SOS- Little Cotton Rabbits

Hello sugar addicts, how has your weekend been?
If you have found a little time to craft you are having a better time than me. All I have done is think about it and shop, I keep saying I will get around to crafting in my retirement.

For those of you  who have recently become addicted to the sweetest stamps from Scotland,
you may not know LITTLE COTTON RABBITS.
Early on in the Sugar Nellie story we were very lucky to get permission to drawn these super cute knits
and one of our artist at the time, Linda, transferred these cuties into artwork
that we then made into rubber stamps.

I was delighted to spot a few while trawling around Pinterest and thought that I missed these cuddly knits so much that I would run off a few plates at the factory next time we had a small order going in.
 (many have been sold out for a long long time)

These are the original LITTLE COTTON RABBITS .....

some new girls from Julie

and look at these stinking cute dresses on a washing line

If you would like to read all about LCR pop over and visit the lovely Julie here

(I might just buy one of her knitting patterns and hand it to my Mum, it's time she moved on to something
other than Fish and Chip baby jumpers.)

Now this is MY Little Cotton Rabbit and it has had pride of place in the HOS for a long time now.
A pretty card and a cute wee magnet made with our stamp.

 There is the family of LCR from Sugar Nellie and here is the set

which can be found here
If you are treating yourself to this very much loved and inked set,
 use the code SOS for a £5 off the family set.{valid for one week}
 Or just pick up one of the others while you shop for your next sugar fix.

FYI: This was the first SN stamp that Kate (papercrafts) ever purchased, little did she know then,
that she would spend her working week surrounded by rubber in the House Of Sugar HQ.

Before I leave you, how about you do something for me?
I will give away a LCR stamp to crafters who are willing to make
a sample card for me and
 post it back to the HOS for display in our store and on our blog.

If you would like to take part,
 leave me a comment and I will pick a few of you to take
part in this challenge.

enjoy the remainder of the weekend


Marianne's Craftroom said...

These are so adorable. I would love to make a sample card for you.

The Little Stamper said...

Ahhh - this is such a lovely blast from the past. I remember these when they first came out1 I am so glad that they are being released again as I have had 5 new babies born amongst family and friends this year so I will have lots of excuses to use them!

I would also love to make a sample card for you, if I am lucky enough to be picked!

Sharon x

Mojca said...

I would love to do some semples, bacause thes are just gorgeous. Hugs1 Mojca

Jane said...

Oooo I would love to make a card for you....... Those bunnies are sooooo cute!

♥Gemma♥ said...

I would love some of those bunnies to sit on my shelf in my little craft room...just love them, they are so darn cute!

I also would love the chance to take part in your little challenge & make you a card for HOS :D
hugs and xxx

Cathy said...

I am happy to make a LCR sample for you Karen, but I don't need o stamp in return ... have the ones I want already xx

karen said...

oh i remember little cotton rabbits, it seems so long agao now, and youve come such a long way since then, i would love to make and send you a sample card, if only to get my mits on the gorgous LCR.
karen x

Gail said...

I would love to make a sample card for the house of sugar! If you give me a chance i'll certainly do my best for you. x

Squirrel x said...

Hey Karen, I just love the Little Cotton Rabbits, they are simply so huggable! I'd happily make a card for you if you'd like one. Hugs Squirrel xx

lis-m said...

Hi Karen... Wow! Such adorable cuties! I would love to make a sample card for you !
hugs x

Crafting Belle said...

Oooh, these are just so cute and adorable and I too would happily make a sample and send you. Hugs Lisa xxx

Crafting Andy said...

I just love these guys, but only have one of them. I would love to make a card for you to put on display. Hugz Andrea.xx

Max said...

Would like to add my name to the mix for your wee challenge ... your LCR stamps are just adorable.

Max's Craft Creations

ourmoi said...

Ooo, Ooo pretty please! With a bunny on top! I also have made little cotton rabbits for my grandchildren and would happily make another one! X moira

caroline said...

hi Karen
they are just adorable, i would love to make a sample card for you if i am lucky enough to be picked

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

I'm also interested in making a card for you!

"Cute" if my favorite type of card to make and it doesn't get cuter than designing with these rabbits.

Check out my blog to view my "style".....thank you for the opportunity!

Denise :)

Helena (Gvendalen) said...

I would love some of those bunnies to sit in my house also would love the chance to take part in your little challenge and make a card for HOS. hugs, Helena

Antoinette said...

Hello Karen, these cute little bunnies are so adorable!! I used one of these cute stamps for a card for my sister which was the first card on my blog. I'd love to make a card for you. My blog is if you would like to take a peek. Hugs Antoinette x

Unknown said...

I remember looking at these when I first stumbled upon Sugar Nellie, they are still as cute now as they were then!

I'd love to make a card or two, please.


PS - I never brought them at the time, was smitten with Simon & Lola - and still am!

Sandra said...

These are so cute.
Why don't I have any?!
I'd happily make you a card
Hugs Sandra xx

ourmoi said...

Hi, can not see the comment I added yesterday, so just in case ....I'll add another today! (More chance to get picked too!).
I have made little cotton rabbits for my granddaughters, dressed in red and white gingham and felt. I didn't realise that the stamps were available at Funky Kits! So thank you for brining them to my attention.. There goes another melted debit card!
I would love to have a chance to make a card and maybe a wee cotton bunny too.... X Moira

SaraJ said...

Hope I'm not too late - I was away and didn;t have full internet access. I would love to make a card and send it back.
Sara x

SaraJ said...

This might appear twice?! But yes, I would love the opportunity to make a sample card and send it back to you. Sara

caroline said...

i would love to be given the chance to do a sample card for you. i just adore these new stamps they are just so cute.

caroline x