RETIRED Fairy Glen

Good Morning Sugar Addicts

I have been reflecting on the end of this range of beautiful images.
I have not been able to find an artist to replace these.
I just love all the work she did and especially those that Sugar Nellie made into stamps.
I know long time Sugar Addict with share my loss but anyone new to the brand, be quick.

Hope you have these in your collection, they do make the most beautiful cards.
Digital stamps are self collect from your account after purchase, 24/7
No postage or customs to pay, no waiting for international mail.
have a fairy magical day


Ann-Marie said...

Its a shame as these were my favourites. Been across and got a few hoping they don't disappear too quick as hoping to get a few more next week!!

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

I'm so sad to see these gorgeous fairies going! I'm so glad to have them. You have such a great eye for the gorgeous stamp collections Karen! I do hope Marina will produce some more fairies soon. It would be lovely to have a new lot. Hugs, Wends x