Shaped card tutorial by Tiets!!

I had lots of comments and emails saying how much you loooved the card Tiets had published in the magazine so i asked her if she would provide a quick tutorial to share her with you and she agreed!!! Yay!!

Are you ready ........

1. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to 13.5cm x 27cm then fold each piece in half giving you two 13.5cm square card blanks.

2. Using the fold lines as central reference points, cut one piece of card diagonally from the bottom of the fold to the top right corner and cut from the bottom of the fold to the top left corner on the second piece of card as shown in the below picture.

3. Glue the two middle square pieces of the cardstock together.

4. Cut another piece of cardstock to 13.3cm x 30.5cm. Fold 8.3cm in from each end of the card.

5. Stick this new piece of cardstock behind the one we just glued lining up the folds we made either size of the ‘square’ shape formed as shown in the picture below.

6. Now is the time to decorate the inside of the card with pretty papers, stamps, images, flowers, greetings etc.

7. Cut two nestablilities the same size from cardstock. Glue them either side of one of the triange shapes with ribbon inbetween ( this step is a little hard to explain but you can clearly see in the fab picture Tiets took!!! - one nestie either side with the ribbon in the middle)

8. This is the basic card shape!! We now need to add a piece of ribbon to the other side of the card so it can close. In the image below you can see that Tiets has stuck the nesties to the triangle on the right, and has a piece of ribbon next to the triangle on the left.

Stick one end of the ribbon straight onto the left side of the card and then cover over the join with your pretty papers. You should end up the ribbon coming from behind the paper so you can tie it up with the ribbon from behind the nesties - as shown on Tiets funished sample.

Thats it!! You can now make lots of fabulous card too!!! Here is a picture of the decorated inside.

Gorjuss isn't it!!! Ok ... now you know how to make it i would love to see your cards!!!!!!!


craftyb said...

Thank you so much Tiets for taking the time to share this fab tutorial with us all...I might just give it a go! bx


Wow this fabulous,thankyou for this,
Hugs Dianne xx

Fleur said...

Wow it looks stunning- going to have a go.
Hugz Fleur xXx

Shaela said...

fabulous tutorial - I'll have to try it sometime :)

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh I love Tiets cards, and this one is stunning! What a great tutorial, thank you so much for sharing, its really inspirational! :)

Ellis said...

Cool folding and shape, might have to try that one! =)

Hugs, Elenor

Sue said...

Thanks for this,will try later.
Hugs Sue

☼ Cheryl* said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I will have to try it, it looks fantastic :)

Linapyssel said...

Hi there!!!

Thank you for visiting me leaving a sweet comment (Happy!!) I love your blog and a Gerat tutorial for this fun pretty card!!!
Thank you for following my blog!!!

have a great day my friend!!
Hugs Lina

Fleur said...

Have, made a card, using you tutorial, really pleased with it and i have linked to your origional instructions.
Hugz Fleur xXx

Julye said...

hiya fab tutorial, don't know if this is where I should leave it but here's my attempt thanks and will certainly have another go . Julye