & S CD, here's hoping that the scanned in stamped images are so poor you cant use them!

I am great believer in Karma.

But today the sun in shining in Scotland, YAH, were are having a heat wave.
Last weekend I was able to catch up with Judy in person over at Alford, we had a great chat about lots of things, its good to get a second opinion as most decisions in the HOS. The DT are being sent out the new Kathy Hare stamps today, not all of them but enough to take part in the blog hop early next month. I am hoping that by then the DT will all be uptodate with there creations.

Here are two from Judy, first one using Leanne Ellis's FLEUR stamped on kraft
and the other cutie is Mary Hall's FORET ME NOT. Both have a lot of stitching and layers but I am told that
Judy has in fact been trying Clean And Simple CAS ! We look forward to seeing those Judy :)


report this seller if you love
 Hanglar  & Stanglar stamps.

Do not buy, I see that those that have purchased this CD have hidden their details, as they know this is fraud. Shame on you crafters !

It was to many people's delight that Marie chose to sell stamps on ebay, this will sicken her and I for one do not want her to revert back to selling only to Scandinavia.

This is so wrong on many levels and I am disgusted with seller

Log into your account and report this item as
=Counterfiets and breach or copyright.
=enabling duplication or copyright material

I have been unable to get Marie on the phone today but I am pleased to see the CD has been pulled, thanks to all the crafters who reported it,  it was pulled withing 30min of me finding it.

AND here is one ripping off Magnolia
sellers details at the bottom of the page, shame on you JULIE.
Magnolia have been sent your name and address for legal reasons.
this is fraud, report it now!

Viva Las Vegastamps rubber stamp store

WOW would you look at this store, OK so there is no chance of me ever getting over there but think of all the pennies I just saved!

Strange that this is so impressive the day after we reduce to clear wood mounted stamps in our little Scottish store. The price and fashion trends have changed so much in the last few years that we decided that all wood mounted stamps are to go. I am sure that I will be tempted again to buy selected ranges in but with so many stamp companies changing over to unmounted stamps I think that that's the way forward. Remember PSX, along with Hero Arts this were the first stamps I ever purchased and no doubt still have them............somewhere. But these days, as a crafter I buy a lot of unmounted and have had no problems at all with them, I still favour rubber to clear cling that because I believe good rubber gives the best results.

Monday Buzz

A little selection of Manga images on beautiful cards by Dena and Janiel,
 our Manga stamps can all be found here.

Its becoming very exciting in the House of Sugar today I received some "special" sketches for a new range that has us all buzzing with excitement.

We know you are all disappointed that we have had no new stamps from Suzanne in almost a year, so we have been  busy searching the art world for something similar but different .Its been amazing looking at all the illustrations that fit this brief and could fill the gap in our catalogue (a little thank you for the sugar babes who sent links to possible artists too these are always welcome) and having picked the best two that I have ventured upon, I am now sitting looking at some amazing sketches of a new proposed character who will be exclusive to Sugar Nellie and offer a great variety of quality illustrations which I just know you are going to love. With these, Kathy Hare and new Home Grown ranges coming out this summer on top of our regular illustrators,we are very happy at the forecast for the next couple of months.
Get your sun screen out babes its getting hot in the House of Sugar!

A winner.........

card made by Dena using a digi stamp, find an instant sugar fix here

Congratulations to

Sharon said...

I think the artist is Kathy Hare. I'm looking forward to seeing the new stamps.

May 13, 2010 5:06 PM

Sharon a set of six will be with you as soon as they are released, start of June :)
email your details for and Mark the Funkykits Man will send them out to you.

Give me a moment........

It was a sad day yesterday in the HOS, we received some bad news that had us reaching for the kleenex. I don't usually take personal or emotional stuff on to the blog, but this time I bend the rules, me being me I would find it hard to say these things out loud.
Forgive me today for I have a friend who needs to hear this, not everyone out there wants or asks for sympathy a lot of people including myself would keep things private, but she knows who she is, it's her story to tell not mine but these are my words to you babe.

You are a wonderful and honest person.
A much loved Mother Sister Wife and Friend
You are beautiful inside and out no matter what looks back at you in the mirror today :P
but most of all
you are strong.

I am woman Hear me ROAR!

I am here for you, anything, anytime.

New Artist Clue #2

Good morning Sugar Babes, well yesterdays little competition leads me to believe we have a leek in the House of Sugar, or maybe even a spy! How on earth did so many of you get it right! LOL, maybe you just had to google my quote, was it that easy?

No clue today, you don't need it.

I am delighted to welcome Kathy Hare to our family of illustrators, I am sure that she will bring something new to the world of stamping. I have carefully picked out 6 new stamps based on works in her gallery, you will not know which one until the blog hop, but it would be interesting to see if you and me are on the same wave length here, which one would you  choose?

Kathy Hare Galleries

If you would like to know more about Kathy she also has a blog, go over and give here a huge welcome. I have not been working with Kathy for long but her work is flawless, sketches are perfect first time around and I think she will much appreciated for her true artist talent by stampers.

