Love hand made

The best gifts are hand made and I am delighted that my crafty friend Erika comes up with something every time. A little cheating went on this year as my birthday approached she was crafty enough to look at the lovely things which I had pinned on PINTEREST and did her take on them. One of my gifts was this beautiful garland,{ I am so in love with garlands/buntings and banners at the moment} and it was done in one of my all time favourite paper collections from ghd which I can not longer get.

Erika knows me so well that she does not mind that I will put this in the store as part of a display,
 I have always shown off her pressies because I LOVE HANDMADE.xx

....and the beautiful things we have in PAPERCRAFTS is what makes us stand out
 from many other craft shops.
I don't think I have ever came across a shop with as many samples as we have,
 we are here after all to



Erika said...

Glad you liked it Karen. Now got to make myself one in teal!!

Shazza said...

it is gorgeous Karen, I saw it on Erika's blog. Love all the samples in your shop, they are fab x