Today was an other beautiful spring day, my boy turned 13 and I can not believe the rate that he is growing!
With Internet problems and a bad phone line , my jobs today have been rather drawn out and slow. I just can not do without Internet, take the TV away but please leave the computers.

It's the Queens Jubilee this year but its looking like I might just be busier than the Queen, my diary is filling up and there is so much going on, can I even think of adding to my list of things to do?

Oh yes I can.

I am waiting until the papers are signed and the ink is dry before spilling all the beans, but you know me , I love to tease you.

With Debbie getting married in the summer and starting a new life in Philadelphia, bringing a little sweet rubber to our friends at the other side of the pond, Katie was left wondering what to do.

Not wanting to stay in Glasgow, the decision was made to rent out the flat for a few years and Katie would move nearer home. Given the choice to move back here to the farm or at least close by, she decided that was not what she wanted either. More years of uni or just jump right into the job market and get on with it?

Katie has chosen, after much talk, to join the family business and jump in with both feet.
No not just dipping her toe in the water as she has done in the past,
but right in there with a new store and the rest!

Yes girls you heard it first here,
we are going to bring the best of the best to a town near you?
{How near you, depends on where you live}

Not only are we bringing crafts, trend setting classes,
excellent demo's
and just the sweetest things a crafter could ever wish for
but this store come's with something more
...................oh my goodness.
What does a crafter love as much as beautiful papers,
 stunning store displays,
 imaginative samples,
 friendly staff and a warm welcome?

For those of you who have made a visit to Papercrafts in Elgin, tell me what it is that make's our shop so special. Go on...... feed my ego, why do so many crafters travel to us, what do you enjoy most about our wee crafty place. I want to know  all these things because they need to be  included in Katies new store.

{If you do not want me to publish your comments, just start off with PRIVATE and only I will read them.}

So if you think I have been quiet, its because I am busy planning, lots of things.
take care


Maria Therese said...

Wohooo this is so cool! But a town near me.. will you expand to Norway too ;) I can come work in the store :)

Irene said...

WOW this sounds SUPER!!!!! Wish you all the luck in the world to finalize the plans and make it a big HIT but I'm sure it will be!!!! Cannot help with answering the question.I'm from across the Channel ....sob, sob!!!
Just see what Maria Therese wrote.....maybe Holland??? Or maybe -even better ..near Newcastle where my daughter lives????

Hugs, Irene

Debbi Glennie said...

sending lots of luck and congrats to you and Katie, wishing you all the best in your new venture

Welmoed said...

Congratulations to your sun! And how proud you will be!
I wish you and Karen all the luck with the new store!


Fiona said...

oh my Karen...I do hope that store will be near me!!


Fluffles said...

How exciting - but where? wishing you all the best for the new shop hopefully not too far away. Love the Elgin one as you say as it has a huge range of stock which is very current, friendly staff and lovely original items too, Jx

ourmoi said...

Ooo! Ooo! Gloucestershire!!!!Pretty please with a cherry on top!

ourmoi said...

Ooo! Ooo! Gloucestershire pretty please with a cherry on top!

Christine L said...

and Yorkshire pleaaaseeeeeeee??

Christine x

Suzi said...

Could it be Aberdeen then I wonder. If Katie wants to be a bit closer to home or possibly Inverness. Mmmmmm...... the mystery continues. Good luck where ever is chosen, I'm sure it will be a roaring success.
Suzi x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow, how exciting, we need you in Norfolk please. Lots of luck, can't tell you what makes the shop so great as it is too far awy from me.

Chouchouille said...

Bonne réussite et pourquoi pas en France près de Nancy ???? Allez venez !!!!!!!!

Shazza said...

wow how exciting Karen and for you too Katie. What do I love about your shop? Everything!! I love all the wonderful samples you have around, the fact you can have a coffee and a sit down on the couches if you fancy, your talented staff who know what they are talking about when you have crafty questions and the huge range of products you stock. Oh and of course that you are a local shop for local people!!
Good luck, hope you are coming nearer to me :0)