I had a long day in the store today, covering for Kate who has holiday due before the end of the year. Its cold, quiet and not much fun at this time of the year. December is our quietest month in the shop, it has been for years now and we need a rest after the manic months of Christmas demo's and classes that have been non stop since the school went back in August.

Today was full of strangers trying to find that must have thing to finish or repair something quiet obscure. I was a good shop assistant and smiled and said "sorry when don't sell anything like that".......

I made a some samples for wedding invites for Debbie to choose from when she comes home this week. Even if she can decide on a format the colours can be changed to match the wedding colours. Fingers crossed she like at least on of them.

So imaging my surprise to receive this absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers.
I had no idea who had sent them, but was not too surprised to find that it was the lovely Elaine .
Thank you Elaine they are gorgeous.oxo

Did she know that I spend Sunday sewing a new green table cloth for my made over dining room suit
 ( 8 chairs, extending table and side board for £150 at a antique sale).
Not quiet finished, still a couple of seat pads to re upholster and runners to stitch.
 BUT these flowers match and will sit on the side perfectly.

I have never met Elaine, but between the facebook groups and email we have a great banter. I am sure she will forgive me for saying that the size of her ass is often discussed, not that I have ever seen it you know!. BUT one thing for sure, it is no where near as BIG as her heart *insert warm and fuzzy feeling*.
I am sure there are many of you out there that have benefited from the very generous
blog candy she is always giving away.
Elaine is always sending candy to others and I am sure that we love her not for all the sweet treats but because she does it for no other reason than she wants too.
 Kind and generous to all.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

You're right, Elaine is very generous and how lovely that she sent you these gorgeous flowers.

Maria Therese said...

Yes Elaine is one of the sweetest woman I know ♥♥ But I think you are sweet too Karen :D

Elaine said...

Oh my you're making me blush..I would have said speechless but you know that'll never happen :)

My ass...for those that have seen it they know is 'ample proportioned' or just plain fat. Taking a desk job was the worse thing I ever ever did for my once slender figure!

What do you buy someone you've never met? Craft stuff is always great but a bit like sending coals to Newcastle to buy it for you! Exclusive chocolates? I was thinking of your 'Mother of the Bride' outfit and not leading you into temptation. So flowers seemed a fair option and I'm glad you like them, and they will go well with your table cloth..does that mean the sewing machine came out of the box??

My thanks go to you too Karen for all your kindness, thoughtfulness and for everything you do.
Hope it's a good 'un
Love (a rather blushing and teary eyed) Elaine xxx

Anita said...

The flowers are gorgeous and yes, that was very sweet of Elaine.

Wiccababe said...

yup, I'm an Elaine fan too - no-one does DI colouring quite like her :)
fingers crossed Debbie likes some of your samples, can't wait to hear more wedding prep gossip next year :)

Jane said...


Vicky said...

Awwww these are gorgeous & not at all surprised they are from Elaine she really is lovely warm-hearted lady. I've never met her just exchanged a few e-mails but she really is special.
Hope everyone has a magical christmas & all the very best for 2012

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Fiona said...

awe Elaine you are so kind, that was so nice of you!! karen works so hard and does us sugar addicts proud too!!


Paula (PEP) said...

I have never met Elaine either but the emails & blog comments & correspondence regarding Saintly Husbands means she's very often in my thoughts. As you say so kind-hearted & generous with a sense of humour too. Now you're quite an individual yourself.
Take care of yourself midst the busyness & thank you for all the hard work you have put in during the year.
Paula (PEP)

Cards By MI said...

Awwwhhh! How lovely!
Love n hugs

Nannieflash said...

I do so agree Elaine is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know and I have adopted her as my own daughter as shes one very special person. And you have one gorgeous bouquet there. hugs Shirleyx

Christine said...

Awww Karen am not surprised at Elaines actions re the beautiful flowers.. I have met this super talented friendly bubbly lady a number of times now at Harrogate fair
& when we all get nattering its a hoot I kid you not..& yes her ass does come into the conversation..BUT its NO bigger than any of ours..I'm sure your stunning flowers will give you much pleasure..Merry Christmas & health & happiness for 2012..

smiles Christine x aka nananseaside

ribenaruby said...

What a beautiful thought! All the best for the christmas season and wishing you all a bright new 2012! Ruby x

Shazza said...

beautiful flowers Karen, what a lovely surprise for you. I too only know Elaine from FB and blogland but she seems like such a lovely kind person
Hope you have a merry Christmas and Debbie likes your samples x