WOW what can I say, go see for yourself, thank you Maddy :)

It just gets better and better, thank you Rachel.


pinky said...

I'm chaning my name to Steph! That is so beautiful. One talented lady.

Donalda said...

I swore I read that you all were sending the Gorjuss out to the states first but I have not gotten mine yet and see all of these in the UK. Did I miss something somewhere or just have my package missing in action lol Just curious!!!

maddy hill said...

thank you so much for linking my blog ... and im really chuffed you like it . Those gorjuss stamps are just fabulous and such a pleasure to colour ! i cant wait for the next set !!! My boyfriend calvin even made a card with one, he loved them too !

thanks again
maddy x

sugarnellie said...

Donalda you were right, FK had intended in sending the internation stamps several days before the UK orders, but the factory let us down and they arrived later than we were happy with, this ment we had to send them out asap, International were sent first but only by one day and not several as planned. This was outwith our control and I am looking into our options regarding manufacturing. Sorry to disapoint you but things just did not happen as planned this time.