Christmas Speech

Hello blogging friends

Mother thought it would be a good idea to dip my toe in the water so to speak.

I will have to get used to standing up as the face of Sugar Nellie as we have so much planned for 2012.

First I have to graduate, I have you to thank for being able to spend the last few years in Glasgow studying for my degree. The original concept of Sugar Nellie was to allow me the financial security to go off and get a great education without being a financial burden on my parents ( I am one of four children) we had hoped that SN would be popular enough to pay for my "keep" while away from home. Things turned out better than expected, amazingly so and that's all down to you , our loyal and supportive customers.

Soon the table top stamp company was growing so fast that is was difficult to keep on top of things. My Mum has an eye for art (she would never tell you, but she does have qualifications in this field but has more confidence promoting others and believes that art is something you have to keep working at. And it has been a long time since she stopped creating). In leaving the running of the business in her hands I have watched it grow, helping out when I can and being there when I am needed. I am sure that I could cut up rubber with my eyes closed and pack it while I am in my sleep.
I loved meeting some of you at the Glasgow show and I have since taken a shine to colouring with copics, something I hope to do far more of soon.

I am home as soon as I graduate and I have a wedding to plan! I am sure that Mother will have most of it done by then because as disorganized and laid back as she is sometimes, it all gets done, even if it is last minute.

My husband and I...............will return to USA to start our life together, its so exciting, my heart and mind are just bursting with anticipation of things to come. As scary and tearful as it is to leave my family behind in Scotland, I know that I will be part of a new family who will be a great support to Tom and I as we start this new chapter of our lives.

This also opens up a new chapter for Sugar Nellie. Mother has already said she does not want things to change in the House of Sugar ( Sugar Nellie HQ) but we are going to venture into the USA with a new dispatch centre and hopefully take part in some craft show's on the east side. Our time as a member company on Split Coast Stampers was a huge deal for us and proved too big for such as small company back in 2009. But with better foundation and support, we both believe that it is something we are ready for this time.

There is yet so much to do and I know that on behalf of everyone in the HOS, we thank you all for your amazing support over the last 4 years, our customers are most defiantly the sweetest.
thank you all


Maria Therese said...

Merry Christmas ♥

Erika said...

Great post Debbie, hope you are all having a fabby Christmas at home and best wishes for 2012. Lots of big changes and great opportunities ahead, enjoy!
Hugs Erika.

Irene said...

Well your "Maiden Speech" deserves an A+ Debbie and so do all the Sugar Nellies!!!!!!!!!
What an interesting story you share with us today and so good to read that it all turned out 10 times better than expected! It's a huge step to start a new life in the USA. I can share something about that with you. We are Dutch, our daughter Sylvia went for her Masters to Nottingham and never came back lol and snif snif!!!! She has a PhD now and is lecturer in International- and European Law at Newcastle upon Tyne University and is married to Laura who came all across the huge pond to be with Sylvia. She did her Masters in Museum Studies in Leicester and is now praying and hoping (and doing many many voluntairy jobs in all the museums Newcastle has)and we too keep our fingers X-ed she will get a job in her field within the near future. She is coping very well with the big move but of course does miss her family and friends in te States. But "home is where the heart is" turns out to be very true!!!
I would love to wish you all the best for your new married life and tons of succes with blowing away the scrapworld in America with your gorgeous Sugar Nlelie images!!!

Love from Holland, Irene

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie, what an amazing story! I never knew how the Sugar Nellie company started out. It just goes to show what you can achieve if you set your mind to it! I hope your succes will continue in the future, but I am sure it will since you make such fine and adorable stamps, they sell themselves. I wish you for now and the future much happiness and wonderful holidays!! A long time follower and customer from the Netherlands, Hugs, Frea

Paula (PEP) said...

Absolutely tremendous & looking forward to what lies ahead. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful 2012.
Paula (PEP)

Shelby Goolsby said...

What a wonderful story and such exciting news. Best wishes in all that is to come.

Cecilia Reyes said...

wow!!! Merry Christmas and I wish you a wonderful 2012 year. Hope everything gets fine..

Robin said...

Greg at Marco's paper ( give you a lot of advise about going to shows in the US. He's been doing for about 15 years or more. He might even be willing to add your stamps to the Marco's booth at locations you don't go.

Janette said...

Hi Debbie, I think your speech was just wonderful, very interseting. Sounds like you have so much ahead of you, I wish you both and the HOS every success for the future.xxxx

Lisa Whittemore said...

I am excited for the new adventure. I live in the USA and with a new distribution possible here it will be that much easier to feed an addiction. LOL Congratulations on graduation and the upcoming wedding.


Pat said...

What a delightful letter, little Sugar Nellie!! I feel as thought I know you already! Congrats on your upcoming graduation...and very best wishes as you embark on your new life as a married lady! I'm hoping to get to meet you and your mom in 2012!! Hugs. Pat Frank

Shazza said...

wonderful first speech Debbie, exciting times ahead. Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas x

Casper said...

Hiya Debbie,Miss Sugar Nellie!

You are your Mother's daughter and a very good support for your Proud Mum!

Your Mum has and always will be your best friend and she will continue to do all she can to help you as you will with her!

Congrats on your up coming Graduation and of course your Wedding.lots going on and you have a very exciting life ahead-yes with a lot of changes BUT change is good and it keeps life interesting!

Wishing you a Beautiful Wedding,An Amazing Life and all the sucess in the world in all your new ventures!
Debbie the world is your oyster - catch your dreams and live a full life!

The House of Sugar and of course Mum - what a great Mum and what a great start in life she has given you and the determination and business sense that she has!
Oh and a fantastic eye for RUBBER art!Wishing you all continued sucess now and in the future!
A very sucessful New Year to you all in EVERYTHING you do!


Take Care
Big Hugs

Mau xx said...

What a Wonderful Success Story The House of Sugar is and so very well deserved. I just Love my Sugar Nellie :)) May it long prosper and Love and best wishes to you and Tom. xxxx