Revenge Is Sweet....

Good Morning Sugar Addicts!

Over on the Sugar Nellie group on Facebook this week was a long thread all about Pippi Longsocks.
I absolutely adore this little lady, she is totally beautiful with a bit of mischievousness thrown in and I luvs her so much.
Imagine my shock and horror when one lady said that she wasn't too keen on Pippi! I mean, who wouldn't love that adorable sweet face?
Of course I understand that we all have different tastes, the world would be so boring if we all liked the same things but "not keen on Pippi"? She must be mad!
Another lady said she was seeing Pippi's in her sleep...Is that a bad thing? No, that would be a sweet dream in my opinion. So what am I to do when faced with such shocking news?

Oh yes...I am a woman, so I will get my sweet revenge :)
I had a nosey around Facebook and just look at what I found....

This beauty was made by our lovely DT lady Astrid.

I love the sepia tones on this fab card from Cass.

Cathy is one of our Sugar Bowl sweeties and this is the first time she's inked up Pippi...only because I told her it was a crime to own this stamp and never have used it (I threatened to report her to the Secret Sugar Police!)

This pretty and pink card was made by one of my lovely Harrogate friends Christine.

Another card from a Sweetie, this one is made by Fiona..I always love Fi's cards.

This striking card is an entry into the Sugar Bowl by Lis..and it was seeing this card that got me on the subject of Pippi.

A gorgeous card from the lovely Pops.

A beautiful Christmas card from Shazza (who loves Pippi almost as much as I do, judging by all the fab cards she's made with this stamp!)

And finally, just to prove that I really do luvs her is a card from me that I made for the Sugar Bowl - sketch No 71. I have made another card with her today using the same colour combo too :)

Ahhhhh...I feel so much better after seeing all this glorious Pippiness! 
She really is my mostest favouritest stamp ever, but she does share the top spot with a certain Sassy stamp. I wonder if anyone knows who that might be? 

Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


Julia Watts said...

Lovely set of cards. I ADORE Pippi. She such a lovely image to colour in. Julia xxx

Maria Therese said...

Yes I know I know the answer to the question is Bella.. What do I win??? What?Was it not a contest??

Wendy said...

You can't have to much pippyiness Hun love them all fab pippy long stocking is a legend lol .

Hugs Wendy

weewiccababe said...

beautiful cards from all the girls - but still not a Pippi fan, sorry Elaine lol

Fiona said...

total Pippiness Elaine...I love her too and yes she is up there with Bella!!


Janette said...

Well I wanted her for Christmas, but you just can't have everything, I do intend on getting her could anyone NOT love the cheeky

Christine L said...

Fabbie post Elaine... so good to see how Pippi has been used so differently.. but still has her 'attitude'!
I've got to say, she's probably my very favourite bit of rubber!
Christine x

Vicky said...

Fantastic hun..! and we need more Pippi'!

big hugs Vicky xx

Cindy Lou said...

I am with you! I grew up with Pippi's stories as a child and I loved them, now with this image and all the others, I am in love with her all over again! Reign on Pippi, and girls you do beautiful work and put Pippi in all of her glory :) I too wanted Pippi for Christmas but she must have lost her way, so I will send directions soon so she can find my house and get inky with me real soon!

Paula (PEP) said...

Now we need a stamp PippiBella!!
Pippi is a real favourite with me - for I grew up with the Swedish original. Teamed with a frog - I'm sunk for I love frogs!!
Paula (PEP)

lis-m said...

Sqeeeeeeal ! its raining Pippi's and frogs... I do love her sooo much .. thanks Elaine for putting all these together on one awesome blog post !
Awesome ! Hugs xx

Shazza said...

ooooh what a plethora of Pippi, you have made my Sunday evening Elaine lol!!! Gorgeous cards girlies, Pippi is fantabulous and Elaine, which Sassy stamp can be up there with her??? Now that's a question I have to think about cos I loves me Sassy's too

Linda said...

I love Pipi. Everyone needs a little mischief in their life to keep it interesting.

Carole said...

Hi Pat, I just love the darling graphic, she is so adorable and mischievous too! Thanks for visiting my blog Pat you always make me smile. Hugs ... Carole

Gina L said...

I think she's darling, and that all of the cards you showcased are fabulous!!!

Mamma Mia said...

Beautiful cards ... thanks for sharing them! Helen x

Mau xx said...

Gorgeous cards Elaine, love them all.... "Not like Pippi Longsocks"....tut! tut! from the day she was released my hubby has knicknamed me pippi longsocks so this little miss has a male admirer

would Bella be the contender???? lol