SOS- The final Countdown

The final Countdown, who sang that song? I can hear it in my head, volume up high, was it Europe?

One week to go, well that would be the deadline for pressies, food would have to be done the week of Christmas. There are usually Turkeys in the supermarkets on Christmas eve, all marked down because the shops closed for one day and best before dates are rubbish and never long enough these days.

I have not made up my mind where Christmas dinner will be this year, we are invited out but I would love to curl up at home and chill but then again if we go out there is no cooking or much cleaning to be done?

Pressies, we'll I have done nothing much so far for a reason, if the children are going to get BIG pressies in the form of electrical phone/Internet devices then they are not getting all the add on junk that I usually buy to make their pressie pile look huge. At 13 and 10 I don't think there is much magic left and with a house full of 'junk' I don't kneed anymore. History has shown me that I need only buy what they ask for, if I get a bright idea of something that they might love, I am usually wrong and its just a waste of money.

I also hate buying something and finding marked down in the sales the next week, there is no way around this but I have a feeling that the sale's have started early because the shops are finding it hard to get us to part with our pennies this year. Retail has suffered this year and I predict that if many store do not make it good this season we will see a lot of shops closing in the spring, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

It's a quiet month for us in the House of Sugar, it always is, 10+ years of experience in the craft trade has shown me the ups and downs of the monthly seasons. Both stores are closed between Christmas and New Year and we will be open on the 3rd January.

Funkykits will still be taking orders 24/7 but packing and dispatching will be done as and when.

This week's jobs are packing up all the candy we gave away, did you win? Have you claimed it? Gayle will email me the winners this week and I will send those our along with Facebook challenge winnings and any Sugar Bowl challenge winners too. With all that candy leaving the building we will be having a tidy up for the New Year and getting ready for our new launch in January.

All I can tell you for now is that these 6 new images are adorable and you are going to want these little beauties to keep your colouring skillls on trend. ;)

take care



kbrandy4 said...

Yes, it was Europe!! Love that song!!
Hugs Hazel xx

kbrandy4 said...

Oops!! Forgot to say, i was one of the lucky candy winners, i emailed Gayle at the Sugar Bowl, hope that was right!!
Hugs Hazel xx

Oh, and by the way, i'm not ready for Christmas, aargh!!!