 I am delighted to add another illustrator to our family, along with a great DT, Gayle and her Sweeties over on the challenge blog, Fiona who overseas the forum on SCS and last but not least Kate and Mark in the House of Sugar. We all work together to bring you the best we can and are always looking forward to changing times and try to keep up with all that fashionable in stamping. For those of you who have been with us from the start will know, it has its ups and downs but its has been a lot of fun, long may in continue.

I will come back later and draw a winner from yesterday, I will be back later once I get to my desk at the HOS.


New Artist

Stamp is Little Artist from our Home Grown Range

I might have hinted at this before, you know I love to tease you LOL. We do have a new artist, rubber is due to arrive anytime this week and I would like to get that out to the DT so that we can do a fantastic welcome blog hop at the start of June.

 My fingers are itching to show you a peek, I have no self control or patience, but for now we will play a little guessing game.........................who do you think our new artist might be?

Clue #1;
"My name is ************ and I'm a Freelance Illustrator based  in the U K.
I have always had a passion for drawing, so after raising my children I decided I wanted to make a career out of this talent.
After five years of study, I graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration.
I am a traditional Illustrator and work mainly with pastels and coloured pencils but still enjoy experimenting and playing with all types of media."

I have no idea how quick you will get this one but I will be very interested to read you answers ;)
If more than one of you gets it right, names will go in a draw for a full set of six new stamps when these are released.
Now you know that Sugar Nellie ever disappoints, the rubber stamps business is beyond saturated with cute stamps, we are moving forward to bring you better quality stamps, something different, you deserve the best artist with style and professional qualities, we would like to offer you that and over the next few months you will see little changes.
Take care

Team Nellie

Those of you who know me, learnt along time ago that I have OCD, yes that's Obsessive Cullen Disorder, team Edward and Twilight crazy and for someone my age that's my guilty pleasure. Having done the books and films over and over I spent the last year on fan fiction and still to this day read far too much!

When Kate arrived for work in the HOS today she showed me this card, Team Nellie I had a little laugh to myself, its delightfull with Cheerleader Manga and those too cute pom pom flowers. The card style is one she used in her class last night but being far too easy on her pupils she had it all cut and pre folded, me I am a hard task master and would have made them do it all, how else are they going to learn!

Is there any addict out there who attend classes local to you? Here at the HOS we have been thinking about Sugar Nellie may going on the road this summer? Would you attend a day of sweetness, demo, classes and lots of sugar? Sorry but at the moment we will only be trying out Scotland, but if you are further a field and fancy a Sugar Nellie day at your local shop, let them to get in touch with us and we can see what can be arranged. It might be a long summer if flights are going to disrupted, I can't see me going any where soon.

Take care and I hope there is no snow where you are today, stay warm.

Do something new with your stamps...

Have you ever layered you stamps? It's like home made decoupage. Well now is a good time to try it out as that is the challenge over on SCS forum and you can join in with Fiona and the sugar addicts, try challenge 6 and you could win three stamps of your choice, easy peasy :)

News in theHouse of Sugar and a great tutorial with distressed inks, we love those colours.


Candy time........

So girls here are the last two from the set of six new Mary Hall stamps, I think these are her best ones yet :)
There is no doubt that at the House of Sugar we like to offer you variety and in having different illustrators we can keep a fresh look to our range.
SO I have a little candy bag to give away, as always before a launch we offer up a set of stamps to our faithful followers, I am also on the look out for some fresh new talent to help with an up an coming blog hop this summer, leave me a link to your blog so I can see your work and you will also be included in the draw for candy. This is open to followers, there are plenty of you so don't be shy.

A little bit of Tartan

Kate who runs the retail store, Papercrafts in Elgin, has been playing in her spare time, how she finds the time I do not know, but a lot of the amazing samples in store are done by Kate. Its a shame my photography lets  the side down because this card has got to be seen for full effect.

Here we have another delightful stamp coming to you next week, I know that Mark at Funkykits is waiting for another delivery of Magnolias before putting these online, but he does have them all. So do the DT and keep an eye out for them on their blog's.

He has also been going to our list of followers and  looking out for our logo on your site, he has visited many of your blogs and only found a few with the logo, did you miss out on a prize?  Pick this logo up and show it on you blog, linking back to here, thank you :)

You must see this........

I aint going to show your here but pop over to Janiel's blog and see thee most adorable baby set using Penny Black.

Now back to my post today, while hopping about blog land I notice two of the DT have made cards with Goldie locks, here is Janiel's little beauty, this card also fits the Sugar bowl Challenge.

 I have to say that many a day I sit and wonder what I will make, I spend more time wondering than making and following a challenge saves loads of precious crafting time because you have a guide which you then follow. It cuts down the "thinking about what I will do today" time down to a minimum and increases crafting time and we never have enough of that do we? Not to mention the chance to win free craft goodies ;)


Sweet Pea

Hello girls, what do you think of this little cutie pie, she is SWEET PEA and is the third of six new stamps from Mary Hall. These as you can see are bigger than usual to make colouring easier, I did have a play with her last night on my craft table but Sarah makes such a better job than I do, so I will spare you the agony of looking at one of my  creations and show off the DT's work, that's why they were cherry picked for their amazing talent which puts me so far in the shade that it is pitch black!

