Two years later

Wow, what a two years those turned out to be.

Without turning into a script for a documentary, things took a sharp turn, and this year I can say that I'm back one the road looking for sign posts to guide me on which way to turn?

I know that Sugar Nellie will not be making any new stamps, that world faces so many hurdles, I ain't fit to jump them anymore.
But I just have to take a look at an old stamp catalog and it's easy to remember how much I loved those stamps, and personally, I have a slightly large collection. I will always love crafting and this year I need to start all over again.

But where to start, I suppose right back at the beginning, teaching. Craft classes and get togetherness, being social with like minding folks who all understand the love of being creative.

I had a quick look at the top crafting sites in the UK, it shows more wood and vinyl sites, but Stamping Up demonstrators are still going strong. Are people still making cards as trends do come and go.

Personally I have been playing with wreaths, something the UK really has not taken too. There are next to no supplies available here but my trips to see the Grandsons allows me to shop for as much as I can fit in my case.
Sugar Cookies, well I might have cutters and sprinkles but not one cookie has been baked YET!
MDF, I have missed that trend but I'm excited to take up the challenge and will be working with that as soon as my studio is warm enough to work in.

But other things have changed in the last dozen or so years. Blogger, face book, Instagram and all the other social media formats, can I even tackle them?

So here I am, back to blogger, requested a reminder of my password and I'm in.

If anyone's out there still, tell me what's been going on these last few years, what are crafter excited about and do you agree or are you even crafting?

I'd love to hear from you, I might be talking to an empty room, is there anyone reading blogger anymore?



Aunty Sue said...

Wow only mentioned you the other day. So excited to see you back. Facebook has taken alot from blogland but friends seem to be coming back. I mostly use digital stamps. Mixed media has been a biggie. Look forward to seeing the direction you take

jenni1st said...

I'm here, and I'm still reading(ish) blogs; so, it might just be us two, but at least the room isn't entirely empty.

Social media. I try, but, ya know, it gets to be a bit much; gotta draw the line somewhere, ya know. So why blogs instead? When they added the platforms that store all of your blog subscriptions (I use Bloglovin'), I was able to decrease the flood into my inbox and manage the mayhem somewhat. Which is why social media is at the bottom of my list.

Crafting? Yep, still at it. Sorry the wreath-thing hasn't caught on in the UK, maybe you can work on that.

As for me, it's still cards. What I enjoy about card-making is that it embraces so many other art mediums. You have stamps, inks, paints, stencils, pasts, glitter - an endless variety of art supplies you can employ. It's trendy, and it's not - however you wish to approach it. And, from time to time, I still pull out my Sugar Nellies.

Personally, I've been focusing on layering (dies more than stamps, but stamp-layering seems to be big just now) and 3D cards (like shadow box and interactive cards).

Yep, still here. For me, at least, it's still greeting cards. People enjoy getting a card, seems universal. Everyone likes to know someone thought about them, even if it is just a small gesture like a greeting card. And as long as people enjoy receiving them, I guess I'll be making them - both for the pleasure of giving and creating.

Hope your craft studio warms up soon; have to admit, that kind of concerns me. It's that cold, and you don't have a heater you can use? As far as weather warming, I live on the east coast of the U.S. and have already sensed a change in the light (a little more each day than a few weeks ago) which lifts my heart a bit. - jennifer

cuilliesocks said...

Hello there, lovely to read your post. Oh yes still loads of crafting going on, and new folks too. I'm a stamp and colouring in crafter, and have been finding my niche in what mediums I like to use. Colouring is big, especially with all the wonderful colouring books now. Mixed media is huge and many people dipping their toes into that.
One thing that strikes me however is that the market is flooded with sameness, whether it's stamps or dies. I feel the craft world needs a shake up. However,this is just my opinion and others might think differently, good to see you back here, Kate x x

christi said...

welcome back. oh the list could be super long. I will only mention a few things that i'm "into". I was just watching the creative world from germany and there is black modeling past. I NEED that in my stash. colorburst and brusho are still around. here in the us and in most of the places I watch , wood mount is not so popular. cling seems to be the thing. there is a tool called the misti that is a stamp positioner that is wonderful! you can use it to just stamp or to stamp and restamp. i'm a rocker so it has been wonderful for me. there are companies that have knockoffs of it. I prefer the original. stampin up has one too. theirs came out last year and has multiple flaps whick is great for making multiple layered cards. Jennifer McGuire has a lot of the "new" stuff and tips and tricks on her blog. google her and spend days watching. what I like about her videos is they aren't long. meaning she doesn't babble on forever. also unity stamps has not only stamps but 1-2 minute quick tips on tecniques. ok. so this is probably more than you wanted to know. die cutting is still in and Becca feeken of amazing paper grace has some awesome stuff. cristina Griffiths in the uk does beautiful work too! have a great day!

Barbara said...

Hi Karen, today I came across your blog by accident. I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest especially cards using Basik& Ko stamps. I have been a card maker for many years - I pretty much started when card making wasn’t a thing yet. Over time so much has changed and now there are more stamps, inks, stencils, and other crafting supplies than ever. I cannot imagine that I would ever stop crafting voluntarily - it is so much fun. I love making cards for my friends and family. So, welcome back to the crafting community! Although you took a break for a while, you’ll be back in the swing of things before you know it! Crafty greetings from NJ, Barbara

Unknown said...

I'm so sad, I have been offline and off crafting since my son passed away two years ago, I just couldn't do it anymore. But now as I am trying to get back into my craft room, so many of my favorite places to go for inspiration are all just gone. I hope maybe it all comes back around. I loved Sugar Nellie stamps. I have some, but I certainly wanted more.

Buffy said...

Some of us are still on Blogger

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Have you started creating Karen? Only just saw this post when I popped in for a nosy. Yes, I still do occasionally to see if anything has changed. Your stamps were some of my most favourite ever and remain so. You are missed in the crafting world, there are loads of us still blogging, and still creating. But there's a Sugar Nellie shaped hole in lots of our lives! Hope you find your way back to crafting. It's so good for the creative soul. Hugs, Wends xoxo