One line.......

On Split coast stampers we had banner which run throughout the site with nice pictures of cards and artwork, today Lori asked for some wording, one short line to sum up Sugar Nellie. Drop me a line with your idea and I will enter you into the next candy draw.


You love EDWARD :) and I am surprised that a few of you don't know what I am on about, your missing out girls, its the love story of this generation. Remember Dirty Dancing & Grease, well Twilight is also a love story which will go down as an all time favourite.

Yes JACOB is cute when his hair is short, he's beefed out a lot but can never be any taller, and I prefer them tall. ;)

Your comments made me giggle too, glad to know I am not the only OCD sufferer out there.

Yesterdays winner is

Helen said...
Definitely Team Edward for me! ;0)Helen x
October 27, 2009 11:38 AM

Helen, please send your postal address to so we can send

out your prize.. 100% rubber 100% sweet NO calories



Tracey Feeger said...

Hahaha I am too another OCD sufferer. I can't get enough of Twilight and am so so so looking forward to New Moon which we are lucky enough here in Australia to see it a day before everyone else.

Will have to get my thinking cap on for the wording.

K said...

Sweet images for the forever young

Jean Peters said...

Sugar and Spice and All things Nice

Jean x

Mandy said...

congratulations!! enjoy your sweet prize!!

Carmen said...

I actually think your parting comment on your post sums up your site the best:

100% rubber 100% sweet NO calories

Where better than from the..uh.. horses mouth ;)

Julie M said...

Versatile images, some cute, some quirky, for grown-ups who like colouring!!!


BallooBear said...

Sugar Nellie..the stamps that dreams are made of...

KJ said...

I think your own quote is just perfect ..... "100% rubber 100% sweet - NO calories" It would certainly get my attention ;) Congrats to Helen on your win, I'm soooo jealous! xx

weekend-crafter said...

Ok here is my "One Line" describing your stamps.

Cute images for any occassion.

How's that?


Whimsey said...

"Stamps as sweet as Sugar"

Hmm....I'll have to think on this! :D

Milla said...

I'm really crap with these kinds of things but here goes... "Sugar Nellie rubber stamps - lots of sugary sweetness for the stampers' sweet tooth!"

(Yes, I know it's lame but you've got to try... ;) )

Ro said...

Home of the wee sweeties!!

Bubbles said...

As Sweet as Sugar!
A Spoon Full of Sugar Stamping Sweetness!
or as you say
100% rubber 100% sweetness, no calories! Great for those on a diet!!

Joanne x

Whimsey said...

Stamps for every stamper's sweet tooth!

Minxy said...

A Sugar Nellie a day keep the dentist away ;)

The Cutest Creations for Stamping Generations

SUGAR NELLIE = Non of the calories but Twice the stamping fun!
hugs Minxy

Trina said...

Oh my goodness...this is a hard one. I have some favorites from the ones that have already been given. How about I just tell you which ones are my favorite. I love the "stamps as sweet as sugar" and the "100% rubber 100% sweet NO calories". I sure hope you chose one of these!
or how about: Sugar Nellie - everyone needs a spoon full of sugar!! Designed for the sweet of heart!
Oh, and I am team Edward all the way!!

Leah l'Orange said...

one line?

"stampable sweeties for every occasion"

i love that the lines are so broad, and will work for ANY kind of card or creative project.

Unknown said...

Hmm am not good at these wording things really, shall have a think on:) I missed these posts while I was away so having a little catch up. Congrats to the candy winner-enjoy!

Helen said...

Woo hoo! Can't believe I won the goodie bag! Have emailed you my addy :0)
Helen x

Wiccababe said...

I have to agree with Carmen, KJ and Bubbles your parting line is perfect

Vanja said...

I also love the "100% rubber 100% sweet NO calories" line. I think it's very nice and effective.

And how about:
"The scent of rubber with the taste of sugar".

Hugs, Vanja

Lenoria said...

How about:
A little stamping sweetness that will melt your heart!