Sarah has also used a set from SU which I just so happened to buy last week along with the birdie punch :)

 Be more productive than me today please girls,
 as I say to the children, if you don't play with it you don't need it.*panic stations everyone*


We are giving away..........

Six sweet stamps and a lovely Martha Stewart punch, a must for any good crafter.
That is the prize over on the Sugar Bowl challenge blog. Here is the sketch by Marlene

And this is what Judy made of it using the stamp I mentioned yesterday

A huge thanks to all the Sweeties for their hard work over on the Sugar Bowl, you girls are fantastic.

I have been a busy bee today, even if I did have JR with me. A short couple of hours in the House of Sugar organizing promotions and sponsorships, ssshhh cant tell you yet and home to play with my stickers, Yes Judy I need all of those but I might share ;)

So where are the rest of the Mary Hall stamps I hear you ask, here is the next one, Sunflowers guarantee to bring a little sunshine into your life even on a rainy day. I must admit that I purchased a packet of Sunflower seeds in order to do something with this stamps but its yet to get from my brain onto the craft table, IYKWIM?!

So I will pick Sarah's card as an example instead, remember to take a look at the DT's blogs, these girls do a fantastic job and not only work with SN stamps but like all good crafters they love all brands of yummy rubber.


Tulips from Amsterdam

Not true this time, it's tulips from Sugar Nellie! The next six stamps designed by Mary Hall have been sent out to the DT and Sarah has been quick off the mark and made one using the little girl with tulips. All six new stamps are flower themed and have been made bigger for easy colouring in. We have a great following in Netherlands and today I dedicate this stamp to all you lovely Dutch ladies. I sure do miss the once a year trip to Scrap a Ganza, there is nothing like it anywhere else and it was such a giggle between classes a real girly time :)
These are not available yet, but by the time I show you all six I am sure they will be packed and sent over to Funkykits.

I spend the day in Inverness, sitting in Starbucks on my beloved notebook #2, watching the world go by, such an interesting hobby, people watching. I was waiting for my car to be serviced and needed yes I needed to go to Accessorise to get puff stickers as used by Helen. This is a girl after my own heart, I see so much of myself in her, especially the love of a good bargain :), now I have to think what to do with this much needed bargains, all 42 packets of them!

And last but not least, congratulations to Erika for being the new Personal Impressions demonstrator for the NE of Scotland, I look forward to your monthly visits to our "local store for local people". Its going to be so hard for you to have to work with all those yummy MS punches and Nestabilities, so hard :P

Sugar Coated Candy Colours

Good morning sugar addict, and welcome to all the new members of this fast growing addiction. Mark at Funkykits tells me he has had a fare few new customers this weekend as he put the Manga stamps live. And its no surprise to me as the DT have excelled themselves with this set. You must go see what sugar coated candy colour Judy, Janiel and Dena have used with Cheerleader, I think I just fell in love with this stamp all over again! I ain't going to show you here because the girls would love you visit them and let them know what you think, after all we all love a little praise now and then.

Judy                     Janiel                Dena

And congratulations to Sarah who was picked to show case some super cute stamps from CC Designs, which are fast becoming the number 2 top selling brand over on Funkykits.
Sarah has lots of creative inspiration using these little darling over on her blog and even took the time to do a promarker tutorial.

Watch out for the new Craft Stamper, the girls on the DT have been busy :)

How do you colour yours?

We have an advert on the TV for Cream Eggs where Austin Powers asks "how do you eat yours?"

SO I ask How do you colour yours? Are you  Pro Markers or Copics, maybe you use pencils, prisma or watercolour? Whatever you use are you happy with the outcome or still trying to get the right look for you image?

Our DT have their Mangas and I thought it would be nice to show you how they have done theirs as you wait for yours to arrive in the post. The top three are from Donalda, beautiful work and such lovely colour combos.

And these amazing cards are from Dena, they look great in red and black.
Remember to vist  our DT to see more great creations using sweet stamps.

Now I am off to hunt  for some more Manga creations as those who attended the Papercrafts May Demo also have some to play with, I just need to skip my way through blog land to find them, always keeping my eyes open for any Sugar Nellie creations that I spot along the way.


Sugar Overload

It was a very busy day in the HOS yesterday, Mark from Funkykits put all the new stamps live before leaving for a long May Day weekend, the post office is closed Monday so orders will be dispatched on Tuesday. Lucky bags and Mangas are both available now along with all our other lovely stamps.

In our store on Saturday we were kept very busy by crafters from near and far, a shout out to all our visitiors from Ellon and Inverness. Our two demonstrators for the day were Kate and Erika who where kept busy showing tips and tricks in all sorts of cardmaking and mini books.

On the Sugar Nellie desk is several new stamp designs along with a new illustrator. :)
But for now I wish you all a lovely May Day Weekend and the sun shines where ever you are.