Online Magazine

Hello blog readers and sugar addicts.

We here at the House of Sugar are playing with the idea of an online magazine, one that you can just flick over the pages and see a few new ideas and samples. Now I am no magazine editor but I am sure that together we can do it.

What do you want to see in this free magazine?

Anyone have any idea's for an article or Q & A page, how about Dear John letters.

I would like it to be more than just cards, I know I know you love your sweet stamps, but once a crafter
you can turn you hand to almost anything if you have the time.

I look forward to hearing you ideas, reading your comments and possibly seeing your hands in the air offering to help?



Caz said...

Hi, I'm new to blogland and I think this is a brilliant idea. I for one would love to see more "How To" on making your own embellishments with links to suppliers too.

Many thanks for even considering this idea.

Caz x

Kelly said...

Fab news about a mag. I would love to see tutorials using different techniques for types of medium. Also how you can use them together. Ideas on how to alter different things that you may find in charity shops/carboot, or something that may need a facelift at home. How to use your stamps on this alterable items. One stamp but being shown lots of different ways to use it. My list could go on and on, but I think the above is a good start x

Victoria said...

would love it I adore the one another company does, nice to see the cards etc in a layout like that as it gives more inspiration than on a blog and makes me want to try it. Love the q and answer bit ie how do you distress etc fab idea

Shazza said...

oooh Karen what a great idea. It would be great to include crafting home decor items perhaps. Love cake too so baking inspiration always welcome. Not sure if I could be much help but am happy too if you need an extra pair of hands

Jane said...

Fabulous idea, so exciting. I would like to see lots of new stamps coloured in different mediums. Layout ideas, everything. Jane x

butterflyamanda said...

I think it's a wonderful idea.I'd love to see tutorials on stamping, colouring and cardmaking/scrapbooking also any 3d projects. Also maybe a help page for those needing help with techniques etc.
A sketch to try every issue and a gallery where we can send in projects.

craftykitten said...

How about a featured crafter - a sort of Q&A article picked from the followers?
Definitely a how to tutorial.
Crossword or a quiz of some sort.
Readers letters?
Just a few thoughts.
I'll defo be signing up for this one.
Dawn x

Kate said...

This sounds fun!! Some different colouring techniques would be good like how to make shadows and give characters more depth. Perhaps also the best way to stamp on different mediums - canvas, material, wood to get more than just card making from your stamp selection.

I like the idea of a fun/spoof problem page!
** Kate **
p.s. my hand is always in the air for helping you, lol!

Stamping Seasons said...

Oh what a fantastic idea. Look forward to seeing this exciting new venture take place... my hands in the air... not sure what I could do... but willing to help if needed.

Flutterby Trina said...

Sounds like a FAb idea! Would love a sweet mag! as for ideas, well, maybe some tutorials?! thats all I can think of at the moment! x

Sarah said...

I would love to see your online magazine, perhaps you could give us a tour of the HQ and how you actually make the stamps etc. before someone either doing a video or photo shoot of using the stamp and making it into a card.
Hope this helps.

Maria Therese said...

Inspirational, easy how-2's, Q&A and pictures and a little about you who work at the store!! I am so curious on what Mark looks like!! Yes we have heard about him for years but never seen him!!

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
what a great idea sweetie
i would love to see tutorials on project with a patern
i'm a hugs fan of stamps and you can use them on so many things
i hope my awnser helps sweetie
hugs angelique

Karen said...

Oh wow - what an absolutely brilliant idea. Anything from Sugar Nellie would be wanted, devoured, stroked and generally desired!!!! Any tips and hints on colouring, layouts etc would be great. Any help we could give - well you just have to ask. Will await further posts with interest.


Karen :-)

Cathy said...

A mag is a fab idea Karen. I can only repeat the other girls' ideas ... tutorials, Q&A, perhaps spotlights on people who work at the Sugar Mines and the DT. Not sure about sketches as the Sugar Bowl has 2 of those a month.
Maybe different ways of using the sweet sugar, not just on cards ... alterables, scrap pages, mixed media etc.
My hand is as ever up to offer help.
Cathy xx

Cathy said...

And another thought as I get my sugar out to stamp .. .what about a range focus so the older ranges get some spotlight.

And Kate could have her own page sharing her gorgeous makes and ideas. xx

Janette said...

Oh this is a fab idea and love all the suggestions so far, I think a mish mash of anything and everything crafty would be brilliant.xx

marion said...

I would love to see some colouring techniques and perhaps some workshops in this new magazine, which is definately an awesome idea. If you think I can help in any way, please contact me. Hugs, Marion

Ann Marie Governale said...

Sounds like a great idea. Yes, it seems tutorials and "how to's" are the most often requested. Contests are cool to feature as well as a "crafter of the month" or a "blog of the month" in which a person and/or a blog is featured. I think product info is great especially when comparing products -perhaps a silhouette vs expression or the many dies/punches out there. The comparison or critiques can come from readers. Have them "vote" or review a product in one issue and then publish the "results" in another issue. Maybe feature a list of the top 3 websites readers most view (for products, for tutorials etc.) Perhaps a "trends" page or column that discusses where the craft world is heading (i.e. digi paper/designs, more elaborate dies, coloring mediums). I think if you create a template of sorts, it would be easier each month (I am assuming you are doing monthly issues) to plug in a feature for that categories. A feature on Embellishments, one on Coloring Mediums. ALso a section on new books/mags (reviews) that are just being published. I am sure you will have some followers who would be willing to contribute and would do a great job contributing to each issue. You have to put a call out there for it. If you are thinking of expanding beyond paper crafts, well there is so much more to suggest. I have been an advisor to a high school newspaper and so I am drawing on my experience doing that. I would also be interested in contributing to your publication. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I´m Maripi from PerĂș. Congrts for the new idea!!! Probably new painting techniques, templates of different cuts, o maybe pop up. Thanks for thinking us

Casper said...

Hiya Karen,How are you?

As always my hand is in the air too!

Anything I can help with let me know!

Some great ideas already from peeps!

Take care
Big hugs

Michelle PJ said...

Hi Karen. Handy tip(s) of the week from your readers. Crafty tips just like household tips. You know what I mean I'm sure. Good luck with it. Michelle xx