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Hello Sugar Addict, how are you all doing?
With a little bit of spring in the air it's a good time to look forward to nice days and holidays. I hope the weather is good with you and a little sunshine and blue sky's are just out side your window.

We have a real mild day here in Morayshire Scotland, it was rather windy earlier on my its very fresh now.
Spring is defiantly here, the school are having a Daffodil tea next week, there are snow drops growing around my craft caravan and its lambing time again. At lease my younger children are kept busy checking the sheep and helping out with the lambing. Pet lambs do not make the farmer smile but the kids do so keep their fingers crossed that there are at least a few pets to hand feed.

Wedding plans will be speeding up soon. The brides dress has arrived at our local Wedding Boutique and I am sure that when Debbie comes home at Easter "to roll her eggs", we will go for a fitting and pick out accessories. Bridesmaid shopping in Pheonixville was a four day event and at long last the order is in and we wait for delivery and keep your fingers crossed that all 4 girls at least fit the dresses. Alterations will be needed all round and then we have to think of there accessories too.

The next job on my list is invites. I am ready to roll!
Peal white card with Stamping Up accent colour card and matching ink, Waltzing Mouse wedding words, a Sizzix embossing folder and some pearls, put em together and what have you got..........bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

Not everything is set up in my craft caravan, it has met with a lot of "negative words" from hubby. I still have a little to move out but then that will be one room clear and ready to to make back into a guest room for my visitors this summer. Four and a half months and counting down.

 I don't think I have lost any weight yet, I am trying and my diet has changes a lot but I still have to add in exercise before the lbs will shift by the looks of it.
Now one person who has more strength  and will power than me our own sweetie Ali who is shifting the lbs and doing fantastically. Fiona over on our Facebook group is running a Marathon this year. You girls are both brilliant for sticking to it and seeing the rewards.xx
I can do many things but loosing weight could be my failing, looks like I will turn into my Dad after all :(

I hope you enjoyed our last release, the Pip's especially were a quick digital sugar fix for all your spring and Easter cards. Bring out the yellows and oranges, those colours are sadly neglected in favour or pinks and purples but I know you girls are great crafters and can rise to the challenge. Colouring in is not for the quick fix crafts, time is taken and lots of love to get the right effect, I cant say how proud I am to see so many beautiful cards made with our stamps, both in blog land and on FB.
Sugar Nellie fans are the best.


Fiona said...

Sugar Nellie fans are the best Karen!! They are very loyal aren't they??

The wedding will be here before you know it but it's something to look forward too.

You need to join slimming World...that will really change your eating habots and you will defo loose the pounds!!


Debs M said...

can i have the link to the facebook page please? x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Lovely update and good luck with the weight loss too.

Maria Therese said...

If you go here Debs M and ask to join Fiona will take you in ;) http://www.facebook.com/groups/162637607101606/

Shazza said...

not long now karen, getting there!! As for the weight, you should give the running plan I am doing a go, just completed week 5 and even though I am eating mroe i can see a small difference. Imagine if I can eventually cut down!! x

Debs M said...

Thanks x