All Gone :(

Did you miss them? Where your finger too slow on the key board?
The report back from FUNKYKITS is that the new Maggie flew off the shelf, infact some were sold out after only 10 minuets. We are making more for them and they should be back on line next week. But WOW , how much did you love those Maggies , Hamish and wee dug Angus? A bit thank you to Linda Andreu the designer and a TY too to Tracy for these cards.


Marga said...

Woooh they are gorgeous!!!!
I was one of the lucky girls who could by a couple of new ones...........not all I want, but.........a nice excuse to order again, hihihihi

Elaine said...

I missed them. I should never have shared the link I'm sure they would have disappeared just as quickly anyway! BUMMED I tell you! I'm BUMMED!

Wendy Schoonhoven said...

I was too late to order that time, but in the mean while I've managed to order them again. They should be here in about two weeks...I can hardly wait for them to get here....they are so so cute!! xxx Wendy.